Saturday, 21 August 2010


Hello all, back from Crete and Bournemouth now. I have got quite a busy schedule before we go back to school, so I will update as regularily as I can, I promise. Today, I will leave you with some holiday snaps as I have not got much time at the moment...

Just a snippet of a brilliant scrapbook-worthy holiday as we managed to pack so much in to a week, it seemed... Yoga, water aerobics, visiting the near by town which was truly beautiful but with incredibly modern and trendy bars, jet skiing, water skiing, pulled a long on an inflatable, beach parties... The list seemed endless! Plus, a whole lot of tanning time! Apologies if you have seen the outfits before; Holiday, you know how it is.
No photos from Bournemouth as I decided to actively ban them; I had had enough, I felt.

Hope all your summers are going fabulously! Make the most of your final few weeks!

UO x

Monday, 9 August 2010

Fashion Forward.

I am off on holiday soon and cannot wait; sun, sea and sand are exactly what I need with the overcast grey sky being what I seem to wake up to almost every day during my summer holidays. It seems every year now, before we break up from school in around May time the temperatures soar and when we finally break up the weather just turns. So, although my home wardrobe consists of some layering and no-temperature outfits, I needed things I could wear on my holiday as it has been a few years since I had updated it properly. However, when entering stores such as Topshop, Zara and H&M, instead of being greeted by shorts, light materials and pale or bright colours which should be expected in August, supposedly one of the hottest months of the year, I was met with coats, jersey and a dark palette of greys, browns and blacks. I honestly think that "fashion-forward" has gone too far, we seem to be a season ahead at all times and are now expected to buy our whole Winter wardrobe during the Summer because by the time Winter arrives, the shops will be stocking the clothes we actually want to buy in the Summer. I received my Topshop Style Notes e-mail stating that their first A/W collection, Into The Wild, had arrived in store during July! I suppose the reason I am so frustrated by this is because, being a huge fan of A/W in general, when I did go in to buy a few things for Summer, all I wanted was to curl up in a big camel cape, slip on my heeled loafers and wrap a oversized chunky knit scarf round my neck. So, as one final plea...
 Please stop making me want whatever season
I am not currently experiencing.
 Let me enjoy the Summer, or Winter,
and the fashion that comes with it.

Although I did manage to pick up a few holiday items, I could not resist this beautiful maxi from Topshop which I will be taking on holiday and wearing right through A/W.

UO x

Friday, 6 August 2010

Kew Gardens.

After much deliberation and cut-throat narrowing down, I finally decided to take art for my GCSE option. It seemed blatantly obvious that it should be top of my list and when I realised I could not possibly sacrifice fashion for latin. Although, at first, I did not really think of the art GCSE course as very fashion related, but I now am aware you can present a module through a fashion related medium. How could I have been so silly! Hence, I made the brave decision to knock on the teacher who is in charge of our option's door and ask to change them, at a relatively late date and luckily, I was allowed. So, moving forward from that minor blip, I am now very excited about my art GCSE, although I have been told multiple times "Omg, you're taking art?! You will spend your whole life in the art rooms." Well, if that is the price to pay for a potential career in fashion, then so be it. Besides, I enjoy art and if I was going to be spending 'my life' doing a subject, at the moment, art would definitely be right up there at the top.
This decision meant I would have to be starting my module one - Natural Form - coursework during this holiday, which meant a trip to Kew Gardens with fabulous Faye.
It was a pretty miserable day and the dark grey clouds were looming, with a forecast for rain and it had already started drizzling when we arrived. First port of call was the Palm House, where we must use pencil, pen and colour to depict three different views. I bought all my art equipment; acrylics, water colours, pencils, paint brushes etc; for a small fortune and and a Sharpie. I had always wanted one, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to treat myself, you know? I was not disappointed by the way, they are so cool! Ah, the simple pleasures in life...
I must say, although it was pretty cold outside, we were over heating inside and soon, hunger got the better of me and we ventured for lunch. After getting flapped at by a bird and letting out girlish screams to the shock of the other diners and consuming a yummy home made pasta, we decided to go to the Princess of Wales Conservatory. And then, whilst we were sitting there, drawing some cacti, all hell let rip - weather wise, that is. The rain pelted the conservatory roof like crazy and then the thunder and lightning started: we were trapped there for about two and a half hours! Oh well, it gave me plenty of times to do an awful drawing of my first cactus, rub it all out, and then start on the other two.
Then, it was back to the initial Palm House to finish what we had started up in the balcony, where is was even hotter! We sketched out our final Palm House view, snapped a few photos so we could finish off at home and decided we could not possibly part now and arranged a sleepover.
What I wore:
Lace Up Boots - Topshop
Trousers - Zara
Sheer Shirt - H&M
Scarf - H&M
Bag - Primark

At home, we watched about five episodes of Jersey Shore. Now, it must be said, I have pretty awful taste in TV, with Eastenders and Big Brother gracing my television each night, which must be why I enjoyed it so much! Are you a fan of trashy TV? I do not know really what it is about it that attracts me to it so much. As for reality TV I could be all psychological about it and try to defend myself by saying that it is really human nature I am interested in, the way humans act and react, blah blah blah. But, really, I suppose it is just because it is entertaining and funny... I must have a bad sense of humour....

BIG NEWS! If you look over to the right there, you will see my follower total has reached the grand old one-hundred! Thank you so much to each and every one of you; those that comment, those that simply read, those that may just look at the pictures and maybe even those who clicked follow and have never returned! It just means a lot that you clicked that button because maybe you were interested in that post and, if you continue to be interested, then that is just a whole lot better! Thank you!

UO x

Thursday, 5 August 2010


A couple of weeks ago, my family and I were invited to spend the weekend aboard a family friend's sailing boat. Now, although to most this would seem like a fabulous way to spend a weekend, I tend to approach boats with trepidation: We used to have a motorboat, and were dragged down to the solent almost every weekend therefore planting this now deep-rooted fear of being asked to a boat. Not only did I miss out on seeing friends or any other social arrangements, but I actually thoroughly dislike the motion and the whole boating experience; the rocking, the freezing wind and the fact we always seemed to be the only two boats out on the solent with circling grey clouds overhead. However, this time would be different, and possibly worse, as there was now going to be two families sharing the one boat, a boat which was a sailing boat, which means more rocking, more time and more effort. I am a more motor boating around the hot Mediterranean in a squadron kind of girl.
Arriving at the Port Hamble Marina and locating the boat, the name immediately caught my attention. "Nothing to do with me! I bought it with that name," the owner exclaimed. Hmm... Then, bounding down the pontoon came their dog, Mickey, of whom I was slightly scared when warned he could jump up and sink my claws into me, yet throughout the trip he proved pretty docile and only my father had the priviledge of the 'claws' experience.
Due to tides, the only place we could venture that evening was the usual go-to East Cowes. So, after a bit of difficultly with us berthing in the water taxi's  position and a few minutes sorting out the crazy wind hair, we were off out to dinner.
The next day saw us tacking across the solent again over to Lymmington, whilst I sunbathed and actually recieved quite prominent tan lines! I was hoping to visit the charity shops, but our time was limited by the tides, so we settled for a lovely lunch at the marina restaurant, where I chose an absolutely delicious home made fish finger sandwich on ciabatta, and a quick moment in the park. Then, it was homeward bound...

Also, it was a couple of weeks ago now, and I should have most definitely posted in my last post but I forgot to slip it in, but I remember now! The lovely Becca from squishingmushrooms asked to do an interview, and I was more than happy to oblige. Thank you so much Becca and see the interview here.

UO x