Monday, 28 June 2010

Clothes Show.

On the hottest day of 2010, with temperatures reaching 30 degrees, the England vs. Germany game and just general summery-ness being real highlights, I attended the Clothes Show. Although, I do wish the hottest day was yesterday when I was picnicing in Richmond Park and then went on to a BBQ and not whilst I was on public transport and inside, that did not stop me from having a truly brilliant day!

After stressing seriously about what I was going to wear, I managed to scrape up an outfit...

Dress -Vivienne Westwood
Leopard Print Socks - ?
Leopard Print Bag - Carvella
Shoes - Gap

My favourite thing about the Clothes Show is all the vintage stores, so these were our first port of call when we arrived. The first stall we arrived at I managed to pick up two pairs of shorts, for a bargin price of £24 (for both!?). Although they are both slightly large, this problem was easily solved with the sinching in of the waistband with the matching scarves they came with.

The only other purchase I made was this pair of vintage sunglasses, for a mere £8.50. I love the shape and the translucent frames and, hey, for £8.50, who wouldn't? I was tempted to get another pair but thought I had already bought two pairs of similar shorts... Did not really want to come back with two pairs of similar sunglasses, too!

I went up with my wonderful friends, some of whom you may already know from their blogs or from previous mention on here, who all looked fabulous... Rocking maxi and floral trends; I quite look the odd one out!
Lucy, from Treasure Chest, Fran, Evie and Jenni, from A School Girls Lunchbox

The highlight of the day was the actual Show. It was a fabulous catwalk; the theme this year being "Fashion From Around The World" where we enjoyed fashion for Japan, USA, Italy, France and, finally, the UK. It was presented by the gorgeous Jeff Brazier, who was definitely outshone by numerous male models... A couple of which we managed to get a sneaky picture with...

I also managed to accumulate six goody bags; four of which were from the Clothes Show, one from More Magazine and the sixth from some beer brand and was scouted by Select Model Management, which was a major suprise. I doubt anything will come of it, but it was very flattering though I think they would have been rather shocked when I took off my high shoes and only measured 5'5.5"! Ah well, it was a lovely day and I am happy with my purchases!

Only four weeks (well, I say only...) till the summer holidays and I am already counting down! It is rather depressing staring out of the stuffy classroom window at the beautiful summer days which I am wasting away sitting indoors in school... Meaning I am sitting outside in the sun at every possible opportunity!

UO x

Friday, 25 June 2010


I was thinking to myself, whilst visiting the blogs that had commented on my previous post; what makes a good post? When you stumble across a blog for the first time and intend to read definitely the most recent, and maybe the penultimate, post, what causes you to comment or follow? It is, of course, all down to personal preference. Some prefer mainly photos, believing they are all that is needed to express an opnion or show art, beauty, etc, whereas others, myself included, enjoy a considerable paragraph to accompany these pictures, giving further explaination or comment. But I am interested to know, which kind of content do you prefer blogs to have and why?

Also, it seems to be a very early sales period this year - too early for my liking! I want the summer stock to stay in a little while longer, it is only just hotting up. However, this does mean I am able to snap up some of my summer wish list in the sale. Here are my Topshop sale picks...

The problem with all these tempting, cheap items is that often they is not a size 8 to be found, anywhere. Also, I must stay strong and save my money as my trip to The Clothes Show is now only a few days away..
I have also just entered the wonderful Miles Of Style blog competition to win an Aromatherapy Bath Set.

UO x

p.s. Had a brief look at the shots from the last post and they look fabulous... It is a hard job narrowing down, but once that task is complete Union Olivia follwers will be the first to know!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Photoshoot: Behind the Scenes.

Habin, from Beeble, had been talking to me and Lucy - who has just written an inspirational post which is sure to make you want to be healthy for summer - for a while about getting together for a photoshoot, which would promote my jackets, Lucy's headbands and give Habin a chance to do some more fashion photography. After one false start and a whole lot of Facebook e-mailing, the day finally arrived and we popped up to Portobello Market. When I say 'popped', it was a semi-eventful journey, entailing a suprise line closure, a crazy drunk man (with a rotting head) - I thought putting it in brackets would make it less foul - and an almost signal failure.

Now, I have not recieved the results yet but thought I would do a post to tell you the behind the scenes info and the less than glamorous details!
We arrived presuming we were going to shoot against the pastel coloured houses on the main stretch of Portobello Road but when we arrived and saw the sheer size of the crowds, it was not certain we would get our shots. However, the first port of call was Eat for some food and we also used the upstairs floor and bathroom as a changing room, much to the confusion of staff and fellow costumers. Then, I spied some immaculate rows of coloured houses behind Eat, which would be perfection. And they certainly were. We managed to find one in every colour to match the outfits and had to ask a few of the owners if we could shoot in front of them, to which they kindly agreed.
We attracted a lot of attention with our models all dressed up and Habin's large camera and were asked by an American man to take a picture of them with his son, an Eastern European woman to take a picture of her with them and the people sitting outside the pub seemed to be rather impressed.
However, the most attention was received when we moved right into the market and were taking pictures on an antiques stall. An old man got out his VIDEO CAMERA and zoomed in onto the models faces. Even after receiving disgusted faces from us and a rather obvious "perv" being shouted from one of the models, he was not perturbed and moved position to then start filming me, Habin and Lucy. It was time to move on...

