Monday, 7 June 2010


Hola mis amigos,

Yes, I am back from Spain! Well, was a couple of days ago - I arrived Wednesday evening - but have not posted since as I have been a) watching SATC2 and b) coughing. A lot. I only have a couple of minutes to do a quick 'Hola.' post and thought I would leave you with some holiday snaps of outfits and activities....
Snorkelling... Well, you can probably tell from my facial expression that it was rather cold! But aside from that, and seeing about three grey fish and some rocks, it was really fun and my first time in a wetsuit... Bizarre. I feel like I haven't really experienced life if I have never worn a wet suit.

Our death. It's a game, do not fear. Still incredibly creepy to play though.

Can I just apologise for my belated post, the photo uploader was not working very well!

UO x


RedRose said...

I think we are pretty scary!
I miss it soo much, you look stunning in all the pictures.

Roz said...

It looks like Spain was a lot of fun! Snorkelling and doing slightly creepy photo shoots sounds fun.. In that last shot you remind me of dolls or something!
Thanks for commenting.

Carys said...

You look so lovely, looks like so much fun!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

hannah banananan said...

i love spain!!! love your pictures and all the hippie bandanas and love the red lipstick!! i just love your blog!!!

Izzy said...

sounds fun! I've got the green mesh top, and love all your outfits :) x

Jessica Weingarten said...

Lovely photos and outfits!
It looks like you ladies had lots of fun!!


A. said...

I love the bows and turban-type head gear. Then I saw your spa pic and I was like WTF? :))

A from A Plus B in the Sea


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