Thursday, 22 April 2010

New York: Day 3

What I wore:
Sunglasses - Rayban
Cream chiffon shrug - Vintage
Navy vest top
Creaam and navy maxi - Topshop
Grey boots - Topshop
Pearls - ?

Again, we had breakfast in bed. This time a plain croissant. Damn. Then came the realisation that today was the day of the dreaded two hour boat ride we were being dragged on by our father. This day was getting better and better.... We trekked down to Pier 83,  just to be told that the boat was leaving this very moment and we had, in fact, missed it which called for a change of plans. Instead the proposed full on shopping trip - until now, we had just stopped in shops which has been on course - would begin now and the boat ride rescheduled at 4pm! 5 hours of shopping till then!

We finally spied the large Forever 21, which thankfully Jess from marvelous things. had previously recommended as the best, and stepped inside. Here, I tried on so many things which did not fit, as well as having to leave items behind on the rails because they did not have my size in stock (isn't that just the worst!), much to my disappointment. However, I managed to pick up a few things which my sister had originally tried on; some short lilac shorts with neatly frayed edges and a pair of wide floral trousers with slight frills on the hem. Then, onto Macy's where we had lunch and I tried cheesecake, New York chocolate chip cheesecake to be precise, for the first time! I loved the chocolate and the biscuit bottom, the cheesecake... Not so much! Next stop: H&M. Now, I know we have H&M in England, but I still had money to spend and it appeared to have different collections in. Here, I picked up a light apple chiffon shirt with a pleated colar, a long maxi wide skirt with a tie waist, grey cycling shorts with lace edges (to wear underneath skirts), a small hat on a comb (it is exactly how it sounds) and the gorgeous nude corset (which I had to squeeze myself into the last size left). I was starting to feel retail therapised!

It was time for the two hour boat trip... These were some of the sights we saw!

For dinner tonight, we visited Little Italy. At first, I was a bit aprehensive, as I'd never heard of any of my friends visiting, or it being recommended so publicly as SoHo etc. Yet, I was most definitely proved wrong! The place was fabulous, with an endless supply of restaraunts with seats lining the pavements. We chose a full one, where we had to wait a few minutes, because of the authentic family-run feel and a bustling atmosphere. It was truly worth the wait! Although the portions were far too much for safe consumption, it was delicious and the waiters were awesome - even after my sister knocked a glass over! The restaraunt was Da Ferrona, and it is very recommended by me!

Olivia x x x x


vickileestyle said...

Omg, those items you bought sound amazing, I want to steal them off you! Especially that nude corset and the chiffon, pleated, collared shirt - all my favourite things!

polka dot said...

Hi Olivia, thank you for your lovely comment! To think you took the time to do it while visiting NY - my hometown. (Actually, grew up in the suburbs, then lived there after college). I love the way you write, and it's a lovely blog. Got choked up a bit, actually, because I remember our 6th grade school trip around Manhattan - probably on the same boat!! (we were 12). Is it called the Circle Line?

Also, Little Italy. I remember going there when I was a single girl in NY, and a beautiful, light blue restaurant. I can't recall the name, maybe that was it! Just chaos, casual, huge plates of pasta, and wonderful.

Have a great trip! Hope to hear from you again. We can swap blog links if you'd like, once you're safely home.

Sarah said...

THis is such a fantastic outfit!! Perfect for NYC!
You're so lucky! I haven't been able to go to NY this year, went last and the one before- i miss it! If your still there check out the vintage stores in Greenwich and East Villages!! xxx

beeble said...

sounds like such a perfect day, i love f21, the best clothes!

Jessica Weingarten said...

Haha aww I'm sorry Forever 21 wasnt better!
Though the entire chain hasn't been up to its usual par lately.
I went to that restaurant in Little Italy too last time I was there! Odd coincidence hahaha.
Such good food!


Sarah said...

If you are still in NYC, check out the MOMA, the tim burton exhibit is FANTASTIC as is the exhibit, The Artist is present, if you want any other suggestions comment my blog! iknow a great flea marrket as well if your into that xoxo SARAH

Eleanor said...

I love NYC wish i can be there now!
and i love what you are wearing!

Rose said...

love the maxi and the textures :)
great blog!

Nara said...

Lovely blog!
I invite you to know my blog. Follow me and I follow your blog: :)

MariamLovesJLS. said...

'even after my sister knocked over a glass.' that made me laugh so much. you are so nice to her. :L
(for people who don't know, i know her sister which is why i find it funny, i'm not just some random blogger who laughs at everything.)

Azza said...

olivia your blog is great!!!
your outfit is great, your sunglasses are great!
keep it up ! :D

Sparkles said...

your blog is great! x