Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Now, as I am sure you are all aware, the Coachella Music Festival 2010 was held last weekend, as it was splashed all over the blog-o-sphere. It was a star studded event with a packed line up. But what did all these stars wear to 'slum it' camping? Here are my reviews...

To be honest, I am not really a "dress down" kind of girl, so it is difficult for me to be a fair judge, so I will try my hardest to be open minded about the whole laid-back thing!

Here, Agnes Deyn looks a state. It's all a bit try too hard punk with the shaved head, even for Aggy. Who is liking the shaved head? Because I certainly am not. The black studded waistcoat with the high neck "Stevie Nicks" top is just so boring. It is like everyone is wearing the same outfit but they think it is okay because they have a different person on their top. The tiny shorts show off her fabulous legs, which seem endless. This appears to be the only good thing about the outfit, minus her obvious beauty, which thank goodness she did not shave off along with the hair! To top off this hideous look, she adds neon green laces to her Dr. Martens. I mean, let's face it, this outfit is not attractive at all.

Verdict: Ugly.

Look who it is! Who is that you are spying with Daisy Lowe? Yes, it is in fact newby Doctor Who, Matt Smith, who can I just point out is wearing pearls (yes, pearls) under his shirt... I am beginning to like this boy! But on to Daisy... I really like the sound of this outfit: floral dress, sequinned bralet layered on top and thigh-high stockings. However, in reality, it does not live up to its seemingly glorious description. It is all a bit mish-mash and crumply for me.

Verdict: Sloppy.

I can deal with this Mischa Barton outfit a little more. I like the leopard print, so I love the coat, especially with the clashing floral blouse. But oh look, what has she opted for on the bottom half? Suprise, suprise: Denim shorts. Yawn. However, her outfit does hold some excitement... If you enlarge the picture, she has a nautical themed manicure! Tiny anchors and stripes with red and blue alternate backgrounds - very cool! Yet, with this outfit, it makes it all a little too random. The flat brown laced boots are a little boring.

Verdict: Tolerable.

Finally, someone that can actually do festivals with a little more refinement. That somebody being Dita Von Teese. Her usual 40s hair and make up suit the nautical and lingere trends perfectly, and together combined make a beautifully put together outfit. Love the numerous buttons on the wide leg trousers and the white stripe at the bottom brings it all together with the gorgeous white with cream cone corset!

Verdict: Impeccable.

What do you think of celeb festival style? Who did you love and loathe at Coachella?

Olivia x x x x

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vickileestyle said...

omg, hate all of those outfits.
i really don't like aggy or daisy lowe and that matt smith is really odd-looking, and i'm sorry but pearls on a man is really not a good look.
omg hate leopard print too :/ haha i'm really picky with clothes. Maegan said...

I kind of agree with the's all a bit "try too hard" in every direction

Claudia Laurel Bell said...

I love the leopard jacket, but I hate flares and therefore hate the trousers that Dita is wearing xxx

vickileestyle said...

haha, re-read my comment and reaslied i sound like a rude, moody git! lol, i don't mean it like that but i do really like daisy's sequin bustier though!

through the lens. said...

daisy lowe is my favourite. maybe because i love her. but i also love mischa. ah, it's a tough world.
agnes has shaved her head. sweet lord why.

RedRose said...

DITA allt he way I love her, I am not sure what to think about the new doctor yet!

annabelle said...

ahh i disagree on daisy lowe - her outfit is my fav. something i'd even leave the house in! X

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

ugly, sloppy and tolerable. Ha I love it!!

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

just read back over your blog...great posts
loving that you go to Tiffin Girls - i left just before it had the fire. x

mariska said...

still. mischa barton is my number.1 fave!


beeble said...

god, dita's outfit is disgusting. thats poor, even for aggy, hating her shaved head! well done for the teen vogue thing btw x

Jesss said...

i hated aggy's shaved head at first, but i think i am kind of warming to it! weirdly enough.
daisy's outfit is better than her recent failures,
the floral works.