Wednesday, 28 July 2010

End of an Era.

Gosh, so many pictures, so little posts! I really must be more efficient in posting as I have now ended up with a rather large back log of pictures and outings to share with you. So, this post will be a sort of mish-mash of various 'end of term' activities. Yes, you heard right, I have finally broken up from the seemingly eternal school.

For our ABV day - ABV is a day, or in this case, couple of days, in which total fun is had on one of the last days of school when one departs to the chosen ABV place. You may be wondering what ABV actually stands for and, truth be told, no one knows! The most popular guess is; Activies Before Vacation; which would be fitting bar the fact we are not American -
we went to Belgium, to visit the graves of all the soldiers who fought in World War I, and then on to France, to do the forementioned expect in regards to World War II. It was a harrowing experience, with emotional moments, however, when away from the sites, we managed to have such a great time, even with being stuck on a coach for the majority of the trip.
We visited replica trenches, grave sites and museums which were nestled next to smattered Belgian villages, surrounded by incredible shimmering, glorious golden and green fields.
In the grave sites for English soldiers, there were flowers everywhere; the idea to create an English garden, with lots of red flowers, representing red roses, so that the shadow of an english rose will fall upon every grave each day.
What I wore:
Sandals - M&S
Shorts and scarf belt - Cow Vintage
White Shirt with collar - A French Shop, I think
Striped Jacket - Topshop

Last Day.
Finally, it arrived, and me and my friends caught the bus to the lovely Richmond to sit in Terrace Gardens for a picnic lunch. After selecting a healthy - we had done this before and got soooo much chocolate/sweets/crisps, we left most of it and went home feeling rather sick - lime and corriander chicken strips, raspberries and a pink lemonade and raspberry drink, we sat on the grassy slope eating away, when up popped a squirrel. We made friends, especially since it kept eating all our scraps of pesto pasta which I am not sure is very good for squirrels?

I was also waitressing later that night for Lucy's neighbour's party, so had a large bag of various black and white clothes which I had hastily stuffed that morning, which was torn open and pulled apart and tried on in the park. So, what did we do? We made a catwalk! I was the designer, my vision to attempt to make "black and white mini mes"....
We had it all; photographer, DJ, crowd, models, designer and puzzeled onlookers...
What I wore:
Brown boots - Office
Olive shorts - Cow Vintage
Scarf belt - LK Bennett
Top - Hennes

Final note: This picture makes me happy and I could never have a sad day with it as my back ground on my phone.
Emily Steer is the best person alive.

UO x

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Yes, it was that time of the year again; a day for high-necked, badly cut brightly coloured t-shirts, cycling shorts, me embarrassing myself and warrior paint. Sports day. I cannot really decide whether I enjoy this day or not... Yes, I enjoy the 'house spirit' and, erm, friendly competitiveness of the day, but it is all really worth a few hours of pretty much just sitting there? But we have fun...
My race this year was 200m. Year seven saw me triumph in first place with the win of hurdles, but that victory was short lived and did not continue with the year eight hurdles. This year, however, was going to be different and I was not going to put myself through the fear of, number one, being slow, and number two, falling, and the consequent nerves. This year, I was just going to put myself through one type of fear - being slow - after kindly offering to do the 200m since no one else would. Perhaps I should have been a little more clever to catch onto the reason of why no one would do it? But, most unfortunately, I did not. 200m, I have decided, using my obvious sporting knowledge, is the worst distance as it is a sprint, but a long sprint.

Regardless of all of the above, I think, mostly, that, yes, it is an enjoyable  day, especially because it also comes with the added bonus of, more than, a half day off. We kept up the annual tradition of seeing a movie - I say tradition, but it has only really happened once before, last year, and, collectively, we cannot even remember back to year seven to confirm whether this could actually be a two year long tradition - and decided on Toy Story 3. After a little bit of reservation of excitement about the viewing, I was very pleasantly surprised! It was an entertaining watch: a shame the theatre was filled with rowdy teenage boys (I felt more sorry for the small children who had probably spent their whole month looking forward to this very 108minutes).

What I wore:
Tan shoes - Office
Trousers - Forever 21
Green lace bandeau - Urban Outfitters
Khaki jumper - Primark
Headband - Vintage

I type this with my hair in a towel-turban about to fall asleep to then wake up at 4.15am and coach-it to Belgium avec mes amies! A bientot!

UO x

Monday, 19 July 2010


Okay, apologies for the almost neglection of this blog... Holidays are on the horizon - only four more days to go - and hopefully posting will increase, although I have got a rather packed holiday! With preperation for an audition in September for our school musical, which was announced to be Oliver! much to my delight today, multiple days out, a Clothes Swap, lots of jackets to make, a holiday, the start of art coursework and maybe a party or two slipped in there and hopefully a few babysitting jobs. Plus, lots of relaxing in the sun (fingers crossed it stays nice!).

For now, I will leave you with a few pictures from two weekends ago, after a friends party, with my friends Jodie, from Jodie Rose. and Grace. Sorry for the bad lighting and no editing, I am running out of time; I have sports day tomorrow. Running out of time, get it?! ...

