Thursday, 8 April 2010


After hours chugging away on the sewing machine, many pricked fingers and a broken needle later, finally, my skirt has been finished. This time, it completely fits (hurray!) and, in my opinion, actually looks quite good... If, you don't get too close: the slits are half hand sewn and half machine run, the zip is a complete and utter state with eratic ends and the hem is a little bit wonky. It was clear from the first time round that this skirt, made from scratch, was not going to appear without its fair share of mishaps. Attempt #2 the needle broke whilst I was doing the zip - don't ask how! A colossal banging started, which alerted me to perhaps STOP SEWING, and I checked to see what on Earth was going on. I wound the handle to try and pull the needle up manually, but to no avail. I heard something click and thought all my problems were solved. I put my foot down on the pedal and snap. It was quite a traumatic experience.
However... If you ignore all these, minor, detriments, the skirt is exactly how I hoped it would turn out! I did not dare to cut the slits as high as the original - I definitely do not have good enough legs for that - and settled for stopping a third from the top of my thigh to leave plenty of room for movement!

Olivia x x x x

p.s. please do not take this as a reflection on my sewing skills as a whole. Althought they are pretty limited, my theory is that this skirt was cursed from the start.


vickileestyle said...

I am absolutely useless with the sewing machine which is why I always handsew everything! Put some photos up of your skirt!

MariamLovesJLS. said...

i love the description of the traumatic experience :P
yeah, put some pics up! ;)

jessica danielle. said...

Haha aww, congrats! Can't wait to see it!


Izzy said...

Loking forward toseeing the skirt ;), ah sewing machines can be quite temperamental sometimes....

Also I was just wondering how you applied for your lookbok? ;) Your looks are gorgeous and striking :)

swamped in flowers <3

beeble said...

ive snapped a needle before- horrific experience ): i look forward to seeing more pictures of your skirt x

lady stardust said...

haha i'm sure your sewing skills are still far superior to mine!

i was reading your profle and you are a budding journalist? me too :) which area would you like to specialise in?

i just started my own fashion blog,
pop by and visit one day and i'll continue to return the favour :)

lady stardust x

ANN said...

I haven't sewn anything from scratch since last summer, I'm really excited to see your skirt!

Izzy said...

Well done! I just gave you the 'I Love Your Blog Award' ;)

swamped in Flowers <3

Sam Harvey Handbags said...

sew happy i found another person who sews and blogs about it. hello from my mountain top in arizona.

Anita Bola said...

Just gave you a blog award. well done :)