Friday, 18 June 2010


I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks and the regularity of my posting has seriously decreased, for which I am sorry. The reason for my jam packed schedule was partly to do with the musical we had to create for school: a twenty minute production with sound, lighting and costume and at least four songs - two adapted and two composed. All the rehearsals after school and lunchtime, the costume making and the make up planning came down to today, the performance. It went pretty well, a few minor technical difficulties but the techies did very well considering a cue list was thrust upon them minutes before, and we won. Yay!

Also, I was going to just to a quick outfit post since I have limited time and an outfit from a party last Saturday to share.

Please excuse the 'setting'. The bedroom of a friend which we destroyed whilst sitting in her bed watching Pretty Woman with raspberries and chocolate buttercream and then getting ready. I have to say, I am FAR from affluent at the moment and my allowance seems to magically disappear, so I was in a bit of a panick about what I should wear for this occassion. But, after rummaging through my mother's and sister's wardrobes, I came up with a full blown topshop outfit... Bar the socks, which I bought that day from M&S. This was paired with the shimmering clutch you can just about make out next to my feet, laying cast on the floor under my camera.
Along with these sparkly gold numbers, I bought two other gorgeous little pairs of ankle socks that day from M&S. (that must be where my allowance is half disappearing to!)

I must say, I have totally jumped on board the ankle socks trend; I feel they complete and outfit and add a stylish edge.

Talking of clothes, I have just bought my ticket to THE CLOTHES SHOW. It was great last year and I definitely underestimated how much I would want to spend. So, starting from right NOW I am saving. Whoop, £5 in the bank.

I now must return to my overflowing schedule and start my English essay... Joy.

UO x


coco said...

I love this look. And I must say I'm getting into the whole socks and heels look. It reminds me of wearing frilly little lace socks with jelly sandals as a kid.

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

love this look!


Hannah said...

Really cool look :) x

vickileestyle said...

lol, the year 9 musical, bad times. that might be one of my cringiest tiffin moments ever :///
actually in love with your outfit!
pretty woman is one of my favourite films! the outfits are to die for, esp the white one with the hat :)
raspberries, sugar and cream is the one.
socks also! i have a tights collection and now that summer is here, i do need to build up on my sock collection.
this post is full of vicki love :)

Paige said...

I absolutely adore your outfit in this one - arghhhhh it's so perfect!

riaj said...

those socks are so cute! and i'm loving the socks and shoes! <3

B said...

I think I just about died over your socks! Wow! They aren't too frilly but have these quirky little bows which I love.

I want a pair so bad. I may have to head out to the local department store.

Can't wait to see it in future pictures. :)

B from A plus B

Lauren and Jennifer said...

We love socks and heels look!!!