Wednesday, 12 May 2010


In May, Lucy, Faye, I and a few of my other friends will be jetting off to L'Escala, Spain for a watersports trip. First, we have to battle through a week of exams and then survive another two weeks of school (I am talking in metaphorical war language because I am currently revising history.) before making it to the May half term, which is when the trip will occur. Now, apart from being incredibly excited about the actual watersports, I am looking forward to breaking out into proper summer time clothes. On the kit list, along with wet shoes and a toilet roll (?!), is shorts, cap-sleeved tops and one (one?!) "nice" outfit, for the illustrious (hint of sarcasm, maybe) disco. And yes, although I am greatly anticipating actual sun and shorts, I am slightly worried about finding the right appropriateness/stylish combo.

Here are a few of my trip essentials that I am currently coveting and hope to soon own....

Absolutely adore this gorgeous swimsuit from ASOS, hopefully it will be availiable to buy in time! Check out ASOS magazine for some individual swimwear this summer.

Although I have said I will NOT be sporting the nautical trend yet again (has it ever gone out of fashion?) this year, I can't help but like this red playsuit with rope tie and low back from Topshop. Also from Topshop are these beautiful sandals, which I always think are hard to find, beautiful sandals that is, with mint and pink gems on them and some sort of grey bow. However, I cannot find them on the website. Suprise, suprise. Does anyone else think the Topshop website shoe section is appalling?

Next up are the above shorts from Zara. I have been wanting long shorts, in either a beige or light grey, for an awful long time now and had spotted these a few weeks ago. They were £40, so I have mmmed and aaahed about the price for a while now. However, my feelings are still strong and I have decided to buy them. Soon.

I am also wanting this delicated cropped tea stained top from Topshop, because it is very pretty, will go excellently with my bikini and will maximize tanning surface area!

I am also in need of some t-shirts with capped sleeves. However, because I am not really a "tee" kind of girl, I don't know where to look. Anywhere I can find nice t-shirts?

UO x


ParisiannSkies said...

i'm incredibly jealous that you'll be able to experience the sun!
agreed about the topshop website shoes, poor to say the least.

ah ha i'm such a t-shirt person, i usually go for h & m because of the range really and the price, v necks, sheer t-shirts etc. or american apparell for a more expensive version.

Skye said...

Again, i love the nautical and floral. they are very classic. nice picture

vickileestyle said...

have fun in the watersports trip! they're always really good ;D
really really love the first bikini and was even considering to get the last cropped tea myself but then decided i don't have the tummy for it :/ but get it! would look very good on you!

Claudia said...

Lovely bikini! I hardly ever see nice cap-sleeved t-shirts, you could probably get away with it if you didnt have any?! And I agree with the shoe section on the website, I often see shoes I like and they aren't there! It annoys me so much!

Ohh the nautical theme, I see very few items I really like it, bores me now I hate styles that stay in fashion too long.

Changing styles is partly what makes fashion so fun!

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

yes, go with the bikini. very unique - why does everything have to look like trina turk anyhoo! nice lace top to go over it too. have fun!

Ella Jasmine said...

I love the crop top and shorts, they're gorgeous!

choco_flipper said...

I love the crop top, but personally it's too nice for the watersports trip, all my nice stuff got ruined last year and the year before ;)

Zainab x

Izzy said...

Love the Tea stained top from Topshop! Very vintage!

'Swamped in Flowers' xx

Sjaar said...

That bikini is hot! Im sure you´ll have a great time over there.

Stace said...

love that lace top!
ah if only I had any of those shops here in Aus...
lucky girl, have fun :)


PS. try american apparel for tee's. goor quality!

Diana Q. said...

Are you comming to Spain? :D Where is L'Escala? Is it on Cataluña (I don't how it's called in English) I know, I'm terrible in spanish geography. I love the playsuit and those Zara shorts, I saw some similar ones in Mango too a few weeks ago, I think they where cheaper. Btw I loved the styling in the previous post, the kimono jacket is gorgeous! xoxo

Fiona said...

i love the topshop cami, i have the same problem i just don't do tee-shirts too boring but their are some nice one's at american apparel which look great over bikinis.
Love your style