Sunday, 25 April 2010

New York: Day 4.

What I wore:
Bow - Beyond Retro
Lace Jacket - H&M
Pearl Necklace with Pink Ribbon - ?
Peach Mesh Top - Topshop
Black corset - H&M
Black Underskirt - H&M
Mint Slip with Lace Edge - Vintage
Gold Socks and Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Vintage

This is a picture of me standing in the beautiful Bryant Park, which we quickly stopped off at for a little look around on our way down to SoHo for the second time. It is a delightful, well kept pontoon of green: I think my favourite in the city. The reason for our venturing down to SoHo again was to firstly stop at Union Square, which we had passed last night on the way to little Italy. Here we popped into Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, but at this late stage in the vacation, my cash supply was running extremely low so there were no more purchases made here for me, bar a gorgeous brown wicker hat with brown ribbon from UO! Secondly, it was the visit the illustrious Prada Store, with its incredible interior: a huge sweeping wooden curve covering the two levels on which mannequins were displayed, a maze of seperate translucent rooms, each dedicated to a seperate collection and, to top it off, an incredible circular lift!

It was time for lunch, where we ate at an Italian restaurant in SoHo - I had a spicey crab meat pasta dish which was absolutely delicious! My favourite meal of the holiday, I would say! After our lunch, we cabbed it back to hotel, to get ready for the evening's entertainment: Billy Elliot. But, not before we enjoyed these exquisite desserts from the bustling and chic delicatessen situated in Grand Central...

Olivia x x x x


Jessica Weingarten said...

Love your otufit, that bow is to die for!
And yesss, that Prada store is so amazing.
That cake looks deelish too!


beeble said...

really pretty outfit, what lipstick are you wearing?
loving the ny posts (as jealous as youre making me ): ) haha

vickileestyle said...

all your outfits are amazing!
mmm that cake looks delicious and that spicy crab pasta dish also sounds amazing!

bekster said...

I just love how you completely pull off the vintage slip look with the awesome hair bow and everything.
giving you some major credit for this outfit :)
new york is def the one great place to have fun with style! enjoy it while you can! your so lucky to be there :)

Vinda Sonata said...

i love your style, very feminine and a bit of fairy-esque. love anything lacey there, especially the details of the shoes. you look gorgeous too!

t said...

Funky look!

polka dot said...

Fabulous outfit, Olivia! And with your English accent, I bet you're such a star in NY. It's funny: I'm so old that I can remember when Bryant Park, as central as it is, was a bit rough. Last summer (or the one before?) I was meeting friends in NY (from the end of Long Island, my parents' summer place) & they chose a cafe in Bryant Park. I couldn't believe how much it's changed: a band was playing.. it was delightful! A smaller, downtown Central Park. As it should be.

I'm seeing my old city with new eyes thanks to your blog. Delightful. I might just give you a shout out in my next post...

Allegra said...

loooove that bow. I have a very similar one from h&m :)

the style crusader said...

totally love your style! you put things together in such a unique way! xx

Jazzabelle said...

you look so beautiful, i love the bow. i can't believe you are only fourteen! some girls get all the luck; style, beauty and brains! your blog is lovely, my dear.

love, jazzabelle x

Selma said...

I love the bow on you! You look so adorable in this outfit! :)


emma j said...

you are so gorge! and NYC i dreamt i was there the other night how i would love to shop there x

akaCola said...

love that bow! super cute! love how you have the slip and the corset together! so chic! very lovely!

ANN said...

I looove your outfit! The bow is so cute :)

lady stardust said...

loooooooove your outfit!
slightly reminiscent of lady gaga ;)

keep in touch :)
lady stardust x

Sara said...

Love this look, it's so cute! :)