Thursday, 29 April 2010

New York: Day 5.

What I wore:
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Denim Cropped Shirt - H&M
Denim Waistcoat - Vintage Levi
Denim Bag - Primark
Jodhpurs - Gap
Clogs - Mango

Sadly, this was our last day and our flight was later that day. But was this going to stop us enjoying  our last day in Manhattan? No! We went down to Wall Street and, I have to say, I was very impressed by what I saw. We walked through the cobbled streets, passing the New York Stock Exchange and such like, to the tip of Manhattan: Battery Park. Here we stopped for a few moments to take photos...

Then, I spied the Statue of Liberty. No, not the one that you can see just peaking out the brim of my hat, but in man form. Here is the picture we took (For $10 might I add) with the man himself...

Oh dear, the embarrassment.

We then had lunch at The Stone Tavern, which was delicious, in preparation for our flight home....

UO x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

New York: Day 4.

What I wore:
Bow - Beyond Retro
Lace Jacket - H&M
Pearl Necklace with Pink Ribbon - ?
Peach Mesh Top - Topshop
Black corset - H&M
Black Underskirt - H&M
Mint Slip with Lace Edge - Vintage
Gold Socks and Shoes - Topshop
Bag - Vintage

This is a picture of me standing in the beautiful Bryant Park, which we quickly stopped off at for a little look around on our way down to SoHo for the second time. It is a delightful, well kept pontoon of green: I think my favourite in the city. The reason for our venturing down to SoHo again was to firstly stop at Union Square, which we had passed last night on the way to little Italy. Here we popped into Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, but at this late stage in the vacation, my cash supply was running extremely low so there were no more purchases made here for me, bar a gorgeous brown wicker hat with brown ribbon from UO! Secondly, it was the visit the illustrious Prada Store, with its incredible interior: a huge sweeping wooden curve covering the two levels on which mannequins were displayed, a maze of seperate translucent rooms, each dedicated to a seperate collection and, to top it off, an incredible circular lift!

It was time for lunch, where we ate at an Italian restaurant in SoHo - I had a spicey crab meat pasta dish which was absolutely delicious! My favourite meal of the holiday, I would say! After our lunch, we cabbed it back to hotel, to get ready for the evening's entertainment: Billy Elliot. But, not before we enjoyed these exquisite desserts from the bustling and chic delicatessen situated in Grand Central...

Olivia x x x x

Thursday, 22 April 2010

New York: Day 3

What I wore:
Sunglasses - Rayban
Cream chiffon shrug - Vintage
Navy vest top
Creaam and navy maxi - Topshop
Grey boots - Topshop
Pearls - ?

Again, we had breakfast in bed. This time a plain croissant. Damn. Then came the realisation that today was the day of the dreaded two hour boat ride we were being dragged on by our father. This day was getting better and better.... We trekked down to Pier 83,  just to be told that the boat was leaving this very moment and we had, in fact, missed it which called for a change of plans. Instead the proposed full on shopping trip - until now, we had just stopped in shops which has been on course - would begin now and the boat ride rescheduled at 4pm! 5 hours of shopping till then!

We finally spied the large Forever 21, which thankfully Jess from marvelous things. had previously recommended as the best, and stepped inside. Here, I tried on so many things which did not fit, as well as having to leave items behind on the rails because they did not have my size in stock (isn't that just the worst!), much to my disappointment. However, I managed to pick up a few things which my sister had originally tried on; some short lilac shorts with neatly frayed edges and a pair of wide floral trousers with slight frills on the hem. Then, onto Macy's where we had lunch and I tried cheesecake, New York chocolate chip cheesecake to be precise, for the first time! I loved the chocolate and the biscuit bottom, the cheesecake... Not so much! Next stop: H&M. Now, I know we have H&M in England, but I still had money to spend and it appeared to have different collections in. Here, I picked up a light apple chiffon shirt with a pleated colar, a long maxi wide skirt with a tie waist, grey cycling shorts with lace edges (to wear underneath skirts), a small hat on a comb (it is exactly how it sounds) and the gorgeous nude corset (which I had to squeeze myself into the last size left). I was starting to feel retail therapised!

It was time for the two hour boat trip... These were some of the sights we saw!

