Friday, 4 February 2011


As many other young fashion bloggers are probably aware, GCSE Art has its many ups and downs, but this day was certainly one of the perks. In our own clothes, we ventured up to Kensington on the train, then tube, to begin our second book on 'Pattern and Texture in our cultural heritage'. We strolled, much to the frustration of our teacher, along the high street attempting to quickly snap at the decadent second storeys of the shop front buildings. My photography here is pretty sketchy, for which I apologise... I will just blame it on the pressure of speed.

See that man on middle left hand window?
 He was pretty confused as to why a gaggle of girls were enthusiastically taking photographs of him.

Onwards we ambled, toward Holland Park, into unknown territory, for myself at least and I was baffled as to why I had never been here before: beautiful houses smattered with blue plaques along tree lined streets. This was going on my list of where I would like to live, alongside an apartment in Paris or Cannes or New York,. but maybe later on when I am a yummy mummy? And yummy mummys we certainly did see in Holland Park, out walking with their luxury pushchairs. 

Picture taken by Fran Barker. That's Tilly, having a little pose there. 
Also only shot of me full length from the day in my black pencil skirt feeling quite sophisticated. 

Once in the park itself, we had an hour to sketch in which, on my part, not much sketching was done. At all. Due to the freezing temperatures we had already endured, my hands we in no fit state to draw and by draw I simply mean create anything that looks remotely like the real object So, after a few half hearted attempts I resorted to taking as many pictures as I possibly could, with the resolve to finish them at home. From here we went to Macdonald's, at first much to my disgust - I'm really not a fan of it! - Or, at least I thought I wasn't... But actually rather enjoyed my meal! It's probably just because I was famished and cold... So much so that I shared a second portion... Yeah, just famished and cold, that's it... Finally, stopped off at Leighton House, in which we were not allowed to take pictures, and I urge you all to visit, it is so beautiful.

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UO x


vickileestyle said...

art trips are the best - especially the ones abroad.
can't believe you didn't like mcdonalds! at least you have converted now :)


Izzy said...

Holland park looks amazing! I love the coordination in your outfit, and seeing a place with yummy mummies is so comforting!

Rand T said...

haha i loved gcse art but research was hard:(
got out with a B which good:)
love your green shirt!

jamie-lee said...

aw you look so cute! Sounds like it was heaps of fun, even if it was freezing!

chocolatelegobricks said...

Looks very fun! And yoou and Jodie (I do go to your school, I am not a stalker. I promise) look so pretty! The colour of your shirt is so lovely.

I'm now following you, please don't hesitate to check out my blog at

<1 <2 <3

Lottie said...

we're going to kew gardens in a couple of weeks, but i don't think it will be this much fun! hahah :)

love your blog dear- you have amazing style and are gorgeous!

Jeanine Brito said...

I adore your hairpiece. So pretty! And how the polka dots on it match the ones on your blouse. Your building shot is lovely - the man adds charm, even if he's a little bewildered.

agent 0017 said...

ohhhh. my.
first i am EXTREMLEY jealous of your field trip....the pictures are gorrgeous and i loveeee your hairpiece :) lovely blog, following!

MAUD said...

oh wow, that sounds like a lovely day! i'd love to go to those places sometime...

Panda said...

Oooh! Up to my hometown for a little while, eh? I should've walked up to Holland Park for a bit. DAMN! You look lovely, as usual, love the minty shirt! And yes, as soon as we meet up (fuck d.o.e...) I will teach you the fringe-y trick haha! Thanks for you sweet comment! Panda xo