Monday, 28 June 2010

Clothes Show.

On the hottest day of 2010, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees, the England vs. Germany game and just general summery-ness being real highlights, I attended the Clothes Show. Although, I do wish the hottest day was yesterday when I was picnicing in Richmond Park and then went on to a BBQ and not whilst I was on public transport and inside, that did not stop me from having a truly brilliant day!

After stressing seriously about what I was going to wear, I managed to scrape up an outfit...

Dress -Vivienne Westwood
Leopard Print Socks - ?
Leopard Print Bag - Carvella
Shoes - Gap

My favourite thing about the Clothes Show is all the vintage stores, so these were our first port of call when we arrived. The first stall we arrived at I managed to pick up two pairs of shorts, for a bargin price of £24 (for both!?). Although they are both slightly large, this problem was easily solved with the sinching in of the waistband with the matching scarves they came with.

The only other purchase I made was this pair of vintage sunglasses, for a mere £8.50. I love the shape and the translucent frames and, hey, for £8.50, who wouldn't? I was tempted to get another pair but thought I had already bought two pairs of similar shorts... Did not really want to come back with two pairs of similar sunglasses, too!

I went up with my wonderful friends, some of whom you may already know from their blogs or from previous mention on here, who all looked fabulous... Rocking maxi and floral trends; I quite look the odd one out!
Lucy, from Treasure Chest, Fran, Evie and Jenni, from A School Girls Lunchbox

The highlight of the day was the actual Show. It was a fabulous catwalk; the theme this year being "Fashion From Around The World" where we enjoyed fashion for Japan, USA, Italy, France and, finally, the UK. It was presented by the gorgeous Jeff Brazier, who was definitely outshone by numerous male models... A couple of which we managed to get a sneaky picture with...

I also managed to accumulate six goody bags; four of which were from the Clothes Show, one from More Magazine and the sixth from some beer brand and was scouted by Select Model Management, which was a major suprise. I doubt anything will come of it, but it was very flattering though I think they would have been rather shocked when I took off my high shoes and only measured 5'5.5"! Ah well, it was a lovely day and I am happy with my purchases!

Only four weeks (well, I say only...) till the summer holidays and I am already counting down! It is rather depressing staring out of the stuffy classroom window at the beautiful summer days which I am wasting away sitting indoors in school... Meaning I am sitting outside in the sun at every possible opportunity!

UO x


Spence. said...
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Spence. said...

Glad you had a great time, I love your outfit - totally rocking the military chic trend ;)

Thankyou for your lovely comment btw! I absolutely must try that lemon starbucks drink, ohh I spend too much money in coffee houses, tehe.

Aida Apple said...

You so lucky to go to Clothes Show. Looked like ti was amazing

My Republic of Fashion said...

Fantastic photos. Such a cute outfit. Love your leopard print bag.SarahD:)

Pearl Westwood said...

I love the clothes show, I haven't been to one for ages! Gorg outfit with the leo socks! x

Mary Lee said...

omg i really love your purchases especially the sunglasses :)
its too hot i really hate it, i get all sticky and sweaty it's really not very pleasant :/

beeble said...

you all look lovely! It was a brilliant day, and the topless male models definately played a part (; love your shorts too.

Emily. said...

i love those gap shoes!
they're lovely.
love your blog!
I'm going to follow, of course :)

Perhaps you could check out and maybe follow my blog? I'm just getting it back up and running, so excuse any muddled posts etc. >.<


Roz said...

I'm slightly jealous of your Vivienne Westwood dress.. Her drapery and manipulation of fabric is perfect.
It looks like you had a great time. Funnily enough, I was scouted by Select when I went a few years ago in december! I always enjoy the fashion show, and the stalls.
I especially like that second pair of shorts, the scarves are great as belts!
I've recently discovered the wonders of shorts, having previously been much more of a skirts person. I got a great green linen pair from a charity shop recently.

Thanks for the comment, and you're right - it is very easy to get Beyond Retro withdrawal symptoms!

RedRose said...

It was a brilliant day!
You looked gorgeous, as always. And it was no surprise to me that you go scouted!

Your legs also look extremely tanned in the pictures of your shorts.

Alice said...

cute! great!


Scofield lv said...
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Scofield lv said...
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vickileestyle said...

omg those prada-like sunnies are to die for, i might just steal them off you!
next year, i'm totally there!

MariamLovesJLS. said...

ooh male models ;)

aah i went to the clothes show two years ago, it was incred! :o

Chloe said...

Love the grey shorts <3

Izzy said...

Congratulations! Glad you had fun with your friends, love the dress x

rebecca said...

I wish I could've gone! Those grey shorts are lovely (:


Parabens... amei seu blog, vc poderia dar uma entrevista na secao blog tendencia para revista deluxe do Brasil?

Jessica Weingarten said...

Lovely purchases indeed!! The whole day seemed like loads of fun and it's amazing that you got scouted, congrats!! :)


B said...

Your sunglasses are so cool. It's pink! <3 I hope to see it more in the future. You're so lucky that those kinds fit your face shape.

The photos with the half-naked male models is so amusing. your face is priceless! :)

B from A plus B

Georgia said...

Wow I LOVE your sunglasses (and your blog!) xxxxx