Friday, 11 June 2010

Beyoncé Selection.

This amazing Beyoncé video was pointed out to me a few weeks ago by Jess, from Up in the Woods, and I fell in love. After the most recent videos of Beyoncé with Lady GaGa being news worthy, it is refreshing to see her on her own, looking absolutely fabulous. I am unsure of Beyoncé and Lady GaGa's collaborations... They sound incredible and are two of my most favourite musical women. However, the visual aspect of the collaborations I feel are a bit too GaGa and not enough Beyoncé: it all being very "out there" and Lady GaGa-esque and I am not sure Beyoncé looks 100% natural in that state. Yet, this video just blows infamous videos, such as Telephone and Video Phone - especially the latter where I feel, although, at some points, she looks great, Beyoncé looks really harsh - out of the water.

She is living room looking stunning in high waisted shorts and bralet and sexy yet classy in the bedroom in very "on-trend" yet vintage pieces. And the make up, and the hair. There is nothing that is not perfect about this video. This title of this song, Why Don't You Love Me?, leads me nicely on to my next point...

Today, we were having a discussion in class about whether Darwin's Theory of Sexual Selection, essentially stating that, in nature, it is the females' choice: that it is the female animals who are able to choose their mates, rather than the males (although they are often viewed as the dominant sex and most species are patriarchal). The reasons for this I will not bother to list and consequentially bore you with. Anyway, the point of bringing this up was not to inform you of Darwin's Theories, but to ask of your opinion on the question: Does this theory apply to humans also? In animals, it is the males who need to show off and impress the women in almost 100% of cases. However, although it is stereotypically the female humans who "dress up" and more are wary of their looks. You only have to click on a few fashion blogs to see the majority are updated by females. I am unsure of my opinion because there can be many conflicting arguments to support each side. However, I (think I) came to the conclusion that human's do not follow this theory as they are, basically, more "intelligent" and do not have to rely on simply superficial matters in which to pick a mate. In humans, it is, well, hopefully, about more than just looks and genes as they have other mediums in which to judge a person. i.e. talking. But, what do you think: is it the guys or girls choice, essentially?

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vickileestyle said...

glad you managed to get the video up without any problems that i normally have!

gotta love that video too, very lady g influenced which i love as it isn't the standard normal thing she does. love it! not loving lady g's alejandro though!

interesting discussion, i think it depends on the person's personality tbh.

Sam Harvey said...

i love the fashion accessories. as far as the video...well it is like diarrea of ideas. too many ideas compressed into one video. it's like they could have stopped at one house hold chore. i liked when she is washing the windows though.

RedRose said...

I love the video! I think she looks stunning, I honestly love her. I agree, i dont particularly like her in the lady Gaga video collabortaions I think Lady Gaga outshines her.

I think that it depends, it depends on the persons character to whether it is the girls or guys choice. Also although it shouldn't I think looks play a vital part in the selection process. Since if the girl is the kind of girl every boy is all over she then has the confidence to have that overpowering choice and vice versa.

Izzy said...

I agree picked up some ideas from GaGa, I do love the green heels she wears,and all the vintage collaborations really work, seeing a new side of beyonce, love the video never the less.

swampedinflowers <3

B said...

Isn't it both their choices? Men may sometimes do the chasing but women still choose who to be with. And men choose who to chase...Does that make sense? :P

I would have to agree with you that we don't seem to necessarily follow the theory.

I love Beyonce. She is such a...woman! So empowering and fierce but elegant too. I love her song 'Halo' the most.

She may be a bit Lady G influenced lately (who isn't) but she's always held her own. Thanks for sharing that!

rebecca said...

I really love this video (: Personall,y I prefer it to Alejandro!

Anonymous said...

although both people obviously have a say i think that it is instinct for the girl to choose who she has kids with. if you think about it this is why there are so many slutty guys (spreading their 'seed' as widely as possible) and girls are usually more selective of who they have sex with.

Ellen said...

alejandro is the only music video that interests me at the moment!
i'm assuming you've seen?
if you follow Style Rookie, Tavi has written a rather witty review on it which i think sums it up nicely.
i think in terms of the guy/gal thing, humans choose based on looks at first but as you get to know someone personality becomes more important. whereas i wouldn't really say that animals had "personalities" as such. also it is based on genes: what someone smells like or even if they resemble you can have a profound affect on your decision in the first few seconds of meeting them.

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

Roz said...

I'll take a look at the video..
And I think the question you posed is very interesting. I think to some extent both genders try and impress each other, wheraeas in the animal world the most flamboyant or brightly coloured examples of species tend to be male (peacocks, roosters etc.) But there is a difference between dressing up to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and dressing up to enjoy it for yourself.

Thanks for your comment. And the I didn't actually enter the model competition, the blogger competition is separate from the main one!

Elena said...

The style in this video is amazing. Everything is perfect, indeed. As for your question you definately gave me food for thought!

Lauren and Jennifer said...

We loved her looks in the videos. We feel in love with it when we saw it.

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