Thursday, 27 May 2010


This is just a quick good bye post as I am finally going on my much anticipated watersports trip tomorrow! I cannot wait and will not get much sleep tonight even though I have to be up at 4.45am tomorrow morning... But it is most definitely worth that, and having to wear a red hoodie at the airport. Ah well, the things one will do for love. Love of holidays!
I would now post pictures of my bulging, over flowing suitcase which I am worried about being over the weight limit of 23kg. However, my camera is packed away beneath some of that 23kg so I am not about to delve in and find it this late in the packing stages. As I have little time and it is simply a farewell post, I was wondering what on earth could I write about that would be quick and of some sort of interest. I came up blank. Then, I remembered something which I simply must do! That being to link to my fabulous friend, Lucy, at Treasure Chest. Now, I know this may be a tad bias, considering she is my best friend, but, in all honesty, she is seriously amazing. This girl makes loads of her own clothes and writes her blog about her most recent designs; her tag line being DESIGNING. MAKING. WEARING.

 Over the three years I have known her, she has made me a beautiful cushion for my room and some wicked tartan shorts, with a little help from her lovely Grandma, plus numerous items to add to her own enormous wardrobe. In every one of the photos posted, this inspiring girl is wearing a piece of clothing made by her. Lucy is always full of ideas, rushing up to me in class with her next idea for a project! I must say, although I do envy her flair for dressmaking I do prefer when her items are not off the highstreet as we often end up with the same things! For example, we have both ended up with one of the same bikinis for Spain!

Hopefully an interview soon to come! But for now... Good bye and have a great May half term and enjoy the sun! And go to the Treasure Chest.

UO x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Come Dine With Me #1.

Saturday night was host to the first of Come Dine With Me, except this time the hosts were not four clueless, deluded adults (well, at least we hope not!), but four fourteen year olds trying out their culinary and hostessing skills. The fabulous idea was conjured up by the fabulous Miss Jenni Whitaker, from A School Girl's Lunch Box, and you will be able to find a far better explained account of the meal over there, I assure you. This girl's aptitude for all things food is amazing, especially at only fourteen and, in my opinion, would rival those on Master Chef any day!

As it was a lovely evening, the dining was conducted in her immaculate square garden, complete with flowery menus, which were as equally pleasing to look at as to eat! After the delicious meal, and feeling ready to burst, we popped into her garden sauna. Yes, she has a sauna in her garden: she is Finnish, and apparently everyone has them in Finland, but I still think it is pretty amazing. It also gives her a little bit of a head start in the entertainment scorings, so I will need to seriously come up with some mind blowing food to beat this girl (which is highly unlikely). We had a delightful girly evening and it is times like these when I seriously relish meeting up without boys occasionally!

As it was such a special affair, I decided it was time to debut my floor length black skirt, which I wore with my nude corset and a collar of feathers!

Please, click through to Jenni's blog for full details of the evening - Don't forget to follow, she is delight to read and you will never regret it!

It was a fabulous evening for the event to be held and, fingers crossed, this weather is here to stay. For good now. It is crazy to think that a few days ago it was really rather chilly but now I am out in the garden at every possible moment trying to scrape some sort of tan together! Are you enjoying the warm weather? What is the weather like for you at the moment? Usually, I would have always said I preferred Winter, fashion wise, because it gives you a chance to layer and I much prefer the colours and materials. However, this year, I am loving S/S fashion: all the lingerie trend and pastel colours I am really taking a liking to! Which is your favourite season for fashion, or just in general?

UO x

Thursday, 20 May 2010


At the moment, one my favourite online haunts has to be and their new Black and Rare Opulence Collections, which have been advertised in their magazine, which can also be found online - another way in which "real" life has made it onto the virtual world, along with browsing and purchasing, of course.
This frou-frou pale pink dress creates such a delicate ambience, I feel I would not be able to cough in it. The back is just divine, if you see it in the magazine then you will know exactly what I mean. I also adore this beautiful structured number, it has such an expensive and  luxurious feel.

