Sunday, 30 January 2011

Channel Chanel.

Thanks to abysmal Saturday night television, I decided to watch Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. I had seen it's far more commercialised predecessor at the cinema and, of course, loved it: What's not to love?... Fashion, Audrey Tautou and subtitles. The second was far more artistic, largely without dialogue but equally lovable with a totally different appeal. I would be quite happy to simply watch, enviously, her outfits and her fabulous house, never mind the storyline or music. Hence, the next day, when I was going to see Black Swan, my outfit was largely influenced by the black and white and simple, elegant cuts.

Needless to say, I loved Black Swan. But I shall tell you what else I loved... Thank you SO much to Caramelle at iinstinct for this incredible drawing, I cannot thank her enough. Her digital art is perfection.

UO x

Saturday, 22 January 2011


Last weekend, my family and I caught a plane up to Scotland, to visit our relatives and help to celebrate my Uncle's fiftieth birthday. Although I have been to Scotland plenty a time, this time, it seems, I really fell in love. This being for three major reasons; shopping, dining and the sea. Maybe slightly persuaded by the luxuriously furry bag I was given by my Auntie... 

Firstly, although the town centre is of course lined with the usual high street stores, there are many gorgeous, completely affordable and individual shops, usually just not present in your average, commercial highstreet at those prices. The first shop, one my mother managed to spy, was simply a second hand shop that people were able to sell decent, not just designer, clothes to. There was a perfect cream coat with fur collar, for just £20, that I tried on which, to my great disappointment, didn't fit: and there lies the only problem with this style of shopping... Size! However, I was not perturbed, and opted to sift through a fashion that is not hindered by size: jewellery. Here, I found a ring. It cost £2. Why wouldn't you?! 

Then on we went to Electric Daisy where I managed to take some pictures of the girl's lovely store.

Here, I purchased this classic, briefcase like, satchel. It is a black, almost mottled so can appear dark, dark navy, with gold fastening. Satchels, an incredibly desirable style of handbag, can be passed off at £35 each in London for even the simplest of designs. This one... £8 (although it does have a slight blemish)

The second delight of Scotland is the delicious food and chic eating establishments at every corner. Full to the brim with tea rooms, restaurants and cafés that sell such scrumptious cakes, sandwiches, soups and, my favourite order in my short period, an open chicken and chorizo lasagna. Mmmm! Plus, the décor is always so chic. My local town is seriously lacking non-branded, non-chain places that sell just really lovely food, in a trendy environment. I feel I should call upon my Scottish roots to open up my own, one off, clothes shop or eatery to educate these commercialised Southerners, Mary Portas style.

UO x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I love it when me and all my friends get together, for whatever the occasion - in this instance, my gorgeous friend Helena's fifteenth birthday - and have a girly day. This one involved pizza and lots of Sing Star, which I am slightly embarrassed to say I got a little bit excited and hence carried away by, not once perturbed by my loosing of practically every. single. round.  Ah well, what can I say, I have very talented friends? 

Here I am with the lovely birthday girl. Always photogenic and smiling, with a new found talent for cooking multiple perfect pizzas every time, she is the hostess with the mostest! 

Here we all are together, minus a few absentees, and, although I may be the teeniest bit bias, and I must say, I feel they are all looking gorgeous. It got me thinking, as the birthday girl and a few of the others here were featured in our school fashion magazine and I had just read this article on Coco's Tea Party. I have had a sudden realisation, an epiphany: Why has the UK (though I'm not certain I can speak for the whole of it) not got a fashion magazine for teens? I'm not really talking about what is currently on the shelves at the moment, more Seventeen, as shown in the article, or Teen Vogue (preferable). The ones at the moment I feel only cater for younger teens and not ones particularly interested in high fashion at that. 
Luckily, at our school, a group of sixth formers, many of which have blogs, pooled their talents together and created Fringe.