For dinner tonight, we visited Little Italy. At first, I was a bit aprehensive, as I'd never heard of any of my friends visiting, or it being recommended so publicly as SoHo etc. Yet, I was most definitely proved wrong! The place was fabulous, with an endless supply of restaraunts with seats lining the pavements. We chose a full one, where we had to wait a few minutes, because of the authentic family-run feel and a bustling atmosphere. It was truly worth the wait! Although the portions were far too much for safe consumption, it was delicious and the waiters were awesome - even after my sister knocked a glass over! The restaraunt was Da Ferrona, and it is very recommended by me!

Olivia x x x x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Now, as I am sure you are all aware, the Coachella Music Festival 2010 was held last weekend, as it was splashed all over the blog-o-sphere. It was a star studded event with a packed line up. But what did all these stars wear to 'slum it' camping? Here are my reviews...

To be honest, I am not really a "dress down" kind of girl, so it is difficult for me to be a fair judge, so I will try my hardest to be open minded about the whole laid-back thing!

Here, Agnes Deyn looks a state. It's all a bit try too hard punk with the shaved head, even for Aggy. Who is liking the shaved head? Because I certainly am not. The black studded waistcoat with the high neck "Stevie Nicks" top is just so boring. It is like everyone is wearing the same outfit but they think it is okay because they have a different person on their top. The tiny shorts show off her fabulous legs, which seem endless. This appears to be the only good thing about the outfit, minus her obvious beauty, which thank goodness she did not shave off along with the hair! To top off this hideous look, she adds neon green laces to her Dr. Martens. I mean, let's face it, this outfit is not attractive at all.

Verdict: Ugly.

Look who it is! Who is that you are spying with Daisy Lowe? Yes, it is in fact newby Doctor Who, Matt Smith, who can I just point out is wearing pearls (yes, pearls) under his shirt... I am beginning to like this boy! But on to Daisy... I really like the sound of this outfit: floral dress, sequinned bralet layered on top and thigh-high stockings. However, in reality, it does not live up to its seemingly glorious description. It is all a bit mish-mash and crumply for me.

Verdict: Sloppy.

I can deal with this Mischa Barton outfit a little more. I like the leopard print, so I love the coat, especially with the clashing floral blouse. But oh look, what has she opted for on the bottom half? Suprise, suprise: Denim shorts. Yawn. However, her outfit does hold some excitement... If you enlarge the picture, she has a nautical themed manicure! Tiny anchors and stripes with red and blue alternate backgrounds - very cool! Yet, with this outfit, it makes it all a little too random. The flat brown laced boots are a little boring.

Verdict: Tolerable.

Finally, someone that can actually do festivals with a little more refinement. That somebody being Dita Von Teese. Her usual 40s hair and make up suit the nautical and lingere trends perfectly, and together combined make a beautifully put together outfit. Love the numerous buttons on the wide leg trousers and the white stripe at the bottom brings it all together with the gorgeous white with cream cone corset!

Verdict: Impeccable.

What do you think of celeb festival style? Who did you love and loathe at Coachella?

Olivia x x x x

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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Teen Vogue.

I'm sorry to interrupt the "New York." posts, though for some of you I am sure it will be a welcome break. I would just like to inform you that today I was chosen as "Best Dressed Reader of the Day" at Teen Vogue, at which I was very honoured. And yes, I am aware it is just for a day and there will be 365 (or in some cases 366) winners every single year. That is a lot of winners. See the small article here, or click the Best Dressed logo at the side which will take you to the page on Teen Vogue.

Also, just a few blog news bulletin...

1. I have enlarged my writing slightly! Sorry, I did not realise it was too small and some had difficulty reading!

2. I am hoping to change my title, does anyone have any ideas?

3. Interview with a special guest soon, stay tuned...

4. I will try and post as regularily as I can in the coming few weeks, but already my calendar is filling and is looking as though it will be a busy time!

5. I have reached FIFTY-TWO followers! Although that may not seem much for many, I find it very exciting and it has been wonderful to see how my blog has grown in just two months or so. Thank you followers!

Will resume New York posts (and just generally better posts) from now on!

Olivia x x x x

Monday, 19 April 2010

New York: Day 2

What I wore:
Head band - Topshop
Shirt - Cos
Belt - ?
Leather skirt - Vintage
Leather cuff - Made
Bag - Vintage
Clogs - Mango

As you can see, I am wearing my fabulous new clogs! At least, I think they are! They are from the marvelous - it is now graced with such an adjective because of what I managed to find there - Mango and £45, which I think is a bargin for the likes of these. They have studs, a perfect colour of wood heel and a wide band. Clog perfection (bar the Miu Miu ones, but we will just shhh). Also, I have seen the Kurt Geiger ones again and now, next to my ones, I think they are ugly with the big seam up the middle. Anyway, on to day number 2 in the Big Apple...

