Monday, 5 April 2010

Kurt Geiger.

During the winter, I got a couple of pairs of pretty awesome high boots which, do not get me wrong, I had to do a fair bit of scouring high street stores to find. My brown, lace up, inside platform boots and my grey high, lace up converse did me just fine throughout the whole of the winter (obviously with a few other pairs thrown in there). Now the weather is turning warmer, although I am continuing to lace up my feet in them, I want some shoes which will reflect that. My ideal pairs would be from Kurt Geiger at the moment, who seems to be capturing my perfect pair of summer clogs and brogues! His designs are absolute genius. Here are my favourites...
of course.
I love brogues, but always want a little bit of a heel, as I am most definitely a heel person. Partly to do with my mother, who is now experiencing problems as a consequence of not taking her feet out of heels her whole life, and partly to do with my thirst for tallness!
Now, I have always shown my preference for clogs with a dark heel. However, these clog style wedges can get away with being made of light wood because they are gorgeously light and Spring/Summer with the lilac.
Adore these beautiful navy heels: the tie-dye-with-wood is just so on trend, yet individual.
It has been difficult to wow with a pair of heels, unless you go designer ofc, for quite some time now, but these beauties are just elegant and edgy at the same time - I adore the ankle strap and the huge black flower.
These lilac brogues have been on mine and my sister's wish list for quite some time now... and they never fail to entice me with there awesome purpleness.

Aren't they all divine?! What shoes are you wanting for Spring?

Olivia x x x x


Mary Lee said...

i love the white brogues and the navy heels, they are so beautiful :)

beeble said...

i love the lilac shoes (:
im looking for a pair of white ankle boot style brogues! found some similar ones, but im still waiting for my dreams ones.
hope you get your perfect shoes by summer x

Phoebe.Madeleine said...

Those brouges with the heel are awsome! I thought i was finally getting over brouges... But no, we are getting those lilac brouges, defo.

RedRose said...

I love all of them! My favourites are the first clogs, the lilac ones and the ones with the huge flower on, if only i had the money. <3

MariamLovesJLS. said...

and the purple brogues are lovely, but i hate how long the wood sole bit is at the front, it's too long. :/
i mean the nude heels btw :P

MariamLovesJLS. said...
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vickileestyle said...

Ooh THOSE are the lilac brogues that Phoebe was talking to me about! Gotta say, love both pairs of brogues, making me want more.
It's SO ANNOYING becuase I went ot London to find some clogs and they didn't have the KG ones OR the Topshop Swedish Hasbeen ones! And now my money in the bank is slowly disappearing so I don't think I'll ever get them again! So sad :( Lets hope for a lucky summer sale!

Carly said...

I really want some clogs but money won't allow yet, and the pink heels with the black flower are adorable.

Cute blog. carly x

Claudia Laurel Bell said...

OMG OMG OMG. I nearly bought those purple brogues!!!!!!!!!! They had them in powder blue as well, for only £59!!! I didn't buy them because I bought some other Kurt Geiger shoes instead :) xxx

the park said...

the last pair are so great.

kinda (really desperatly) want/love them.

- s & a