Sunday, 18 April 2010

New York: Day 1.

What I Wore:
navy patent shoes with bow - primark (oh, the shame)
white ankle socks - bentalls
navy gingham skirt with pleats - i made
gingham backless shirt - topshop
navy jacket - ?
cream bag - vintage
head scarf - ?
Lookbook - please hype if like :)

After arriving late the night before and being actually EXHAUSTED whilst eating dinner at 10pm New York time (which is 3am in England), we managed to be up and out at 9.30am the next morning. We ate at an authentic NY cafe across from our hotel, which is on East 42nd Street, right next to Grand Central station, which we visited later today, where I saw the waiters knuckle touch! Enough said, I liked this place.
From there on, with our New York breakfasts to wear off, we walked downtown Fifth Avenue. Expecting designer stores, Sacs and the cast of Gossip Girl to be gracing the sidewalks, I was slightly let down when the reality was somewhat different: basically, just loads of crappy shops selling "10 shirts of $5" and "THE AMAZING NEW PIZZA CONE". However, this changed when we came to Madison Square Gardens, which was a lovely bit of blossoming greenery where Broadway crosses 5th Avenue.
There was a reasoning for our, now long, walk which was the visit the Meat Packing District and SoHo. The areas had been recommended by some rather trendy family friends, so I was excited to see what they had in store. Talking of "in store", on our way, we managed to pop into our first few shops... Much to the frustration of my father. Yet it was clear when we had arrived at Meat Packing because all the buildings lay far lower and trees lined the streets. We wandered through, down to SoHo where we were all cosumed with looking for an appropriate noodle bar for lunch. Which was never found, and we settled for a not so nice one. In SoHo we ate in a rubbish noodle bar, joy. Yet, we did find this wonderful bakery with the servers wearing cow skin and multi-coloured waistcoasts with patterned headscarves.

After pounding the pavements for hours, it was time for the second yellow taxi ride of this holiday (the first one being from the airport) to Ground Zero. We visited the memorial museum now set up which shows videos of the World Trade and what it meant to those who worked their and their families - it was an emotional experience, to say the least. Now the site is being built on, so there was a lot of construction work being done...

I was absolutely exhausted by about 4pm today (and I can barely use the excuse of jet lag as it would only be 9pm in the UK) and cabbed it back to the hotel for a little rest! After watching an hour or so of wicked American "trash" (as my mother would say. AWESOME, I would say), it was time to head out for dinner. As the hotel was in/next to Grand Central Station, we headed inside to see the Oyster Bar which had also been recommended by the same friends as mentioned earlier. It looked bustling and gorgeous, with lights lining the concaved ceiling and red chequered table cloths. I ordered jumbo shrimps (oh yes, not prawns, shrimps) in a garlic butter sauce which were delicious and absolutely JUMBO.

We finished dinner and after first walking the wrong way on 42nd Street, correcting our wrongs and doubling back, we arrived at the vibrant Times Square. It was exactly as one would expect!

A typically NY end to our first day....

Olivia x x x x


beeble said...

gosh you're making me so, so jealous. sounds like an amazing day, love your outfits (:

vickileestyle said...

i'm so jealous! i wish to go to ny some day. mmm shrimps :D
madison sq gardens looks so pretty!

Beni said...

i'm so jealous of your lovely New York holiday. by the way, your skirt looks great!

Jessica Weingarten said...

I love your skirt! Looks like you had tons of fun!
Yeah, Fifth Ave. isn't like it is on Gossip Girl haha. Good thing you got to go to the Meatpacking District though!

And I agree, Times Square is wonderful!


RedRose said...

Sounds amazing so far, cant wait to read more!

bekster said...

I live closer to the states then you do and I've never been!
looks like you had a great time and your out fit was rockin'!

Izzy said...

Phhhw that sounds amazing, I myself have never been to New York though other parts of America. Very jealous!

swamped in flowers <3

Roz said...

Wow, New York is on my list of placxes I want to visit.. So lucky you! I hope that the holiday wasn't disrupted by the volcanoe.
I love the skirt that you made - very Christopher Kane, with the slashes and gingham! Both of these outfits are great.. And thats a very grogeous vintage hand bag.
Thanks for contributing to my debate, I appreciated it!