This morning, we were too tired to stumble out of bed bright and early for breakfast, so we received it in bed. Yum, chocolate criossants... Today, we decided to go up the famous Rockefeller Center as the weather was beautiful - a great expanse of blue sky, perfect for acheiving sweeping views across New York! We stepped into the elavator (not lift, elavator) and whooshed up the seventy floors in a tunnel of flashing lights, dancing words and echoic song (literally, it was quite a shock to the system) to be met by exquisite 360degree views of the city.

In contrary to yesterday, today, to my supreme and absolute delight, I saw the side of New York in which the beauties of GG inhabit. From the Top of the Rock, we went uptown, by the course of fifth avenue, to the Upper East Side. Firstly we travelled the final stretch of fifth avenue, then into Central Park where I was met with a large expanse of water, dappled sunlight and thousands of people strolling, sunbathing, and sight-seeing. I seriously wanted to lunch at the gorgeous white boathouse, which features in 27 Dresses, but there was a two hour waiting time and I was seriously hungry! So we trekked on through the park, blisters forming, to visit the Met Museum and on the way bumped into Lea Michele, who plays Rachel from Glee and exhanged smiles. I would have said something, but her name in "real" life had completely escaped! As she wandered through the park, with her boyfriend on her arm, she left a wake of stunned teenage girls!

On to the museum... The reason for me wanting to drag the rest of my family to this particular museum, aside from seeing the art and it being located in Central Park, is because in GG they always sit on "the met steps" which I sure did!

Later that evening, we walked up Lexington Avenue, popped into Waldorf (the name sound familiar) but decided not to stay, to visit Top of the Tower, which is perched on top an art deco building, which still had all the original lighting fixtures and suchlike, for a cocktail. It presented us with stunning views of NY as the lights lit up the city after the sun set.

Olivia x x x x

Sunday, 18 April 2010

New York: Day 1.

What I Wore:
navy patent shoes with bow - primark (oh, the shame)
white ankle socks - bentalls
navy gingham skirt with pleats - i made
gingham backless shirt - topshop
navy jacket - ?
cream bag - vintage
head scarf - ?
Lookbook - please hype if like :)

After arriving late the night before and being actually EXHAUSTED whilst eating dinner at 10pm New York time (which is 3am in England), we managed to be up and out at 9.30am the next morning. We ate at an authentic NY cafe across from our hotel, which is on East 42nd Street, right next to Grand Central station, which we visited later today, where I saw the waiters knuckle touch! Enough said, I liked this place.
From there on, with our New York breakfasts to wear off, we walked downtown Fifth Avenue. Expecting designer stores, Sacs and the cast of Gossip Girl to be gracing the sidewalks, I was slightly let down when the reality was somewhat different: basically, just loads of crappy shops selling "10 shirts of $5" and "THE AMAZING NEW PIZZA CONE". However, this changed when we came to Madison Square Gardens, which was a lovely bit of blossoming greenery where Broadway crosses 5th Avenue.
There was a reasoning for our, now long, walk which was the visit the Meat Packing District and SoHo. The areas had been recommended by some rather trendy family friends, so I was excited to see what they had in store. Talking of "in store", on our way, we managed to pop into our first few shops... Much to the frustration of my father. Yet it was clear when we had arrived at Meat Packing because all the buildings lay far lower and trees lined the streets. We wandered through, down to SoHo where we were all cosumed with looking for an appropriate noodle bar for lunch. Which was never found, and we settled for a not so nice one. In SoHo we ate in a rubbish noodle bar, joy. Yet, we did find this wonderful bakery with the servers wearing cow skin and multi-coloured waistcoasts with patterned headscarves.

After pounding the pavements for hours, it was time for the second yellow taxi ride of this holiday (the first one being from the airport) to Ground Zero. We visited the memorial museum now set up which shows videos of the World Trade and what it meant to those who worked their and their families - it was an emotional experience, to say the least. Now the site is being built on, so there was a lot of construction work being done...

