Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I love it when me and all my friends get together, for whatever the occasion - in this instance, my gorgeous friend Helena's fifteenth birthday - and have a girly day. This one involved pizza and lots of Sing Star, which I am slightly embarrassed to say I got a little bit excited and hence carried away by, not once perturbed by my loosing of practically every. single. round.  Ah well, what can I say, I have very talented friends? 

Here I am with the lovely birthday girl. Always photogenic and smiling, with a new found talent for cooking multiple perfect pizzas every time, she is the hostess with the mostest! 

Here we all are together, minus a few absentees, and, although I may be the teeniest bit bias, and I must say, I feel they are all looking gorgeous. It got me thinking, as the birthday girl and a few of the others here were featured in our school fashion magazine and I had just read this article on Coco's Tea Party. I have had a sudden realisation, an epiphany: Why has the UK (though I'm not certain I can speak for the whole of it) not got a fashion magazine for teens? I'm not really talking about what is currently on the shelves at the moment, more Seventeen, as shown in the article, or Teen Vogue (preferable). The ones at the moment I feel only cater for younger teens and not ones particularly interested in high fashion at that. 
Luckily, at our school, a group of sixth formers, many of which have blogs, pooled their talents together and created Fringe.

It is a great platform to showcase unknown talent within our school and gives students the opportunity to contribute to a magazine. Personally, I have written twice now for Fringe and I love doing it every single time as it enables me to come up with idea I'm passionate or interested about and write about it. It's fantastic being involved in smaller projects like this, but it still does not answer the question why Britain does not have one! There'd be a large market for it I feel?

What I wore
Black Necklace - Gifted
Sparkling Striped Jumper - Topshop
Black Maxi - H&M
Wine Patent Loafers - Office

UO x

The first two pictures in this post are taken with Lucy's, from Treasure Chest


vickileestyle said...

hurrah for fringe magazine - your articles are always such an interesting and well-written piece!
your outfit is amazing :)

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Izzy said...

Oh I read about fringe magazine in Beebles post, I've come across one in the shops, but my god your school's version looks AMAZING. I wish our school would do something like that, just out of curiosity is it free or not? WOuld love to see your piece- sure it's amazing!

Spence. said...

Oh wow, Fringe sounds like an incredible idea! I wish more people I knew were interested in blogging, fashion & photography, it must be so much fun being involved in a project like that!

I love your sparkly jumper btw!
Hope you had a great time at the party ;)


diana kang said...

aw how fun!! you look amazing! xx

jessica wu said...

absolutely ADORE this outfit. i love the lurex material with the shiny loafers peeking out, wonderful!
love your blog!

MAUD said...

that sounds like so much fun, and the magazine looks great!

Izzy said...

Ahhh I just realised it says £2 ;)

felesha papa said...

this is great!i realy like how you combined these pieces of clothing to make your stylish outfit.
check out my blog i have recently set up.