Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Yesterday, after partaking in a photo shoot for a photographer running a competition - possibly more on that later - in the centre of town. Even though the sun was poking through the clouds for the first time in a while, the wind was still blowing strong and we were feeling the cold, especially with on-the-street outfit changes. The locations were pretty public and we came into, shall we say, a spot of bother when having to pose against the wall outside a building site. Once finished, we rushed to grab some hot lunch to warm us up then caught the bus home to watch A Single Man on the sofa with some Minstrels. 
As well as the enviously impeccable style and period clothing, the colour change in the film is something which further defines its distinction. It illustrates a notion that perhaps one does not realise when things are a little lack lustre until they see the full, true potential. 
Maybe that should be another thing I add to my growing list of New Year's Resolutions: To try and realise when things are stuck in a rut (ie school) and make it more interesting and 'lustrous'. That will do nicely along with work harder at school, eat healthily and exercise well and stop biting my nails. For this last one, I feel I may need a little help to aid will power to cull this long lasting issue and I'm thinking, hypnotherapy? Anyone tried it and know if it works?

UO x


vickileestyle said...

ahh the photoshoot in kingston sounds intriguing!
i love a single man <3 i was meant to be revising but decided to multitask and watch it at the same time and it was definitely worth it. colin firth makes a great gay and i'm in love with nick hoult <3

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Izzy said...

Ooooo Hope to hear about the photoshoot! Love Colin Firth, need to see that film!

arnique said...

Colin Firth! I love him! Can't wait to see King's Speech! Sorry for the exclamation marks, but Colin Firth!

BTW I am aiming for a capsule wardrobe too, so it was great to see photos of yours for incentive.

Arianne from A + B in the Sea

Julia said...

Love the pendant - where did you get it from?

Also love your new year's resolutions... heathy eating & excercise v impt... but you can fake it with nails if you need to (this will also stop you biting your nails). Work harder at school also never hurt anyone...