It is a great platform to showcase unknown talent within our school and gives students the opportunity to contribute to a magazine. Personally, I have written twice now for Fringe and I love doing it every single time as it enables me to come up with idea I'm passionate or interested about and write about it. It's fantastic being involved in smaller projects like this, but it still does not answer the question why Britain does not have one! There'd be a large market for it I feel?

What I wore
Black Necklace - Gifted
Sparkling Striped Jumper - Topshop
Black Maxi - H&M
Wine Patent Loafers - Office

UO x

The first two pictures in this post are taken with Lucy's, from Treasure Chest

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Yesterday, after partaking in a photo shoot for a photographer running a competition - possibly more on that later - in the centre of town. Even though the sun was poking through the clouds for the first time in a while, the wind was still blowing strong and we were feeling the cold, especially with on-the-street outfit changes. The locations were pretty public and we came into, shall we say, a spot of bother when having to pose against the wall outside a building site. Once finished, we rushed to grab some hot lunch to warm us up then caught the bus home to watch A Single Man on the sofa with some Minstrels. 
As well as the enviously impeccable style and period clothing, the colour change in the film is something which further defines its distinction. It illustrates a notion that perhaps one does not realise when things are a little lack lustre until they see the full, true potential. 
Maybe that should be another thing I add to my growing list of New Year's Resolutions: To try and realise when things are stuck in a rut (ie school) and make it more interesting and 'lustrous'. That will do nicely along with work harder at school, eat healthily and exercise well and stop biting my nails. For this last one, I feel I may need a little help to aid will power to cull this long lasting issue and I'm thinking, hypnotherapy? Anyone tried it and know if it works?

UO x

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Versatile Blogger.

The lovely Laura from Romance Is Boring. kindly endowed me with this award. It is always an inspiration to be chosen by bloggers and I am very grateful to Laura - thank you! I've recently stumbled upon this little gem of a blog and very glad I did so: her outfits posts are always so pretty and her writing always can bring a smile!

THE RULES (if you wish to post it on your blog)

1. Thank and link back to who gave you the award

2. 7 things about Olivia
1. I bite my nails horribly and am currently in the process of persuading my parents to invest in hypnotherapy for me (I am willing to try anything!)
2. I have recently discovered the wonders of Google Chrome and am loving my Dolce & Gabbana theme
3. Three is my second favourite number. Second to eight
4. I have recently acquired a fish, named Beth after my friend who was present at the win on a fireworks night fairground game
5. When asked today, I stated some of my favourite movies are Burlesque, An Education and A Single Man
6. I was born with six toes on my left foot! But I had an operation soon after I was born so not any more...
7. I have never been Brick Lane and strongly intend to make the trip soon

3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy

I must here admit that I have not been very good at searching for new blogs at the moment so five is the best I can do!

4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about the award

5. Answer these 10 Questions

1. Why did you create this blog?
Through reading Grazia, seeing Tavi did it - as a child - and thought I can do that then too, surely? Well... Maybe not like Tavi, but in my own less famous way! 

 2. What kind of blog do you follow?

Always have to have something to read, not too keen on just pictures. I really like personal blogs because it is so great seeing people with just really impeccable style and gives me inspiration for outfits.

3. Favorite Makeup Brand
I'm not really into spending a lot on expensive brands of make up so a quick pop down to Boots to visit Barry M, with all its coloured lipsticks, does the trick for me. I love Mac too but do not tend to purchase too much! Oh, and Benefit! The packaging really does sway me, although it shouldn't!

4. Favourite Clothing Brand

I would have to go with Topshop because that is where I buy most; otherwise Zara has some really fab stuff this season and has great sales!

5. Your Indispensable Makeup Product

Bourjois bronzer - a tan can always save anything.

6. Your Favourite Colour
To wear it would be mustard, navy, khaki and nude.

7. Your Favourite Perfume

Abercrombie & Fitch, Fierce or Nina Ricci, Nina

8. Your Favorite Film
Oh! I put this as one of my facts. So, to reiterate, Burlesque, An Education and A Single Man. OH! AND THE TWILIGHT SAGA!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Brazil because I would love to visit Latin America and experience the culture or Italy for the food, lifestyle and... the boys!

