Monday, 27 December 2010

Shining and New.

After playing round with the HTML and editing my photo on, I finally realised taking AS Computing does actually have its use. At my school, one must take some sort of computer based course for GCSE and after much debate, I opted for the AS course on computing. I often found myself thinking, but when will this ever come in use throughout my classes and now, I have found the answer! I really felt it was time Union Olivia had a little re-vamp, just in time for the New Year, and began first with a new title and image. I felt a little glamour and decadence was needed, so snapped at a newly erected chandelier in my house with my Nikon et voila... That's one of my favourite things about this time of year; all the lights which seem to transform even the most plain to the opulent.
What I wore
Black Brogues - Office
Pink Ankle Socks - M&S
Black Trousers - Zara
Black Corset - Thrifted Moschino
Pink Shirt - Topshop
Black Jacket - ?

Here we are at Westfield, just leaving, as snow began to fall. It was a lovely day, (sadly no wearable purchases were made - only some necessary make up) and to step outside at the end of the day into the freezing temperatures to be met with thousands of lights creating an impossibly starry sky was just the vanilla icing on the raspberry and white chocolate 'bombe' cake. 

Sadly I have been bed bound for the second day and have been unable to hit the sales... In store, that is. However, I have already made my first purchase at trusty old ASOS: a pair of knitted khaki shorts. I have been feeling a little bit starved of bottom halves recently, especially since all my shorts are vintage and hence come with the indicative size issues, so these, in my size, fit the bill perfectly. 

So, after now reading this post and absorbing and hopefully getting used to the new layout, what do you think? You made any sale purchases yet?

UO x

Sunday, 26 December 2010


Christmas is here, it is almost the New Year and, my goodness, I have missed blogging (I have even been so terrible as to not read any of your lovely blogs for such a while). But, anyway, I am back and hopefully better than ever! Haha! I have such a lot to update you with, but first things first; Christmas.

Regalo numero uno.

This fabulous little number, a Nikon D3100, was half the reason I stopped blogging and wholly my inspiration to start again. After asking for a shiny new massive camera with a cool lens for Christmas and having a little break from UO, I just could not bring myself to do another post knowing it could be adorned with those higher quality, perfectly focused, perhaps with a blurry background, images that I see in all your blogs. And well, now I have been generously purchased one by Santa, I immediately clicked on that dusty old bookmark '' sitting untouched underneath the address bar for too long a time! 

Otros regalos.

A smattering of make up, dress, shoes, Rihanna tickets... Yes, my beautiful Lucy, very generously bought them for me! Aaah, so excited!... DVDs and other lots of gorgeous bits and bobs. Hope everyone else got what they wanted! Most importantly though, I hope you all had a lovely day, a delicious Christmas dinner and enjoyed your company.

What I wore
Party Hat - Christmas Cracker
Brownie Shirt - Topshop
Black Sequined Skirt - Zara
Gold Polka Dot Socks - GAP
Leopard Print Shoes - River Island

We'd planned to spend the day at Richmond Park, come back for some turkey then head off to friends for festive games... But those plans soon turned to dust when we all woke up with colds! Instead, we chose to put our feet up all day, save for eating lunch, and watch a little bit of Christmas bit of television and Step Up 3. Today, I managed to catch some of High Society and Nanny McPhee (how I love Christmas television!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

UO x