What I'm wearing:
Black patent wedgies - Kurt Geiger
White ankle socks - Bentalls
Polka dot skirt - Vintage
White shirt with bow tie - H&M

As this was the end of the night, my outfit has sort of depleted, and I began with a rather large headband and red red lipstick. I am also away for the next couple of days, so that will mean lots of pictures and posts when I return... Hope you are all enjoying your holidays and hello to new followers!

UO x

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Stylish Blogger Award.

Firstly, thank you very much to my stunning stylish blogger friend, Lucy from Treasure Chest, for the Stylish Blogger Award.

Yes, yes, she may be my friend and therefore the decision to award me may be slightly bias but this does not stop me from feeling very honoured to have been chosen by such a stylish girl herself! Now, this award does not come without a catch... I have to list five things about myself. Okay, it may sound easy. But it sure is not...

1. This one was easy; I was born with six toes. I don't have all six anymore, by the way. My two end toes of my left foot are now sewn together. It sounds rather revolting but I quite like it.

2. Secondly, I am half Scottish.

3. I bite my nails. A lot. Honestly, I do not think you will have ever seen nails as short as mine.

4. This one was very hard... It has taken me an awful long time, I feel like such an uninteresting person! And I probably am. But decided on a fashion related fact for a fashion blog; I always borrow my mother's clothes. She has a rather large wardrobe. Or should I say room and a further wardrobe? Yes, that would be a more fitting description.

5. I can't save money. Also like Lucy: thought it would be appropriate to maybe share one thing about ourself if they are the same!

Phew, that is that done. Now, I must choose who I wish to pass this prestigious award on to... Ah, decisions decisions. This award, I must say, took me a lot of time; which the reason for such a long wait between my previous post and this one. Finally, I have decided on awarding the Stylish Blogger Award to;

Today has been a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed the sun. Here is what I wore, although unfortunately, after I went out it got grass stains...
Wish I could join the reams of other teenage bloggers and write that I have finally broken up and am now ready to spend long summery days away from school. But... I can't. I still have two more weeks! But for now, I will just have to seize the weekends.

UO x

Thursday, 1 July 2010


This is the, incredibly narrowed down, result of our long anticipated photoshoot. For behind the scenes information, check out the lead up post.

The idea behind this shoot, for the first two sets of outfits, was very vintage and lady like. Imagine two ladies out for lunch, living in the beautiful, immaculate pastel coloured houses near to Portobello Market, with their similar, complementing, yet contrasting attire, with a slightly modernised twist; doing vintage in the present. The second batch of outfits, actually shot on the stalls of the market, used stronger colours to represent the vibrancy of the market yet were still classy and elegant. Mixing perhaps more practical outfits with delicate fabrics and heels.

The shoot was, essentially, for the promotion of my jackets, so these can be found in all the outfits I styled, or partly styled, in partnership with Lucy, from Treasure Chest, who was showcasing her hairbands. The two jackets used were the grey lace and the pink lace kimono style, which is my second design. All headbands are by Lucy.

The first jacket shot was the grey lace, with a mint bow, on Hannah, one of our beautiful and tolerant models, who was willing to change in Eat. and pub toilets, which I, of course, made myself and am now selling, but more on that later. I paired it with a very pale, almost duck egg blue, slip with cream and  white lace edging from Beyond Retro, which was pinned with a safety pin to create a pencil skirt silhouette, and a silver threaded top with stiched cups. They are the model's shoes, to which I added white ankle socks with flower details.

The second outfit, modelled by Ellie, comprises of a cream jumpsuit from online vintage store, Betsy & Lola, green chunky knit socks and my most favourite pair of boots from Office. A/W 2009, I was searching desperately for a pair of high, brown, lace up boots EVERYWHERE. Then, whilst on a visit to Oxford Street, I stumbled across these. The price: £90, which I was more than happy to pay - these were my dream boots after all! - however, when I got to the till... They were only £30! Don't you just love it when that happens?! Also my pink lace jacket with grey ribbon and, as a finishing touch, some pearls and a headband.

Finally, amongst a crowded vintage bag stall with fairy lights, stands Hannah in a white shirt with puffed cap sleeves and a large peter pan collar and, on the bottom half, some high-waisted navy and white gingham shorts which I picked up in a charity shop as trousers. From part of the leg material, I made a waisted band which I traded for the mint ribbon. This time, on her head, perched a tiny boater with a blue striped ribbon which I picked up from H&M whilst in New York. Hannah also poses with Ellie in the penultimate shot who was styled by Lucy in one of her hairbands.

If you would like to purchase either of the lace jackets, they are available on eBay; the grey, here, and the pink, here. Just so you know, all proceeds contribute to my World Challenge expedition to Croatia, so please at least check them out, it would be of major help to me!

A final thanks to fellow stylist, make up artist and hairdress, Lucy, the models and, the biggest one, to Habin, from beeble for the whole idea and the fabulous pictures.

UO x