Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Teen Vogue.

I'm sorry to interrupt the "New York." posts, though for some of you I am sure it will be a welcome break. I would just like to inform you that today I was chosen as "Best Dressed Reader of the Day" at Teen Vogue, at which I was very honoured. And yes, I am aware it is just for a day and there will be 365 (or in some cases 366) winners every single year. That is a lot of winners. See the small article here, or click the Best Dressed logo at the side which will take you to the page on Teen Vogue.

Also, just a few blog news bulletin...

1. I have enlarged my writing slightly! Sorry, I did not realise it was too small and some had difficulty reading!

2. I am hoping to change my title, does anyone have any ideas?

3. Interview with a special guest soon, stay tuned...

4. I will try and post as regularily as I can in the coming few weeks, but already my calendar is filling and is looking as though it will be a busy time!

5. I have reached FIFTY-TWO followers! Although that may not seem much for many, I find it very exciting and it has been wonderful to see how my blog has grown in just two months or so. Thank you followers!

Will resume New York posts (and just generally better posts) from now on!

Olivia x x x x


vickileestyle said...

Well done! Wow, so amazing, I'm jealous! Did you have to apply online or something for it?
Hehe, I'm the same! I have 96 followers atm even though I've had my blog for half a year but I'm so so happy! Lol.

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

wonderful news! you are a powerful creator! i look forward to see how this expands you even further!

coco said...

Jealous you're in New York. Hope you're having a fab time.

Persis Shah said...

can't wait to see all the fab changes that're coming up on here!


Jessica Weingarten said...

That's so cool!