Monday, 1 November 2010

For Roz.

Dearest Roz,

I am so thrilled to hear you are out of hospital and thankfully well enough to post again. What you have been through must have been really hard, but you have managed to go through it with such poise and grace, though I am very sorry to learn of the slight complication after the op, that must have just been very unpleasant for you, especially on top of everything else. But from now on, I have you make a seamless and rapid recovery.

So, it was today, the day before I go back to school, when I was feeling like I had had  enough of doing my art coursework and was going into my kitchen draw when I spotted my pair of little sewing scissors which I had been looking for ever since I had got the email from you, a few months back, asking me to participate in blogging experiment. (please click here for Roz's explanation of this novel idea and how to get involved) It made me think to myself, 'Gosh, now I feel silly complaining about simply art coursework when some people have far more important problems.' but then... 'I can finally show my support and hopefully be part of the bigger effort to help you feel better!'

So, here is my contribution to your innovative and inspiring project...

I went for a purple ribbon and leopard print scruffy bow because I am really getting into the whole "glam grunge" thing... Glamorous ribbon and leopard print - Grungey frays and colour.

So, go! Go visit Roz and get involved in this experiment... Hopefully it will spread across the blogosphere!

UO x


beeble said...

so cute, will definately check her out. I'm beggining to grow an obsession for leopard print :S Reading your fringe article right now, couldnt access it on hotel computer in spain!

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

i like purple and leopard print combo you did.

Roz said...

Olivia, thank you so much for being involved! I know you were one of the original ones I contacted, and it's great to finally see the project making it into the blogging world.
Love the glamourous purple and leopard print take. I really like how each blogger has taken the brief and created a pair in a different way.

Chloe said...

love glam grunge :)
your blog is amazing,

Jazzabelle said...

how wonderful, i adore the leopard print. xx

Luxi said...

I i love that! speaks something


standupforstyle said...

I really like how you made the little "experiment" above ♥

Great blog

CAT said...

AAAAH I love this blog!

I am going to attempt to make one of these over the weekend coz they look awesome!

I love ur blog! x


Izzy said...

Amazing! I love the leopard print touch! Will look fab with ur style!

RedRose said...

Oh they are gorgeous!
I love the concept, its brilliant :)

Spence. said...

What a lovely idea! Ooh & I love the ribbons you've used

polka dot said...

Aw, Olivia: I came here to thank you for mentioning my blog in your wonderful interview on 'squishing mushrooms' and here it is - you did the mummy scissors for Roz! And your choice is really gorgeous, my favourite combination: hot pink and leopard.

I'm hoping - working on - the idea of being able to do a photo shoot for some designers/brands soon, and hope to be able to do photo shoots with you - AND Roz - so maybe you two can meet soon by working together.

Have a lovely weekend - stay warm! xo

KEAE said...

awwwwwwwww i hope you post more i follow you and i think your a gr8 blogger please follow back and post lots more at: