Thursday, 1 July 2010


This is the, incredibly narrowed down, result of our long anticipated photoshoot. For behind the scenes information, check out the lead up post.

The idea behind this shoot, for the first two sets of outfits, was very vintage and lady like. Imagine two ladies out for lunch, living in the beautiful, immaculate pastel coloured houses near to Portobello Market, with their similar, complementing, yet contrasting attire, with a slightly modernised twist; doing vintage in the present. The second batch of outfits, actually shot on the stalls of the market, used stronger colours to represent the vibrancy of the market yet were still classy and elegant. Mixing perhaps more practical outfits with delicate fabrics and heels.

The shoot was, essentially, for the promotion of my jackets, so these can be found in all the outfits I styled, or partly styled, in partnership with Lucy, from Treasure Chest, who was showcasing her hairbands. The two jackets used were the grey lace and the pink lace kimono style, which is my second design. All headbands are by Lucy.

The first jacket shot was the grey lace, with a mint bow, on Hannah, one of our beautiful and tolerant models, who was willing to change in Eat. and pub toilets, which I, of course, made myself and am now selling, but more on that later. I paired it with a very pale, almost duck egg blue, slip with cream and  white lace edging from Beyond Retro, which was pinned with a safety pin to create a pencil skirt silhouette, and a silver threaded top with stiched cups. They are the model's shoes, to which I added white ankle socks with flower details.

The second outfit, modelled by Ellie, comprises of a cream jumpsuit from online vintage store, Betsy & Lola, green chunky knit socks and my most favourite pair of boots from Office. A/W 2009, I was searching desperately for a pair of high, brown, lace up boots EVERYWHERE. Then, whilst on a visit to Oxford Street, I stumbled across these. The price: £90, which I was more than happy to pay - these were my dream boots after all! - however, when I got to the till... They were only £30! Don't you just love it when that happens?! Also my pink lace jacket with grey ribbon and, as a finishing touch, some pearls and a headband.

Finally, amongst a crowded vintage bag stall with fairy lights, stands Hannah in a white shirt with puffed cap sleeves and a large peter pan collar and, on the bottom half, some high-waisted navy and white gingham shorts which I picked up in a charity shop as trousers. From part of the leg material, I made a waisted band which I traded for the mint ribbon. This time, on her head, perched a tiny boater with a blue striped ribbon which I picked up from H&M whilst in New York. Hannah also poses with Ellie in the penultimate shot who was styled by Lucy in one of her hairbands.

If you would like to purchase either of the lace jackets, they are available on eBay; the grey, here, and the pink, here. Just so you know, all proceeds contribute to my World Challenge expedition to Croatia, so please at least check them out, it would be of major help to me!

A final thanks to fellow stylist, make up artist and hairdress, Lucy, the models and, the biggest one, to Habin, from beeble for the whole idea and the fabulous pictures.

UO x


Carys said...

These photos are beautiful, some of the best hair accessories I've ever seen!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Stace said...

oh so gorgeous!
loving the lace very much, and those headpieces are fantastic!


vickileestyle said...

these photos are gorgeous! well done to habin and you and lucy for designing and making them! hannah and ellie look gorgeous, love what they're both wearing in the photo together with the blue shirt and the white collared top. <3

Iji said...

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Audrey Allure said...

Beautiful images, and gorgeous outfits!

Just stumbled by your blog &
I absolutely love it! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

Natya said...

Your jackets are lovely! I especially like the pink, the ribbon and lace go together so prettily :) Oh every time I go past those pastel houses I always sigh and wish I lived there, I know just what you mean!

mom & son said...

Very beautiful!
Loving all the lace tops and those
red lipsssssss!

Spence. said...

Well done with the jackets Olivia! They're beautiful :)
The photos + outfits are great - I really love the 8th shot, there's something so adorable and vintage-esque about it.
I hope your little masterpieces go to a good home :)

hayley said...

Portobello Road is one of my favorite places in the world! if I lived in England, I would probably spend all my time there... great photoshoot!

hayley said...
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Izzy said...

I do love the tweed shorts!
Swamped In Flowers

Mariam said...

OMFG, the first girl IS annie from 90210! :O

ANN said...

The first girl looks like Shenae Grimes haha, I love the lace! So pretty

Greer said...

oh my dear, you have such a wonderful way of putting together these outfits, they are thoughtful and magical. i adore. x

Emma Louise said...

These are really great, well done x

polka dot said...

Oh Olivia!! You've done a shoot with those gorgeous lace jackets you made!! I came here to thank you for your brilliant comment, and I'm just looking at these quickly, and skimming your post, because I want to spread the word on my blog.

Can I pull a shot off this and link it on my sidebar? You've done a fabulous job. xox

Jessica Weingarten said...

The shots turned out wonderfully! Your jackets look great (as always), as do Lucy's headbands! The backdrop is absolutely perfect for the look you're going for! And those brown Office boots of yours are stunning, though, I'd probably break my neck in them! haha


Away with the fairy's said...

These outfits are so beautiful! love them :)

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Great photos! I LOVE that headband. Im now following :D
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B said...

The second to the last shot looks straight out of a fashion magazine, Olivia :)

I think you guys captured your idea well. My other favorite shot is the pink jacket in front of the pink door. Your jackets look so delicate and pretty!

B from A plus B

Roz said...

I love the jackets you've made! I'd be interested to know, how long does it take to create one? Seeing this has made me all the more determined to go and learn to sew properly..
I like the concept of the shoot too, complete with pastel houses! The looks all work so nicely together, and those Office boots are gorgeous!
A big well done to everyone involved.
Thanks for the comment.

Abi-Anne said...

Beautiful photos. Gorgeous outfits. Brilliant hairpieces. What's not to love?

riaj said...

i'm LOVING the lacy!

Glamour Bbey. said...

How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!
Thanks and love,

Jodie Ellen Speight said...

Loving your blog, for a young girl - you are very inspirational you fashionista! Please check my blog out and please follow as i have a measly 20 followers. Thank you xx xx

Sil said...

These outfits are simply gorgeous!