Thursday, 20 May 2010


At the moment, one my favourite online haunts has to be and their new Black and Rare Opulence Collections, which have been advertised in their magazine, which can also be found online - another way in which "real" life has made it onto the virtual world, along with browsing and purchasing, of course.
This frou-frou pale pink dress creates such a delicate ambience, I feel I would not be able to cough in it. The back is just divine, if you see it in the magazine then you will know exactly what I mean. I also adore this beautiful structured number, it has such an expensive and  luxurious feel.

Can I just apologise for the awful photo quality, they are both from and are the only photos available!
Online shopping is a growing, new phenominon which has clicked its way onto our computer screens in the recent years. But which is better, shopping in the real world, or the virtual one? Online shopping offers a quick shop, without having to leave your home, whereas, just plain, shopping means you come into contact with the actual clothes you are going to spend your money on. It is a difficult one, with events such as The Outnet £1 sale and American Apparel's Rummage Sale going horrifically wrong (or right, depending whether you were the one who was actually successful in snapping up these bargins) supporting the negatives of each alternative. There is a certain panaché to both styles of shopping; whether you can scour page upon page possessing hopeless prospectives and find just that one incredible item, or, whether you can sift through thousands of rails to pluck out the perfect piece. I'm really not sure where I stand on this one... For me, I would always say real shopping because it makes it more of a social event where people come together to look for great clothes - you can always see who's wearing what when you are out shopping - However, I will say that online shopping is a life saver when it comes to that one item you just can't find anywhere. In my case, at the moment anyway, wet shoes!
What do you think; online or on the streets, where is shopping best?
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UO x


Izzy said...

I'd ahve to say in real life, as you say it's more social and you get to see what their sizes are like, Iv'e had so many problems as of that! Though I love the choice
online, and online there is the one and only asos. It's a tuff one

'All Swamped In Flowers' x

Claudia said...

I LOVE ASOS! Atm, it has to be the best shop online, they have such a wide range of clothing, like all my birthday presents were from there this year :) They're so original!

vickileestyle said...

omg i didn't have to read your writing to tell from that image that it was asos! love the asos black collection, my friends are getting their prom dresses from it. love the first dress so much!

and i'd have to say real shopping becuase i've been deceived so many times by items on the internet that look much worse in real life. also, you can always try stuff on in the shop and see if it suits you then and it's a hassle returning stuff online. i think online shops are good for just browsing so you can see what new items you have your eye on, etc.

ParisiannSkies said...

real shopping for sure,
in fact i never online shop anymore because i always get the size wrong and then sometimes you have to pay for the postage on the return,
besides the fact that you have to pay for postage in the first place!

and i love to wander around shops !

RedRose said...

I love the second dress loads!
I like browsing the internet, but then going into the shops to buy. I think it is much funner, even though I get really excited waiting for things I have ordered to arrive :)

hannah banananan said...

love your blog!! so cool!!!

Jessy said...

I love the pink dress! the color is beautiful and elegant!

coco said...

I love the ASOS Black dress, so so pretty.

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

love your blog!!
im ur follower (:


Bluefemme said...

I love Asos. They have a huge selection of clothes.

samantha said...

Online shopping is an easy, simply laid out format in which we can find EXACTLY what we are looking for, but this comes at a cost. We never know if what we order is what we want or if it's gonna fit and we don't get to experience the smells and sounds of the store. I like online shopping and real life shopping each of their own merits. Different occasions and my varying budget determines where I buy my goods.

The lacey jacket/poncho thing a couple of posts down is soooooooo amazing. Like SO fucking amazing. Damn.

mom & son said...

Hi Olivia!
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog
and it's nice to meet you here.

Just read your profile. I can't believe you are only 14, you are articulate and smarter than your age. Not to mention, you are beautiful and sweet! Keep up the good work, darling!

Love that dress btw. ASOS always has a good deal.

Spence. said...

Thankyou for following my blog!
Your comment made my day :)

I say real life shopping is best because you know exactly what you're getting: you can see first-hand the quality of the stitching and the fabric and how it looks on you in person.
I do however, like to browse online first to gather some idea of what I want to buy - because I'm a total shopahollic and will go into a shop to buy one thing, and end up coming out with five ;) tehe.


Roz said...

Great post. As much as I love ebay and the easiness of sitting in front of a screen, I have to say I prefer shopping in the 'real world.'
Nothing beats the feeling when you find that vintage dress in a charity shop, or some Betty Jackson shoes. I personally relish the challenge!
That first dress pictured is so pretty, and fits in well with the 'underwear as outerwear' trend. I love that dusky shade of pink at the moment..

leather lace blog said...

so cute.

ABIGAIL NY said...

love the first outfit, the second dress i also love, but could you seat down, 'cause it looks like it's circular, but it's still goregous.