Sunday, 27 March 2011

Collection: Phoebe.

I should probably alert you all to the reason I'm not updating my Facebook page, which is that I have given up Facebook for lent. I also gave up chocolate, but that was just proving impossible! Nevertheless, my ban from Facebook is still going strong, though that means I'm unable to update you all that way, so my apologies!

I hope I am able to make it up to you, however, by showing you the next outfit that went down the catwalk (with difficulty). This look was based around a wide black and white striped pencil skirt that I was desperate to make as soon as I knew about the project. I searched high and low for such a material, but to no avail: so I resorted to making the stripes myself. Super tight and 3/4 length made it very difficult for poor Phoebe to walk normally, let alone down a catwalk. But being the 'strutter' she is, she pulled it off and looked sexy as ever.

Next up was the top half, I knew I again wanted a restrictive garment, to contrast the freer element of the last outfit, but the colour was the issue. Then, after Orange. I knew what colour it must be and, when I found this luminescent orange in such a stiff cotton, I was delighted. This look was turning out to be a little harsher, with sharp lines and pointed shoulders, so I added a pointed collar.

I have also had word that the catwalk video has been fully edited and finished, so hopefully will be able to show that to you all soon!

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Collection Uncovered: Daisy.

Sorry for lapse in posting, I've been super busy with what I am about to unveil to you: the end result of Collection #1. It has taken a lot of Sundays, which should have been spent catching up on homework - or more to the point art coursework (!?) - watching Kim and Kourtney Take New York and various other E! Entertainment programmes, to finally arrive at my three finished designs. It must be taken into consideration here, that I am by no means whatsoever a seamstress but I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out... Just make sure you don't get too close!

As I was backstage, reapplying lipstick to my three beautiful models - Daisy, Phoebe and Bela - I unfortunately do not have any pictures of the catwalk but hopefully that should be rectified soon, so I shall keep you updated. Hence, for now, you lucky girls (and boys, though they appear to be few and far between) get some back stage snaps of the models: though not of hair and make up etc because I was the designer, hairdresser and make up artist in this shabbang for my girls.

First, however, let me give you a little more info on the actual event: a catwalk was being held at our school, made up of three main components, one of which was four designers from year 12 and year 10 - Becci Price,  myself, Lucy Paskell and Eve Archer - who were showcasing their designs. A perfect opportunity to get a little bit creative!

As previously stated, my collection was unwittingly inspired by the Jil Sander collection, so I'm sure you'll be able to see resemblance! The first look I put together, modeled by the crazy and oh so pretty Daisy, was based mostly around a stiff bright pink A-line skirt with a rectangular cut out (slightly unclear in these pictures). This rectangle bisected the diagonal line, which is what I wanted to continue with the top half, so I chose an over sized gingham.

Also, at the moment, I'm pretty much in love with collars, so I felt these needed to feature strongly within my collection. Here, to add a bit of softness to the outfit and match the girly colour scheme, I chose to layer a pink polka dot oversized peter pan collar, under a mint one with white flower edging. The tights, from American Apparel seemed to fit perfectly with rest of the outfit, again running with the geometric monochrome pattern.

With regards to make up and hair, I wanted it to be quite severe, to match the black and white and clean lines. It was torn between straight, middle partings or high, slick pony tails, but opted for the latter so showcase the collars more effectively. Makeup was an easy decision, right from the start: flawless skin, dark eyebrows, cheekbone bronzer and a pop of colour in assorted lipsticks.

As this seems to have developed into quite a mammoth post, I shall leave Phoebe and Bela for another time! Oooh, the anticipation!

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I had been thinking of launching a giveaway for a while but was just waiting for the right milestone to mark the occasion and, for me, 150 followers (plus a few more now...) certainly is an occasion to be marked! Thank you to all my followers and to those who comment: it is so lovely to read your responses, reply and hence find out about fabulous blogs!

Anyway, about the giveaway.
 I shall be giving away one of my handmade jackets! 

There are two options, either;
the wine coloured material, which is the smaller size,
 or the white one, which is larger. 
However, both are made to hang slightly oversized so the sizes can fluctuate, depending on how you wish them to fit.

