Saturday, 3 April 2010

Hair Scare.

I first highlighted my hair when I was in year 6. I know that sounds awfully chavvy (if I'm allowed to say that) and young, but it was for our leaving disco and a girl has got to look her best, even at the tender age of eleven. From then on, I have high lighted my hair several times over the years, each time it becoming progressively blonder and covering more of the top section of hair. The last time I pulled through my hair with the same white plastic comb, lumped with white cream blonde hair dye, I tried to cover as much of my hair as possible, in the place of all over blonde hair dye as I was not allowed to do that. The result was quite good in the first place, but soon, it seemed to spread and the roots began to sprout. My mother decided it was time for a change - However, she wanted me to dye it back to my original colour (dark blonde/light brown) but this was not an option: I always thought of myself as a blonde person (which is slightly inaccurate). Yet, the rule still remained: You are not allowed to dye your whole head blonde. After a few, shall we say, disagreements, we came to the conclusion that I will dye my hair a honey blonde - not the peroxide or very blonde I had initially desired.

After being confused by the multiple, slightly varying, shades of blonde hair colours, I found the perfect one (or at least I hoped it would be!)... Light honey blonde, Garnier Nutrisse. I got home and desperately wanted to apply the colour immediately! I usually high light my own hair, but full blown dying is a whole different ball game, so I got my mother to do it! Nervously anticipating the results, the 30 minute dying time seemed to trundle by, so I filled it with watching 90210! Finally, it was time. Dun Dun Duuuun. Whilst drying my hair, I suddenly thought... Oh my God, it is ginger! But thankfully, when completely bone dry, the honey tone shone through and I am happy with the result. Thank Goodness!

Please excuse the face - no make up and flushed. Most accurate picture of hair colour, but still not perfect!
Olivia x x x x


vickileestyle said...

I love the hair, it looks really natural and makes you look younger a bit.
You should dye your hair a chocolate brown next! I can imagine it looking amazing!
I started dying my hair in Year 9; red then ginger-brown then red again then dark brown. I've realised that my hair gets thinner though and more prone to falling out so I've stopped dying my hair. :( So sad since I'm so tempted to dye it again!

jessica danielle. said...

I started dying my hair at 11 too! It was horrible, i used to get blonde highlights on top of my natural hair color (dark brown), you can imagine how terrible that would be.

By the way, I got my background image from google, just by googling "pink toile". The link to the site where I got it from is, there's a bunch of different designers under textiles :) Thanks for your comment too, it means alot!!

Hope I helped!

MariamLovesJLS. said...

vickileestyle's first line just took the words out of my mouth :P
and also, i think you look nicer without makeup :)

Lauren Goddard said...

Dyeing hair is so funny, you never know what it'll look like. I used to all the time and then accepted my ginger qualities. haha.

Oh and also, it's a crime if you don't become a model. I hate saying that, it's so bloggy, but it's true!

x x x

coco said...

It's a nice shade - a little like Jennifer Aniston in the early days of Friends.