It was a very long day and we returned eight hours later! A massive thank you to Habin, Hannah and Ellie and I cannot wait to see the results. Here is what we wore...
Wedges - New Look
Tweed trousers - Zara
Grey dress - ?

UO x

Friday, 18 June 2010


I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks and the regularity of my posting has seriously decreased, for which I am sorry. The reason for my jam packed schedule was partly to do with the musical we had to create for school: a twenty minute production with sound, lighting and costume and at least four songs - two adapted and two composed. All the rehearsals after school and lunchtime, the costume making and the make up planning came down to today, the performance. It went pretty well, a few minor technical difficulties but the techies did very well considering a cue list was thrust upon them minutes before, and we won. Yay!

Also, I was going to just to a quick outfit post since I have limited time and an outfit from a party last Saturday to share.

Please excuse the 'setting'. The bedroom of a friend which we destroyed whilst sitting in her bed watching Pretty Woman with raspberries and chocolate buttercream and then getting ready. I have to say, I am FAR from affluent at the moment and my allowance seems to magically disappear, so I was in a bit of a panick about what I should wear for this occassion. But, after rummaging through my mother's and sister's wardrobes, I came up with a full blown topshop outfit... Bar the socks, which I bought that day from M&S. This was paired with the shimmering clutch you can just about make out next to my feet, laying cast on the floor under my camera.
Along with these sparkly gold numbers, I bought two other gorgeous little pairs of ankle socks that day from M&S. (that must be where my allowance is half disappearing to!)

I must say, I have totally jumped on board the ankle socks trend; I feel they complete and outfit and add a stylish edge.

Talking of clothes, I have just bought my ticket to THE CLOTHES SHOW. It was great last year and I definitely underestimated how much I would want to spend. So, starting from right NOW I am saving. Whoop, £5 in the bank.

I now must return to my overflowing schedule and start my English essay... Joy.

UO x

Friday, 11 June 2010

Beyoncé Selection.

This amazing Beyoncé video was pointed out to me a few weeks ago by Jess, from Up in the Woods, and I fell in love. After the most recent videos of Beyoncé with Lady GaGa being news worthy, it is refreshing to see her on her own, looking absolutely fabulous. I am unsure of Beyoncé and Lady GaGa's collaborations... They sound incredible and are two of my most favourite musical women. However, the visual aspect of the collaborations I feel are a bit too GaGa and not enough Beyoncé: it all being very "out there" and Lady GaGa-esque and I am not sure Beyoncé looks 100% natural in that state. Yet, this video just blows infamous videos, such as Telephone and Video Phone - especially the latter where I feel, although, at some points, she looks great, Beyoncé looks really harsh - out of the water.

She is living room looking stunning in high waisted shorts and bralet and sexy yet classy in the bedroom in very "on-trend" yet vintage pieces. And the make up, and the hair. There is nothing that is not perfect about this video. This title of this song, Why Don't You Love Me?, leads me nicely on to my next point...

Today, we were having a discussion in class about whether Darwin's Theory of Sexual Selection, essentially stating that, in nature, it is the females' choice: that it is the female animals who are able to choose their mates, rather than the males (although they are often viewed as the dominant sex and most species are patriarchal). The reasons for this I will not bother to list and consequentially bore you with. Anyway, the point of bringing this up was not to inform you of Darwin's Theories, but to ask of your opinion on the question: Does this theory apply to humans also? In animals, it is the males who need to show off and impress the women in almost 100% of cases. However, although it is stereotypically the female humans who "dress up" and more are wary of their looks. You only have to click on a few fashion blogs to see the majority are updated by females. I am unsure of my opinion because there can be many conflicting arguments to support each side. However, I (think I) came to the conclusion that human's do not follow this theory as they are, basically, more "intelligent" and do not have to rely on simply superficial matters in which to pick a mate. In humans, it is, well, hopefully, about more than just looks and genes as they have other mediums in which to judge a person. i.e. talking. But, what do you think: is it the guys or girls choice, essentially?

UO x

Monday, 7 June 2010


Hola mis amigos,

Yes, I am back from Spain! Well, was a couple of days ago - I arrived Wednesday evening - but have not posted since as I have been a) watching SATC2 and b) coughing. A lot. I only have a couple of minutes to do a quick 'Hola.' post and thought I would leave you with some holiday snaps of outfits and activities....
Snorkelling... Well, you can probably tell from my facial expression that it was rather cold! But aside from that, and seeing about three grey fish and some rocks, it was really fun and my first time in a wetsuit... Bizarre. I feel like I haven't really experienced life if I have never worn a wet suit.

Our death. It's a game, do not fear. Still incredibly creepy to play though.

Can I just apologise for my belated post, the photo uploader was not working very well!

UO x