There are, of course, conditions on which you must fulfill in order to enter
1. You must be following this blog
2. Leave a comment, stating your name, email and which jacket you would like (wine/white)
For extra entries, you can
1. Like my facebook page (via the box on the right sidebar)
2. Follow on bloglovin'
Please tell me which of these you do in your comment

Giveaway closes on April 15th and announcement of winner will be made shortly afterwards.

Good luck everyone!

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Collection #1.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all about an exciting new project I'm involved in at school. Eve Archer approached me, along with a few others, to design three or so looks which will be showcased in a PSA fashion show. Now, I know a PSA event may not sound like the most vogue place to present one's first, shall we say, mini collection, but I'm just so delighted to have somewhere which for I must make clothes, as I am usually rather slovenly when it comes to it! Although, after the initial elation, the panic began to set in: having a structured task means deadlines, which means a little bit of stress, sadly. However, I mustered up the motivation and got cracking and here is what I have to show for it so far...

Despite the fact this may just seem like a pile of material, underneath it all is so much more... But I'm not going to give it all away just yet mostly because it is all half done and wouldn't look like much anyway! I had no problem finding inspiration for my first two outfits, but I seemed to develop designers block when it came to, what I hoped would be my grande finale, third look. It took a while, but I finally I managed to come up with, what I hope will be, a fabulous final look. After showing my mother my first two pieces, she noted the semblance to the Jil Sander S/S11 collection and I realised that, especially with my third look, I must have been subconsciously influenced!

UO x

Sunday, 6 March 2011

X Factor Tour.

Last night my friends and I made the massively long walk (twenty minutes...) - in heels - from Wembley Central tube station to the Arena for the X Factor Tour. But eventually made our way inside and to our seats... which we were thrilled with as they were only a couple of blocks back from the front and especially because we are always used to being miles away in the 02 hence making the closer proximity of the more intimate arena seemed magnified!

What I wore
Pink and Cream Pearl Earrings - Topshop
Dusty Pink Backless Dress - ASOS
Cream Bag - Vintage
Cream Tights
Leopard Print Sandals - River Island
And... I did have on a...
Leopard Print Cardigan - H&M
and a
Leopard Print Fur Jacket - Zara

It was a great night, with my favs of course being CHER and the beautiful Rebecca, plus Matt and the gorgeous One Direction of course. However, I was disappointed with Rebecca's, usually fabulous, dresses! Two were simply black, one with a sequin wing and the other with a train but nothing compared to her choices on the actual show. Yet, she did have her saving grace with a cream structured dress with a cut out on the finale of Heros. A lovely end to a lovely evening. All that was left was the walk and journey home...

Also, I am delighted to see I've reach 150 followers! Thank you so much gals and boys! Give away to come so stay tuned... 

UO x

Friday, 4 March 2011


Gif Created on Make A Gif

Gif Created on Make A Gif

Gif Created on Make A Gif
all pictures from

With the sun streaming in my classroom windows and the days becoming longer, it feels like the moment I step outside I should be tearing off my cardigan and taking out my sunglasses. However, sadly, the reality is far from that; more like wrapping up in scarves and freezing my face off! So, I thought I'd match my wish list to what I feel the weather should really be like - bright, warm and fun - with these Zara beauties. 

UO x

Friday, 25 February 2011


After jealously lusting after other bloggers who told of their time at London Fashion Week, it was finally time for the likes of myself to take a sneak peek into the fashion industry: thank goodness it's Friday, London Fashion Weekend commences. Having never been before - to either Somerset House or London Fashion Weekend - I was first thoroughly impressed by the beautiful venue and secondly by the fashion on offer and the glamorous gals: you could certainly tell you were at a fashion event as everyone was just far more groomed and made a little bit more of an effort, much to my preference, I must admit! So, how was I to keep up to these on-trend, stylish and fabulous street-style photos I have seen all over the blogs this week? I had been planning on wearing my new block colour dress from H&M... But what with? I always find this sort of mid-season slightly difficult to dress/buy for and felt I needed to mix it with some more A/W pieces: my mother's Fenn Wright Manson black duck feather jacket would do the trick perfectly, along with some pale pink tights, black platforms, black eyeliner and a beehive as big as it would go. Yes, I may have missed the decade of the moment by a good ten years, but 60s is timeless..

