Saturday, 4 September 2010

Jacket #3, #4 & #5.

Back at school now, which means more structure and hence more blogging time. My holidays seemed to pass in a whirlwind and I did not have any spare time. But now, with the month of September, comes with, not more free time, but just structure, in which I can finally fit blogging in to! But more on school later...

Something which I had been pretty busy with over the holidays, was making my jackets. I have now come up with four more designs, three of which will be featured today (I am not allowed to blog about the fourth one at the moment, but all will become clear in due course...)

The first, I loved so much, and actually is now apparently a necessity in my wardrobe, so I am hence making one for myself, is #3.

This was the most complicated design I had ever attempted, and after a few more hours than usual, I was happy with the result! Leopard print jacket, with marron rose edging to the sleeves and a purple and marroon checked lapel with hook and eye fastening. Structed shape and hangs well once on. I also made another, with the same design, in a beige material, different checked lapel and carmel rose edging which was sold before I could take a photo!

Jacket #4 arrived after I spotted this most fabulous material in my local fabric shop. I have already snapped up a few metres so as to not have the same problem as I did with my first jacket; the material was discontinued!

Black material with material discs attached. I made this one a larger size than I usually do so it could be over-sized and ruffley, which is how I like it.

Jacket #5 is perfect for this A/W and I already have three orders... (Yes yes, they may be from my mother and two close friends, but orders are orders!)
It is a thick wooly fabric of bottle green, navy and matte gold with a short body and huge bell sleeves. Note, in this picture I have not seamed the sleeve yet.

So again, these are all for sale, at the price of £20 plus p+p, so if you are interested please contact me at All proceeds go towards funding my World Challenge trip to Croatia!

UO x


ParisiannSkies said...

these are amazing,
glad you are back blogging!

Sam Harvey said...

So great to hear from you! Time away makes your mind more clear. i love the jacket with the black disks. wonderful!

Izzy said...

BLACK DISKS GORGEOUS, and the first one too, remember seeing you in it ;) ! Love it!

Spence. said...

Oh wow Olivia you're so talented!
I looked at the pics before reading the text and thought you bought them! tehe. The disc jacket is epically awesome btw ;)


Roz said...

My favourite has to be the last one - I'm really interested in voluminous sleeves right now, and it's a gorgeous fabric! I've been trying to sew more over the summer myself, but all my time seems to have evaporated before my eyes. Great 'disk' jacket too. Best of luck with selling them.
I'm going back to school tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly too!

beeble said...

love the last two, the fabric in the last one looks beautiful!

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