Can I just apologise for the awful photo quality, they are both from and are the only photos available!
Online shopping is a growing, new phenominon which has clicked its way onto our computer screens in the recent years. But which is better, shopping in the real world, or the virtual one? Online shopping offers a quick shop, without having to leave your home, whereas, just plain, shopping means you come into contact with the actual clothes you are going to spend your money on. It is a difficult one, with events such as The Outnet £1 sale and American Apparel's Rummage Sale going horrifically wrong (or right, depending whether you were the one who was actually successful in snapping up these bargins) supporting the negatives of each alternative. There is a certain panaché to both styles of shopping; whether you can scour page upon page possessing hopeless prospectives and find just that one incredible item, or, whether you can sift through thousands of rails to pluck out the perfect piece. I'm really not sure where I stand on this one... For me, I would always say real shopping because it makes it more of a social event where people come together to look for great clothes - you can always see who's wearing what when you are out shopping - However, I will say that online shopping is a life saver when it comes to that one item you just can't find anywhere. In my case, at the moment anyway, wet shoes!
What do you think; online or on the streets, where is shopping best?
Also, in case you hadn't notice, to the right over there is a new bloglovin' button! So I am now available to follow there!
UO x

Monday, 17 May 2010


Gosh, it has been a while since I have been out and actually resumed normal life. So, with exams (almost, as I still have orals) over, I made the most of this weekend. The result, I am absolutely exhausted!

Saturday, I spent a lovely time in a park with a group of friends tree climbing and sun bathing, catching what rays I could....

Sunday involved me actually visiting an actual shop... It has been a while! Here, I purchased some necessities for my forementioned trip to Spain though I did not managed to find or buy anything on my list. Ah well, I ended up with a couple of the following lovelies plus just some boring shorts and tops as I am being forced to dress appropriately for sports and, well, just generally!

Firstly, I had wanted the blue dotted waterproof from Topshop (anyone seen it?) but changed my mind once inside the shop as the blue one was only in a size 12 and I found a snakeskin print one, which I prefered with my colour scheme of pastels, and bought it instead! 
I also bought these Zara Kids Boys swimming trunks, which I have rolled up to create "bubble" shorts (or at least I hope). I was walking through childrens Zara, on the way to the adult section to look for my  previously lusted-after shorts, when I spotted a dash of lilac in the swimwear section. I walked over and picked these up, liking the pattern and the practicality. I tried them on in the changing room, rolled them up and voila!
If you are follower of Union Olivia, then you will know my love for a pair of certain Zara shorts. However, I could not find these anywhere in the shop and after asking sales assisstants who could not find them (and knew nothing about them! They should know their stock, especially the items that had been featured in Grazia!), I gave up the hunt. It was not meant to be, I thought, and if they are £40 I am not going to fight it. And picked up these instead, which are a gorgeous dusty pink...
On the subject of things "meaning to be", do you believe in determinism - fate, destiny, etc. - or free will? We are currently studying Macbeth in English and lightly touched upon this debate today in class. In my opinion, it is an irrelevant question because it does not matter how or why things happen it is just the fact that they do. Okay, well, maybe not irrelevant but I believe that sometimes determinism is used for an excuse, like saying "Oh sorry, I had to commit that crime because it was written in the stars", for example. If things happen because they are destined to happen, then that is the way the whole world works and people would still choose to do a certain action consciously because they do not know it is a foretold action. Equally, if one believes in free will, then the people who do the actions make the concious decision to do them. Therefore, it does not matter which one is correct because you make the decision conciously whether to do something, or not. Where do you stand on this debate? Would you see a fortune-teller?

UO x

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


In May, Lucy, Faye, I and a few of my other friends will be jetting off to L'Escala, Spain for a watersports trip. First, we have to battle through a week of exams and then survive another two weeks of school (I am talking in metaphorical war language because I am currently revising history.) before making it to the May half term, which is when the trip will occur. Now, apart from being incredibly excited about the actual watersports, I am looking forward to breaking out into proper summer time clothes. On the kit list, along with wet shoes and a toilet roll (?!), is shorts, cap-sleeved tops and one (one?!) "nice" outfit, for the illustrious (hint of sarcasm, maybe) disco. And yes, although I am greatly anticipating actual sun and shorts, I am slightly worried about finding the right appropriateness/stylish combo.

Here are a few of my trip essentials that I am currently coveting and hope to soon own....

