Friday, 25 June 2010


I was thinking to myself, whilst visiting the blogs that had commented on my previous post; what makes a good post? When you stumble across a blog for the first time and intend to read definitely the most recent, and maybe the penultimate, post, what causes you to comment or follow? It is, of course, all down to personal preference. Some prefer mainly photos, believing they are all that is needed to express an opnion or show art, beauty, etc, whereas others, myself included, enjoy a considerable paragraph to accompany these pictures, giving further explaination or comment. But I am interested to know, which kind of content do you prefer blogs to have and why?

Also, it seems to be a very early sales period this year - too early for my liking! I want the summer stock to stay in a little while longer, it is only just hotting up. However, this does mean I am able to snap up some of my summer wish list in the sale. Here are my Topshop sale picks...

The problem with all these tempting, cheap items is that often they is not a size 8 to be found, anywhere. Also, I must stay strong and save my money as my trip to The Clothes Show is now only a few days away..
I have also just entered the wonderful Miles Of Style blog competition to win an Aromatherapy Bath Set.

UO x

p.s. Had a brief look at the shots from the last post and they look fabulous... It is a hard job narrowing down, but once that task is complete Union Olivia follwers will be the first to know!


Lauren and Jennifer said...

Those shoes and that necklace are very pretty

Roz said...

I've been enjoying perusing all your latest posts - great outfits, and I can;t wait to see the results of that shoot! Funnily enough, that's almost exactly what I tend to do (if you replaced the pastel houses with a wood, and merged the photographer and stylist together to make one!)

I think, for me, a great post is anything that shows creativity - whether its in the writing, or a perfect photo.I also enjoy individuality - anoutfit they have created, or a photoshoot they have done for example.
Great choices of clothes, and I find it hard locating size 8 stuff too!

vickileestyle said...

ah i read a blog which also asked what makes a good post! (claire at jazzpad)

for me, vicki loving = stuff i agree with, clothes that i like that are picked out in the post, pretty pictures, new info that interests me (like my friend's glamour post) etc.

don't bother getting those sale items, save money! excpet for that nude leotard! <3 it's so beautiful. def get it!

just went to the oxford st sale today and it was packed! so didn't really look through the sale section much.

RedRose said...

I like clever and interesting words that surround beautiful pictures!
Also, I cant believe those shoes are in the sale!

Katy Yeo said...

Although I love looking at blogs with amazing pictures and beautiful photography, I follow far more word-y blogs that really interest me. I especially love it when you can actually learn something about a person from their blog, about their life that makes it actually seem real.
I agree, I was so suprised to see the Topshop sale in Richmond yesterday!
Clothes Show wow! Maybe limit yourself to one buy? I say this but I wouldn't be able to control myself haha xxx

Spence. said...

I think photos are important but the way things are written is to... I like to hear about real people, people who are passionate about what they're talking about.
I also like feeling inspired after I read a post.
You have a great blog Olivia, no doubt about it! What drew me to yours was your sense of style and little adventures. The things that make me comment is your questions, & if I have a view or like something you've said etc.
Hope that helps :)

Birgitte said...

love the shoes and necklace!
Xoxo Birgitte

Annie.T said...

i stumbled across your amazing blog and i was intrigued to read..
myself i love to relate to the photography and if that pulls me in, i would definitely read on..