Monday, 9 August 2010

Fashion Forward.

I am off on holiday soon and cannot wait; sun, sea and sand are exactly what I need with the overcast grey sky being what I seem to wake up to almost every day during my summer holidays. It seems every year now, before we break up from school in around May time the temperatures soar and when we finally break up the weather just turns. So, although my home wardrobe consists of some layering and no-temperature outfits, I needed things I could wear on my holiday as it has been a few years since I had updated it properly. However, when entering stores such as Topshop, Zara and H&M, instead of being greeted by shorts, light materials and pale or bright colours which should be expected in August, supposedly one of the hottest months of the year, I was met with coats, jersey and a dark palette of greys, browns and blacks. I honestly think that "fashion-forward" has gone too far, we seem to be a season ahead at all times and are now expected to buy our whole Winter wardrobe during the Summer because by the time Winter arrives, the shops will be stocking the clothes we actually want to buy in the Summer. I received my Topshop Style Notes e-mail stating that their first A/W collection, Into The Wild, had arrived in store during July! I suppose the reason I am so frustrated by this is because, being a huge fan of A/W in general, when I did go in to buy a few things for Summer, all I wanted was to curl up in a big camel cape, slip on my heeled loafers and wrap a oversized chunky knit scarf round my neck. So, as one final plea...
 Please stop making me want whatever season
I am not currently experiencing.
 Let me enjoy the Summer, or Winter,
and the fashion that comes with it.

Although I did manage to pick up a few holiday items, I could not resist this beautiful maxi from Topshop which I will be taking on holiday and wearing right through A/W.

UO x


Izzy said...

I totally agree, it becomes stressful! Love the maxi dress, and love its colour!

izzy xx

Izzy said...
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ching said...

TopShop..i love that place.

katielouise said...

hahah so true darling, were in summer and im desperate for my shearling aviator jacket when i spent most of winter lusting after bikinis sandles and maxis

follow me

ParisiannSkies said...

the colour is absolutely amazing.

Ella Jasmine said...

I know what you mean, I've just got enough money for summer items and then autumn collections come out - too much stress!
Love your maxi, great colour (:

Ella Jasmine

Ashley said...

Wow!!! Cute stuff you got!

Kaira said...

great blog!

RedRose said...

You look so stunning in that dress it is unbelievable! And of course I totally agree.

Panda said...

Have fun Olivia! Oh, and that dress is gorgeous. can't wait to see you in it! You might wanna check out my blog, I got back from devon, and I've done a new post. + Thanks for your lovely comment, sorry for the late reply... I'm so busy! Panda xxx

Spence. said...

I feel the exact same about the pre-season shopping madness! I bought a chunky knit cardigan in June! JUNE!
Summer had barely started and all the shops had started hauling in their autumn stock - it's ridiculous!
That dress is a great transitional piece Olivia! I love the colour :)

jay said...

Gorgeous. I'm craving a long sleeved maxi for fall/winter. Love that you can wear it in summer as well.

Roz said...

I agree - I went into topshop and started lusting after about ten pairs of brogues and all the other autumn things. Trouble is, Autumn is my favourite season, so I want it to be here already! However, the weather being pretty overcast makes it feel like maybe it is already Autumn!
Great jersey dress, I think I saw a grey version of it, which looked gorgeous!
Have fun on holiday, and thanks for contributing to my musings about foraging.