Saturday, 10 July 2010

Stylish Blogger Award.

Firstly, thank you very much to my stunning stylish blogger friend, Lucy from Treasure Chest, for the Stylish Blogger Award.

Yes, yes, she may be my friend and therefore the decision to award me may be slightly bias but this does not stop me from feeling very honoured to have been chosen by such a stylish girl herself! Now, this award does not come without a catch... I have to list five things about myself. Okay, it may sound easy. But it sure is not...

1. This one was easy; I was born with six toes. I don't have all six anymore, by the way. My two end toes of my left foot are now sewn together. It sounds rather revolting but I quite like it.

2. Secondly, I am half Scottish.

3. I bite my nails. A lot. Honestly, I do not think you will have ever seen nails as short as mine.

4. This one was very hard... It has taken me an awful long time, I feel like such an uninteresting person! And I probably am. But decided on a fashion related fact for a fashion blog; I always borrow my mother's clothes. She has a rather large wardrobe. Or should I say room and a further wardrobe? Yes, that would be a more fitting description.

5. I can't save money. Also like Lucy: thought it would be appropriate to maybe share one thing about ourself if they are the same!

Phew, that is that done. Now, I must choose who I wish to pass this prestigious award on to... Ah, decisions decisions. This award, I must say, took me a lot of time; which the reason for such a long wait between my previous post and this one. Finally, I have decided on awarding the Stylish Blogger Award to;

Today has been a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed the sun. Here is what I wore, although unfortunately, after I went out it got grass stains...
Wish I could join the reams of other teenage bloggers and write that I have finally broken up and am now ready to spend long summery days away from school. But... I can't. I still have two more weeks! But for now, I will just have to seize the weekends.

UO x


hannah banananan said...

i love the last picture. the calm creamy dress goes great with those super sparkly necklaces and shoes :)

Mary Lee said...

six toes?! wow, thats must've hurt when they sewed it back? i tend it bite my nails too, it's really annoying. whenever i start to grow them, they grow really long but then i kinda bite them off :/ i really really love your dress.

beeble said...

well done on getting the award, cute outfit.


Beautiful outfit. I love that blouse dress with the hat. Looks so gorgeous.

coco said...

Such a sweet look. I love the dress.

Izzy said...

Ahh same, 2 dragging on weeks... Quite a selection of 'funky' facts, well deserved win to the award, congratulations!

michelle_ said...

the last picture has to be my fave !!
its just simply pretty !
congrats on the award too !
awesome blog post :)
thanks for stopping by at my blog ...

Spence. said...

Olivia you look soo beautiful!
I love your dress... and the bag... and your hat... oh I just love it all! ;)

I'm useless with saving money too - I'll convince myself I'm saving up and then I'll head down to topshop and totally splurge, tehehe.

Jessica Weingarten said...

Your dress is stunning, it's a shame that it was stained!


bekster said...

you are always so classically stylish!
biggest fan :)

Anna Corinne said...

cute outfit! love the hat>
check me out:
it will be much appreciated.

Rachel Lynne said...

Love this entire outfit! those geometric shoes are amazing xx

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