Sunday, 23 May 2010

Come Dine With Me #1.

Saturday night was host to the first of Come Dine With Me, except this time the hosts were not four clueless, deluded adults (well, at least we hope not!), but four fourteen year olds trying out their culinary and hostessing skills. The fabulous idea was conjured up by the fabulous Miss Jenni Whitaker, from A School Girl's Lunch Box, and you will be able to find a far better explained account of the meal over there, I assure you. This girl's aptitude for all things food is amazing, especially at only fourteen and, in my opinion, would rival those on Master Chef any day!

As it was a lovely evening, the dining was conducted in her immaculate square garden, complete with flowery menus, which were as equally pleasing to look at as to eat! After the delicious meal, and feeling ready to burst, we popped into her garden sauna. Yes, she has a sauna in her garden: she is Finnish, and apparently everyone has them in Finland, but I still think it is pretty amazing. It also gives her a little bit of a head start in the entertainment scorings, so I will need to seriously come up with some mind blowing food to beat this girl (which is highly unlikely). We had a delightful girly evening and it is times like these when I seriously relish meeting up without boys occasionally!

As it was such a special affair, I decided it was time to debut my floor length black skirt, which I wore with my nude corset and a collar of feathers!

Please, click through to Jenni's blog for full details of the evening - Don't forget to follow, she is delight to read and you will never regret it!

It was a fabulous evening for the event to be held and, fingers crossed, this weather is here to stay. For good now. It is crazy to think that a few days ago it was really rather chilly but now I am out in the garden at every possible moment trying to scrape some sort of tan together! Are you enjoying the warm weather? What is the weather like for you at the moment? Usually, I would have always said I preferred Winter, fashion wise, because it gives you a chance to layer and I much prefer the colours and materials. However, this year, I am loving S/S fashion: all the lingerie trend and pastel colours I am really taking a liking to! Which is your favourite season for fashion, or just in general?

UO x


vickileestyle said...

you look amazing in that first image, kinda like sienna miller!
also really love your outfit! post on lookbook!

My Republic of Fashion said...

I am addicted to Come Dine With Me!! I would be half tempted to organise one with my friends but...the most I can cook is pasta & pesto. Oh! I have to do something about that.

Love what you are wearing and I too adore the Spring-Summer collections. They are just so feminine. SarahD

hannah banananan said...

i love the feathers!!!! in the second picture they give the outfitt the extra umph :)

Jessica Weingarten said...

Stunning outfit, so chic!
And this little soiree is such a great idea! I may just have to try something similar with my friends this summer!


Mary Lee said...

you look amazing! i love come dine with me, the presenter just cracks me up :)

Carys said...

Beautiful outfit, and I harbour a secret love of Come dine with me, I want to do one of my own too!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Orphin Lasz said...

You looked like a beautiful doll * ^ *

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Claudia said...

I love the commentator! This is a beautiful outfit. My friends and I thought of this a few days ago because another of my friends is doing it! We are going to do it in half term :)

bekster said...

you're bustier with that long skirt. HOLY CRAP
the necklace the hair
everything's perfect!
you dont need to cover with the feather collar.
prettypretty :)

Ellen said...

i love your feathered collar!


beeble said...

love your outfit so elegant and just perfect! the whole come dine with me thing is a great idea. I love pastels- getting into pastel nail polish (:
also, garden sauna?? I wish I was finnish!

B said...

Your outfit is elegant and you look quite classy in it. :) I like the corset especially.

As far as seasons go, spring/summer is great. Clothes are brighter and more cheery. Also since we don't get winter back here it is much more practical!

B from A plus B

Pearl Westwood said...

Looks like you girls had fun, love the full length skirt x

rebecca said...

I looove the feather collar!

Roz said...

Wow, that sounds like such a fun idea.. I'll look forward to seeing a post about hat you cooked!
Great outfit too, I love the drapery of the skirt. This combined with the corset is gorgeous! The whole look reminds me of somekind of 1940s movie star..
Thanks for commenting.

suzannah said...

oh, your evening sounds amazing! also i love your outfit, the feather collar is amazing <3 xx