Friday, 4 March 2011


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With the sun streaming in my classroom windows and the days becoming longer, it feels like the moment I step outside I should be tearing off my cardigan and taking out my sunglasses. However, sadly, the reality is far from that; more like wrapping up in scarves and freezing my face off! So, I thought I'd match my wish list to what I feel the weather should really be like - bright, warm and fun - with these Zara beauties. 

UO x


ParisiannSkies said...

zara really are doing some beautiful things recently.

Christine @ Fash n Chips said...

I've also been very much in the mood for bright and warm colours, although it's still freezing outside! Clearly we're done with Winter! And I love Zara's orange skirt! :)

Anita Bola said...

I really love that bag :) x

vickileestyle said...

thanks for entering my giveaway :)

these orange items are lovely! there are so many acid brights i want from topshop atm! ox

Romance Is Boring said...

Zara have really outdone themselves this season- I love the colour orange atm, and looking for the perfect skirt :) x

oomph. said...

i'm definitely loving orange and teals right now! so sad we have no zara here!

Annabelle Fleur said...

God, I am in love with orange this season!!! Love that Zara skirt!!! I am younr newest follower, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


Hannah said...

love the dress and bag, think those colours work so well together

Bow Dream Nation xx