Then we bumped into girls who had to leave before their 2pm catwalk, so we kindly took those tickets of their hands for them and saw Bora Aksu and Mark Fast's S/S11 collections. Along with two trend compilations, namely Swan Vesta and Lady Brights. I was slightly more struck by Mark Fast's collection, especially the final fringed dress - and also the shorter, swing version - displayed by the astonishingly tall and slender model. I won't really say any more, just urge you to read this article, because it does actually bring to life some very real truths, I feel, perhaps. Nevertheless, the collection was quite insane with such heavy, fine fringing and massive platforms.

And finally, I purchased a clutch. £45 to £5. Absolute bargin babaaay, with perfect colours for Spring.

UO x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Brick Lane.

Half term has rolled in quickly and it already feels like it will be over too soon! Life seems to be speeding by at the moment with so much to do, in so little time. After sitting at the hairdressers for three hours today though, I feel I have earned myself a little break to do a post. So I thought I'd inform you of a first: our day at Brick Lane.

So, yesterday, some friends and I met at the deliciously late time of 12pm to take the district line to Aldgate East. Equipped with map and list of stores and their addresses, we set off and walked for what seemed like lifetime through various Indian restaurants when we finally came to Rokit. From there on it was vintage shop to vintage shop, and, although they were all well-stocked and lovely, did not purchase. Plus, I really found that once I'd visited three or so, the rest just blurred into one. However, the lovely lady at the aptly named Vintage Store, photographed myself and Lucy, which is always flattering and we witnessed the work of Invader. Then we got famished and all I wanted was an Eat. so we got the number 8 bus and wound up somewhere with an Eat. Then realised it was right next to Liverpool Street Station and found our way back home..

Now, I must say, as for the blue furry jacket I was a bit like, oh god, is this chav chic? Then I thought, heck, why not?! I did enjoy wearing it and it kept me cosy aha!

UO x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Annie Armitage.

A few months ago, a couple of my friends and I partook in a photoshoot as part of a competition, run by Annie Armitage, who describes herself as ' a photographer who specialises in producing timeless images', set in an urban environment. It was a brilliant day and Annie was such fun to work with, especially when shooting on a brick wall outside a building site. You can just imagine what it would be like! Aha! When we went for our viewing, it was challenge to decide which ones I would actually like to take home, as, I'm sure you can all empathise with me here, but I seemed to find faults in myself in all! However, finally chose three and here are the results...

Now, if you live around the Kingston area and are between the ages of 15 and 18, then girls (or boys), you are in luck because this lovely lady is running a competition which means you get a free shoot and then select a photo to be put forward to be judged in front of a panel of experts. You then have the option to purchase any of your shots! If you are interested please contact

So happy to see my followers slowly creeping up! Bloglovin it, facebook it, follow. Thank you gals and guys.

UO x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Birthday Tilly.

Another gal's birthday calls for another lovely day: this time up to good old Oxford Street for Tilly's birthday. I was dying I mean, absolutely gasping for some new anything, so this was exactly what I needed! Browsing through the many rails in Topshop, all I seemed to pick up was shorts, whether it be tasseled and suede, or multi-coloured and crotchet or soft with brights. A subconscious message to fill that empty, lonely looking rail I think. (remember, this?) And, luckily, did come away with a pair! So excited about them 'cause they're super summery... Just think, tanned legs, high heels, floaty shirt and large floppy brown felt sun hat picnicking in the park. Which, sadly, seems so far away, as I write this snuggled up in my leopard print blanket - with arm holes?!  Along with a few other things, I also bought a lovely woolen block colour dress in H&M and fell in love with the whole gorgeous collection! Think 60s, bright pink suede skirts, black and white, golden buttons and tight fitting 3/4 length jumpers. Will definitely be saving up my money as I am now completely broke for that...

1. My hotpants 2. The print which I have just fallen in love with. Want to get the jumper to match! 3. My dress 
4. The lovely buttons that trail all down the back 5. The shoooooes I bought in the sale for £30! Delighted!
 6. My mint cable knit socks. Can't wait to wear with clogs, shorts and a white shirt. Like vibrant prep.

