Monday, 19 July 2010


Okay, apologies for the almost neglection of this blog... Holidays are on the horizon - only four more days to go - and hopefully posting will increase, although I have got a rather packed holiday! With preperation for an audition in September for our school musical, which was announced to be Oliver! much to my delight today, multiple days out, a Clothes Swap, lots of jackets to make, a holiday, the start of art coursework and maybe a party or two slipped in there and hopefully a few babysitting jobs. Plus, lots of relaxing in the sun (fingers crossed it stays nice!).

For now, I will leave you with a few pictures from two weekends ago, after a friends party, with my friends Jodie, from Jodie Rose. and Grace. Sorry for the bad lighting and no editing, I am running out of time; I have sports day tomorrow. Running out of time, get it?! ...

What I'm wearing:
Black patent wedgies - Kurt Geiger
White ankle socks - Bentalls
Polka dot skirt - Vintage
White shirt with bow tie - H&M

As this was the end of the night, my outfit has sort of depleted, and I began with a rather large headband and red red lipstick. I am also away for the next couple of days, so that will mean lots of pictures and posts when I return... Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and hello to new followers!

UO x


Rebecca said...

that blouse is stunninnng!

vickileestyle said...

good luck in sports day and for your audition!
the joys of art cwk, haha. watch how at first, you'll put loads of effort into it and by the end of the year, you'll be doing the hwk before the lesson! haah, god knows why i'm doing art a level!

Izzy said...

Ahh same I'm doing Art GCSE, lots of preparation in the summer holidays....! Good luck with sports day :)

Adorngirl said...

sorry new to this blog, so hope I am time to wish you luck for the sports day, you guys are realy cute (you must hear that all the time)

Melina said...

My party ;) you looked amaaaazing hun! my mum said she adores you cos of your individuality ;) love you <3