Wednesday, 28 July 2010

End of an Era.

Gosh, so many pictures, so little posts! I really must be more efficient in posting as I have now ended up with a rather large back log of pictures and outings to share with you. So, this post will be a sort of mish-mash of various 'end of term' activities. Yes, you heard right, I have finally broken up from the seemingly eternal school.

For our ABV day - ABV is a day, or in this case, couple of days, in which total fun is had on one of the last days of school when one departs to the chosen ABV place. You may be wondering what ABV actually stands for and, truth be told, no one knows! The most popular guess is; Activies Before Vacation; which would be fitting bar the fact we are not American -
we went to Belgium, to visit the graves of all the soldiers who fought in World War I, and then on to France, to do the forementioned expect in regards to World War II. It was a harrowing experience, with emotional moments, however, when away from the sites, we managed to have such a great time, even with being stuck on a coach for the majority of the trip.
We visited replica trenches, grave sites and museums which were nestled next to smattered Belgian villages, surrounded by incredible shimmering, glorious golden and green fields.
In the grave sites for English soldiers, there were flowers everywhere; the idea to create an English garden, with lots of red flowers, representing red roses, so that the shadow of an english rose will fall upon every grave each day.
What I wore:
Sandals - M&S
Shorts and scarf belt - Cow Vintage
White Shirt with collar - A French Shop, I think
Striped Jacket - Topshop

Last Day.
Finally, it arrived, and me and my friends caught the bus to the lovely Richmond to sit in Terrace Gardens for a picnic lunch. After selecting a healthy - we had done this before and got soooo much chocolate/sweets/crisps, we left most of it and went home feeling rather sick - lime and corriander chicken strips, raspberries and a pink lemonade and raspberry drink, we sat on the grassy slope eating away, when up popped a squirrel. We made friends, especially since it kept eating all our scraps of pesto pasta which I am not sure is very good for squirrels?

I was also waitressing later that night for Lucy's neighbour's party, so had a large bag of various black and white clothes which I had hastily stuffed that morning, which was torn open and pulled apart and tried on in the park. So, what did we do? We made a catwalk! I was the designer, my vision to attempt to make "black and white mini mes"....
We had it all; photographer, DJ, crowd, models, designer and puzzeled onlookers...
What I wore:
Brown boots - Office
Olive shorts - Cow Vintage
Scarf belt - LK Bennett
Top - Hennes

Final note: This picture makes me happy and I could never have a sad day with it as my back ground on my phone.
Emily Steer is the best person alive.

UO x


Claudia Laurel Bell said...

It was a good last week :) haha I love Emily Steer :)

Rebecca said...

oh my god!
your vacay only just started??
p.s. check out the feature on you :))

vickileestyle said...

that's so true; no one knows what abv day stands for!
we went to brighton last year which was lovely but it was just for one day. wish we went abroad though!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Such cute photos. I love your outfit with the striped cardigan.

Ella Jasmine said...

I love both your pairs of shorts, they're amazing,

Ella Jasmine

Clara said...

lovely post.

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

i love that photo :)

polka dot said...

Lovely shots - glad you had fun in Belgium. I'm having the same problem - I've got literally hundreds of photos of various holidays (I'm on the 3rd place: end of Long Island) and feel guilty for neglecting my own blog, but I guess that's what holidays are for!

Just escaped from a house full o'family to try to reply to your sweet comment (thank you) from a week or so. Didyou mean 29th July? Or August? We're back in London on the 11th, would love to meet when convenient. How's the weather in London?

Have fun. Sorry couldn't send as an email - can receive emails, but can't send. Or just friend me on facebook: Jill Carin Adams. xo

Izzy said...

love the vest top, enjoyable post!


Camilla said...

awesome style, very individual :)


Curiouser and Curiouser said...

as an ex-Tiffin I LOVE that ABV and sports day is still exactly the same as 5 years ago. Haha, no one knew what ABV day was back then either. xx