Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jacket/Kimono #2.

Now, due to popular demand, the white material of the last jacket has sold out from my supplier! However, here is the next design...
The previous photos of my last jacket were plain, simple: purely to show the jacket. So, this time, I thought, let's have some fun with the photos on this boring Sunday, full of revision. The photographer was Phoebe, my sister who would like you to check out her blog, and I styled to pink lace kimono style jacket.

Very on trend in my opinion, totally suitable for the lingerie trend!

Here is the informative picture, simply to show the jacket.
Pale pink lace jacket with scalloped edges. Grey ribbon threading through at waist, with snake tongue finish.

Please contact if you are interested.

UO x


vickileestyle said...

omg, i really really love these photos! lookbook!
the jacket is really nice, how much would you sell them for?
hahah your mentioning of phoebe reminds me of what my sisters always tell me to do haha.

Izzy said...

The jacket is beautiful! Love the styling, such an interesting outfit! :)

Swamped in Flowers xx

Mary Lee said...

ooh i really like it :)and i love the skirt too!
i love how you did your hair, it's so nice :]

Skye said...

love it! really cool. thanks for checking out my blog. i really appreciate it.

ParisiannSkies said...

this is some really perfect styling,
looks amazing x

Ellen said...

as soon as i saw that i thought i'd love to have it, so very pleased it's up for grabs. how much are we talking about? i am a poor student you see, and my cravings for beautiful jackets can only stretch my wallet so far!
it is very lovely


beeble said...

great photos, love the jacket. I actually prefer the jacket in the other post, will you not be selling that one? how much? if you ever need more publicity for your jackets, i dont mind photographing them being modelled. check out my photography site: i do quite a lot of fashion photography (: x

Claudia Laurel Bell said...

^ Same, I love this jacket but the other one is more me I guess :) Your hair is AMAZING! I don't know how you can make it such an amazingly shaped bun! So are you still selling the other one?

RedRose said...

This so soo amazing hunni! I love it, you look gorgeous as always :) xx

polka dot said...

What a GORGEOUS 'jacket!'

What a beautiful idea. This is so original: it's not a jacket for warmth, just a beautiful.. almost like a Tinkerbelle fairy robe. Did you actually make this, Olivia? How many of these can you manufacture? I assume they're hand made?

We should talk. We should definitely talk. My email is just email me any time.

Almost forgot why I came here! ; ) to thank you for your excellent comment today. I read the article and felt quite humbled and ashamed, until I read the intelligent and brilliantly written comments by people like you and Rebecca. If a 14 year old 'girl' is mature enough to get it that I'm not saying 'you must smoke' - and more than that, that my posting those shots isn't going to FORCE you to smoke against your will, then I can sleep soundly tonight.

These are gorgeous shots. I'd love to do a shoot with you in this outfit - with your parents, because of your age. We really should talk! xo

polka dot said...

p.s. Thank you for voting! It's silly, I know, but it would be interesting to see. I thought at first Zara might be winning.. this seems to represent (so far, it's only a few that have voted) the proportion to what I'm seeing on the street. Please spread the word! Anyone reading it, please come to the top of my side bar and vote! ; )

ANN said...

That jacket is so gorgeous!

lady stardust said...

weirdly compelling,
i love it!

lady stardust x

original seed said...

this is amazing
i hope your very proud of it

.sabo skirt. said...

amazinggggggggggggg jacket... is that a bodysuit underneath? wow we love it.. you have such unique style!

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

xx .sabo skirt.

lulluword said...

very interesting kimodo :)