Absolutely adore this gorgeous swimsuit from ASOS, hopefully it will be availiable to buy in time! Check out ASOS magazine for some individual swimwear this summer.

Although I have said I will NOT be sporting the nautical trend yet again (has it ever gone out of fashion?) this year, I can't help but like this red playsuit with rope tie and low back from Topshop. Also from Topshop are these beautiful sandals, which I always think are hard to find, beautiful sandals that is, with mint and pink gems on them and some sort of grey bow. However, I cannot find them on the website. Suprise, suprise. Does anyone else think the Topshop website shoe section is appalling?

Next up are the above shorts from Zara. I have been wanting long shorts, in either a beige or light grey, for an awful long time now and had spotted these a few weeks ago. They were £40, so I have mmmed and aaahed about the price for a while now. However, my feelings are still strong and I have decided to buy them. Soon.

I am also wanting this delicated cropped tea stained top from Topshop, because it is very pretty, will go excellently with my bikini and will maximize tanning surface area!

I am also in need of some t-shirts with capped sleeves. However, because I am not really a "tee" kind of girl, I don't know where to look. Anywhere I can find nice t-shirts?

UO x

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jacket/Kimono #2.

Now, due to popular demand, the white material of the last jacket has sold out from my supplier! However, here is the next design...
The previous photos of my last jacket were plain, simple: purely to show the jacket. So, this time, I thought, let's have some fun with the photos on this boring Sunday, full of revision. The photographer was Phoebe, my sister who would like you to check out her blog, and I styled to pink lace kimono style jacket.

Very on trend in my opinion, totally suitable for the lingerie trend!

Here is the informative picture, simply to show the jacket.
Pale pink lace jacket with scalloped edges. Grey ribbon threading through at waist, with snake tongue finish.

Please contact if you are interested.

UO x

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Met Gala 2010.

If Vogue deems it as "the Party of the Year", then it must be the best. The only event which would deserve such a title is, of course, the Met Gala. The theme for this year's affair was American Women: Fashioning an National Identity. The exhibition runs from May 5th till August 15th 2010 and hopes to demonstrate the American Women from 1890 to 1940 and how these women influence the way perceive the modern woman. The Costume Collection is from the newly established Brooklyn Museum. Now, here are my verdicts on what some of the 'modern women' wore...

First off, I absolutely love this ensemble: it is just gorgeous and Alexa Chung looks fantastic in the structure with soft feminine edges. Adore the tapered trousers with braces and a delicate pussy bow in place of a bow tie. However, is it really appropriate for the Met Gala? I think not. This would have been appropriate for pretty much any other event where she would want to make a statement: but to the Met Gala?! No. Just no. This is an occasion to dress up in beautiful ballgowns... I would have thought better of Alexa and expect her to honour fashion tradition.

Verdict: Unsuitable Perfection.

Marion Cotillard is a beautiful women and looks truly exquisite in Christian Dior. The dazzling figure hugging dress with nude mesh sections and translucent from the top of the thigh down was no problem for Marion, as she still looked utterly classic and elegant. In addition, her 1940s hair and dark eyes add a hint of sexyness, totalling to a stunning Met Gala look. Also, her choice of a simple black clutch and no other accessories was perfect for a dress that encompases a whole outfit: detail, accessorising and shape in one piece.

Verdict: Refined.

I am a huge fan of Miu Miu, but not Carey Murrigan in this "cute" dress. Short blonde hair: Check. Pretty face: Check. Lilac: Check. Crotched Flowers: Check. This is sounding more and more like a five-year-old's outfit rather than an up and coming edgey young actress at the Met Gala! Carey has already shown her obvious flair for dressing on the red carpet but I think she made a mistake here when she chose a dress with pockets. Enough said.

Verdict: Disappointing.

Alessandra Ambrosio, the Brazillian model, looks stunning in this Versace gown. The pale glistening pink, draping front and cut out back are carried off beautifully, complemented by her elongated figure and golden skin. She also accessories well with chandeliere earrings and co-ordinated cuff. I particularily love the small train that creates a pink pool of fabric around her feet.

Verdict: Graceful.

What do you think of the Met Gala women?

UO x