Saturday, 21 August 2010


Hello all, back from Crete and Bournemouth now. I have got quite a busy schedule before we go back to school, so I will update as regularily as I can, I promise. Today, I will leave you with some holiday snaps as I have not got much time at the moment...

Just a snippet of a brilliant scrapbook-worthy holiday as we managed to pack so much in to a week, it seemed... Yoga, water aerobics, visiting the near by town which was truly beautiful but with incredibly modern and trendy bars, jet skiing, water skiing, pulled a long on an inflatable, beach parties... The list seemed endless! Plus, a whole lot of tanning time! Apologies if you have seen the outfits before; Holiday, you know how it is.
No photos from Bournemouth as I decided to actively ban them; I had had enough, I felt.

Hope all your summers are going fabulously! Make the most of your final few weeks!

UO x


Izzy said...

I love ur floral beach suit!!
Sounds like u had fun, water skiing and jet skiing Jealous!!

vickileestyle said...

looks like you and phoebe had loads of fun! you two just have the most incredible outfits!

Vintage Stop at

hannah banananan said...

fab pictures!!

pumpkin said...

really love that floral bikini/short thing! :)
stumbled across your blog some how, but really like it, so i'll be back!

can't believe you're fourteen!

Sleepingviolet said...

Love all thes outfitts, The floral shorts and the maxi squirt. I wish I could pull of a maxi squirt :)

Spence. said...

Looks like you had an amzing time - you look soo pretty in all these photos! Welcome back to dreary old England m'dear ;)

Devonately said...

That green blouse might be the prettiest shade of green I have ever seen. I love it.


Jony said...

You have such a beautiful style!!