Thursday, 21 October 2010


Sunday 17th of October 2010 was the birthday of one of my girls, Charlie! For her birthday, thirteen of us ventured up to Chinatown for a meal. After missing our first train, we left a half an hour late, but were still on time so did not miss our reservation luckily. We sat down on a large round table; round tables are always best, so you can all see eachother and allows whole table conversation. Then, came the task of ordering. As you can imagine, ordering dishes to share for thirteen people was a mammoth task, especially with the slight language barrier with the waiters! But, we soon had our list written on the back of an envelope, with the total reached, within our budget. Now, I always find at Chinese restaurants that the ordering can go one of two ways 1) FAR TOO MUCH or 2) not enough. However, this time, suprisingly, we got it bang on!

Feeling pleasantly full, we popped across the road on our way home to an oriental sweet shop. I picked up some delicous strawberry Pockey and managed to steal a few of my friend's different sweeties. Is it just me, or do foreign chocolate and sweets always taste better? It must be something to do with them being semi-exclusive and flown from a different country that just makes them that little bit cooler! Haha!

We decided we were not quite ready for home yet and did a little detour to Leicester Square, had a little walk round, gawped at Ben and Jerry's, had our picture taken with a foreign man and hot footed it home for X Factor.

What I wore:
Leopard Print Boots - Zara
Fluffy Socks - Topshop
(these are a new buy from the other day and
I just absolutely love them.
It feels like I am wearing snow!)
Skirt - Gifted, H&M
Shirt - Topshop
Leopard Print Jacket - ?
Earrings - Gifted

As Christmas is coming up (in about 2months, but hey, it is never too early to be thinking about Christmas) I am seriously hoping for a new camera... But to persuade my dad to actually buy me one, I need to approach him with a proper idea of what I want. All I know is, I want one of those big ones with the lenses. Now, I know you all have incredible photographs on your blog and I would love to know what you take them with, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

UO x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


As I said in my previous post, I went to see my lovely and talent friend Jodie in her dance show, what is now, a couple of weekends ago. After managing to miss our stop, but thankfully getting their on time, my friends and I had a wonderful time at the theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the show! But, as promised, here is my outfit...

A few weeks ago, when the weather started to turn and the leaves started to fall, it was time to get out those overflowing clothes bags from the loft. Each year, my mother brings them out and I never fail to find a few things to add to my winter wardrobe. This time, it was the coat and dress I am wearing! The dress is a perfect camel shift, ideal for this A/W, and captures the minimalist trend effortlessly (ie. without spending!), as does this grey oversized jacket. I paired it with my updated summer clogs and thick woolen socks. Plus, lest we should forget, this is me, so I cannot go all minimalistic and had to add some pattern with a leopard print bag and some sparkle with my new earrings.

UO x

Thursday, 7 October 2010


The celebrations of my fifteenth birthday have been and gone and the return of school is more ominous than ever it seems at the moment. But for now, I have this post and all my gorgeous birthday goodies to remind me of my fabulous weekend...

Let's start from the beginning... Friday night, two days before the big one-five, was my party; a few friends round to celebrate the almost-occassion;
Saturday consisted, first of all, of cleaning as quite a few more friends turned up after this civilised looking ladies and my house was left a little dirty, as it has been raining that whole day and everything was a little bit muddy. But, I soon left my father scrubbing the conservatory floor on his hands and knees to watch my friend in her dance show... Outfit post later.

Then, the day finally came around and I was fifteen... One of my first acts was to open my presents!

Very happy with these beauties; I am was in need of some flat shoes and these do the trick perfectly. 

Then this interesting rust coloured cropped number was unfurled and I can't wait to layer it up with the weather turning colder...

Sorry... But what is that poking in the corner there?...

No, your eyes are not fooling you... Vintage Burberry from two very generous stylish friends...
There were quite a few more absolutely lovely presents which I wish I could post to you but simply do not have enough time to photograph! But thank you so much to every single one of you.

To celebrate, with my family plus special guest Lucy, The Treasure Chest, we ventured to an restaurant unbeknownst to me, in Richmond/Kew, named Rock and Rose. I had heard only but praise about this apparently remarkably chic eating establishment and could not wait to set eyes on it for the first time... And my gosh, were my hopes exceeded...

Saved the best to last is the incredible leopard print blouse I am wearing, which was actually made by the wonderful girl standing next to me...

Fabulous weekend with food, family and friends!

UO x