Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Brick Lane.

Half term has rolled in quickly and it already feels like it will be over too soon! Life seems to be speeding by at the moment with so much to do, in so little time. After sitting at the hairdressers for three hours today though, I feel I have earned myself a little break to do a post. So I thought I'd inform you of a first: our day at Brick Lane.

So, yesterday, some friends and I met at the deliciously late time of 12pm to take the district line to Aldgate East. Equipped with map and list of stores and their addresses, we set off and walked for what seemed like lifetime through various Indian restaurants when we finally came to Rokit. From there on it was vintage shop to vintage shop, and, although they were all well-stocked and lovely, did not purchase. Plus, I really found that once I'd visited three or so, the rest just blurred into one. However, the lovely lady at the aptly named Vintage Store, photographed myself and Lucy, which is always flattering and we witnessed the work of Invader. Then we got famished and all I wanted was an Eat. so we got the number 8 bus and wound up somewhere with an Eat. Then realised it was right next to Liverpool Street Station and found our way back home..

Now, I must say, as for the blue furry jacket I was a bit like, oh god, is this chav chic? Then I thought, heck, why not?! I did enjoy wearing it and it kept me cosy aha!

UO x


Izzy said...

I really love your outfit, favourite of yours' so far! Gawsh I know, I have so much to do in so little time! Half term is never enough.

beeble said...

love your outfit, especially the teal jacket!

vickileestyle said...

your outfit is lovely! 12am!? you mean pm? lol ox

Becky said...

You look so great :)love the intire look,hope you had a marvy time



Amelia said...

love your outfit. it looks thrown together, but perfectly

Anita Bola said...

I really love your skirt :) xx


Emilia said...

i love your makeup :)

Rand T said...

week gone already!!you look really nice xx

Pearl Westwood said...

You both look gorg, the blue jacket is fab! I love spotting Invaders there are quite a few around where I live x

itmadehersmile. said...

Aww thanks love! In 3 months my collection has to be finished again so more pictures are coming then :) But I try to show some process from time to time!
And yeah i love the last one! So fragile!

Love the first outfit shot !
Im following you from now on :)


Anonymous said...

love your outfit!
also, i know this may seem a bit rude, but the shirt your friend is wearing (button up, lilac flowers, worn with hair in bun and a leather jacket)
you wouldnt happen to know where it was from?xx

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

Love these! x hivennn