10. Are you a Cat or Dog person? 
Cat, hands down. I am allergic to both but previously had to gorgeous cats Max and Maddie and dogs scare me slightly.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Wardrobe Rehab.

Clearing out the wardrobe is always a daunting task, especially when it comes to time management. I manage to get a large one done at least once a year and another smaller one when the seasons change, to make space for the new season's purchases. This time, however, it had been a while: the results are telling. Dressed in jeans and a long sleeved top, I felt ready to sort, especially equipped with Geneva's didactic Wardrobe Rehab Project, and a little like Carrie Bradshaw when I began to draw up my labels (all I was missing was the fabulous, fanciful walk in wardrobe), as instructed. Though, I did differ a little from the plan here as my labels were: LOFT, ALTERING, CHARITY, SELL, RECYCLE and KEEP  - more suited to myself. With the added aid of munchies.
So, as the manual suggests, I pulled out my whole wardrobe. I must admit, it was a reasonably hefty pile. Well, better get started...

After a couple of a hours of hard work, and my sister checking through the piles for anything she wanted, I was finito. It was a emotionally and physically draining task: heaving piles of clothes into their designated fate which continually conflated into one big fate (not LOFT or CHARITY... LOFARITY, which I did not want) and casting off clothes with sentimental value to the spare room, to be taken out next season or in a few years. Plus (as I was being quite cut throat) actually giving away clothes which had been mine for many years, sitting in my wardrobe, to charity or friends. Or, to find my leather skirt is scuffed and ripped. But, I most not hold onto the past... I must look to the future of my wardrobe! Which is looking incredibly barren at the moment. What was previously full to the brim, bursting with colour, jam-packed with pattern and packed with texture, is now a shadow of its former glory. I wish I had taken a picture before, because if you could see the contrast, you would be shocked (as I am: I still cannot quite believe how ferociously frugal I was). 

Look! I was able to hang the majority of my clothes on wooden coat hangers, that is how few I now have. And the second is all that is now left of a my skirts and shorts. It is a sorry sight. Pero, no fear. I am using this as a chance to build on my favourite, capsule wardrobe and SHOP! Today, I purchased a sparkly jumper - see if you can spot it in the first picture - I had had my eye on for a while in Topshop and at a tenner in the sale, I jumped (get it, jumped for a jumper...) at the chance to buy!

I'm afraid I do not have the patience, or, with school now very nearly on the cards, the time to carry on with the following steps. However, I thank Geneva, from A Pair and a Spare, for this guide which helped very much and I urge you all to rehabilitate your wardrobe.

UO x

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year.

Slightly belated I'll admit, but better late than never! And you must excuse me, for after New Year's Eve's revels, I have been up to little more than lying on the sofa watching TV with friends. Oh, and perhaps belting out a few Grease numbers on the sing-a-long version which refused to work (resorted to simply 'la'-ing the unknown). 

Earrings - ?
Dress - Topshop
Shoes - New Look
Fluffy Black Jacket - ?

As I type this, my full set of acrylic nails, painted sparkly pink - which my family say has the tendency to look like my grandma's pearlised nailpolish, but that I think is more Barbie - are falling off. Only two remain. It's a sad state of affairs which indicates to me that school is soon. But before we contemplate that terror, there are two things to be done...

The first, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous night with cheers, hugs and kisses as the New Year began. Mine was spent with family friends and we all danced the night away... Resolutions were made. Instead of the classic 'do not bite nails', I have gone for a slightly different approach this year: 2011 I vow to work hard, eat healthily, exercise regularly and have fun. What are your resolutions?

Mine, however, leads me on to my next task.. A much-needed wardrobe clearout. Having stumbled across A Pair and a Spare Wardrobe Rehab Project, I feel well-equipped and ready to begin.. Shall keep you updated!

UO x