It's my School's Birthday on Friday, to mark the end of term, and need to wear something green - my house colour - and completely lacking inspiration. I was planning on wearing these shorts with which I seem to have found myself stuck in a rut... Any ideas?

Happy Valentine's Day!

UO x

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Yellow Top.

You certainly know Spring is coming when you pick up a canary yellow top in H&M and must have it. The sun is rising earlier, setting later and the air is milder. I'm slipping myself into the occasional pair of shorts already! Anyway, so, I bought this top - which my friend immediately greeted with 'Anne Widdecombe' - and am now feeling desperate for a little more of the shiny, bright and cheerful colour in my life. It was then that I started to see this colour everywhere; on blogs, on the catwalk, in the sky and, most importantly, now, in my wardrobe.

1. the eponymous top 2. Anne Widdecombe in her famous position, which my top was clearly inspired by 3. Geneva, from A Pair and A Spare, wearing her Christopher Kane inspired earrings. I hope to make myself a pair! 4. Running theme at the Paris & New York shows: Giambattista Valli, Doo-Ri & Stella McCartney (from Love the scalloped edging

It is lovely to see the number of followers slowly creeping up, so thank you to all the new ones, and the trusty old ones. Will be replying to your comments from the last post as soon as possible, but time seems to be speeding by at the moment: or maybe it really is? Had my brain warped by this today in physics...

UO x

Friday, 4 February 2011


As many other young fashion bloggers are probably aware, GCSE Art has its many ups and downs, but this day was certainly one of the perks. In our own clothes, we ventured up to Kensington on the train, then tube, to begin our second book on 'Pattern and Texture in our cultural heritage'. We strolled, much to the frustration of our teacher, along the high street attempting to quickly snap at the decadent second storeys of the shop front buildings. My photography here is pretty sketchy, for which I apologise... I will just blame it on the pressure of speed.

See that man on middle left hand window?
 He was pretty confused as to why a gaggle of girls were enthusiastically taking photographs of him.

Onwards we ambled, toward Holland Park, into unknown territory, for myself at least and I was baffled as to why I had never been here before: beautiful houses smattered with blue plaques along tree lined streets. This was going on my list of where I would like to live, alongside an apartment in Paris or Cannes or New York,. but maybe later on when I am a yummy mummy? And yummy mummys we certainly did see in Holland Park, out walking with their luxury pushchairs. 

Picture taken by Fran Barker. That's Tilly, having a little pose there. 
Also only shot of me full length from the day in my black pencil skirt feeling quite sophisticated. 

Once in the park itself, we had an hour to sketch in which, on my part, not much sketching was done. At all. Due to the freezing temperatures we had already endured, my hands we in no fit state to draw and by draw I simply mean create anything that looks remotely like the real object So, after a few half hearted attempts I resorted to taking as many pictures as I possibly could, with the resolve to finish them at home. From here we went to Macdonald's, at first much to my disgust - I'm really not a fan of it! - Or, at least I thought I wasn't... But actually rather enjoyed my meal! It's probably just because I was famished and cold... So much so that I shared a second portion... Yeah, just famished and cold, that's it... Finally, stopped off at Leighton House, in which we were not allowed to take pictures, and I urge you all to visit, it is so beautiful.

Also, I have created a facebook page for Union Olivia, so feel free to like!

UO x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Channel Chanel.

Thanks to abysmal Saturday night television, I decided to watch Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. I had seen it's far more commercialised predecessor at the cinema and, of course, loved it: What's not to love?... Fashion, Audrey Tautou and subtitles. The second was far more artistic, largely without dialogue but equally lovable with a totally different appeal. I would be quite happy to simply watch, enviously, her outfits and her fabulous house, never mind the storyline or music. Hence, the next day, when I was going to see Black Swan, my outfit was largely influenced by the black and white and simple, elegant cuts.

Needless to say, I loved Black Swan. But I shall tell you what else I loved... Thank you SO much to Caramelle at iinstinct for this incredible drawing, I cannot thank her enough. Her digital art is perfection.

UO x