I was absolutely exhausted by about 4pm today (and I can barely use the excuse of jet lag as it would only be 9pm in the UK) and cabbed it back to the hotel for a little rest! After watching an hour or so of wicked American "trash" (as my mother would say. AWESOME, I would say), it was time to head out for dinner. As the hotel was in/next to Grand Central Station, we headed inside to see the Oyster Bar which had also been recommended by the same friends as mentioned earlier. It looked bustling and gorgeous, with lights lining the concaved ceiling and red chequered table cloths. I ordered jumbo shrimps (oh yes, not prawns, shrimps) in a garlic butter sauce which were delicious and absolutely JUMBO.

We finished dinner and after first walking the wrong way on 42nd Street, correcting our wrongs and doubling back, we arrived at the vibrant Times Square. It was exactly as one would expect!

A typically NY end to our first day....

Olivia x x x x

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Sorry for my long absense, I was in New York city and have come back feeling "brand-new" and "inspired". (get it?) I will post my adventures in New York not so far in the future. But for now I would just like to say, I'm back and a very big thank you to Izzy at All Swamped in Flowers and Anita at TOM BOLA is my husband. HA! for the "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" award.

Stay tuned for New York posts...
Olivia x x x x

Thursday, 8 April 2010


After hours chugging away on the sewing machine, many pricked fingers and a broken needle later, finally, my skirt has been finished. This time, it completely fits (hurray!) and, in my opinion, actually looks quite good... If, you don't get too close: the slits are half hand sewn and half machine run, the zip is a complete and utter state with eratic ends and the hem is a little bit wonky. It was clear from the first time round that this skirt, made from scratch, was not going to appear without its fair share of mishaps. Attempt #2 the needle broke whilst I was doing the zip - don't ask how! A colossal banging started, which alerted me to perhaps STOP SEWING, and I checked to see what on Earth was going on. I wound the handle to try and pull the needle up manually, but to no avail. I heard something click and thought all my problems were solved. I put my foot down on the pedal and snap. It was quite a traumatic experience.
However... If you ignore all these, minor, detriments, the skirt is exactly how I hoped it would turn out! I did not dare to cut the slits as high as the original - I definitely do not have good enough legs for that - and settled for stopping a third from the top of my thigh to leave plenty of room for movement!

Olivia x x x x

p.s. please do not take this as a reflection on my sewing skills as a whole. Althought they are pretty limited, my theory is that this skirt was cursed from the start.

Monday, 5 April 2010


I wound down the window and the car's, now thick, atmosphere was interrupted with a sharp burst of seaside air and a beat of a drum, which was playing to the traffic from a small festival occupying the grassy side to the promenade. We seemed to have been trapped inside this synthetic cocoon for hours in the trundling traffic constantly being mocked by the glistening sea, cloudless sky and glimpses of cobbled lanes, so it was a great relief when we finally squeezed into a parking space after all members of the famliy being on car-park-space-spotting duty from the moment we arrived in Hove.

Ever since we were first recommended to visit Bill's, we had gone back every single time we visit Brighton because it is just the coolest place ever. The "produce store" with lined shelves, hanging garlic, black boards and rustic tables and chairs is accompanied by great hearty food which equals a lively atmosphere and a great lunch out; it is no wonder we are always coming back!

I tried to choose the pictures which most capture the atmosphere of the place, but it difficult to achieve the smells and sounds in the relatively simple medium of photography.

Stepping out of Bill's, feeling positively fit to burst, even without devouring one of their increible desserts, and, perchance, glancing to the right, we saw Beyond Retro, in all it's yellow glory. Crossing the threshold was a moment to remember; the hightened ceilings, rails upon rails bulging with vintage delights and mannequins lining the tops of the shelves... It was even better than the London store.
After purchasing a mint slip and black bow, we wandered back down the lanes to home...

A beautiful end to a beautiful day...

Olivia x x x x

Kurt Geiger.

During the winter, I got a couple of pairs of pretty awesome high boots which, do not get me wrong, I had to do a fair bit of scouring high street stores to find. My brown, lace up, inside platform boots and my grey high, lace up converse did me just fine throughout the whole of the winter (obviously with a few other pairs thrown in there). Now the weather is turning warmer, although I am continuing to lace up my feet in them, I want some shoes which will reflect that. My ideal pairs would be from Kurt Geiger at the moment, who seems to be capturing my perfect pair of summer clogs and brogues! His designs are absolute genius. Here are my favourites...
of course.
I love brogues, but always want a little bit of a heel, as I am most definitely a heel person. Partly to do with my mother, who is now experiencing problems as a consequence of not taking her feet out of heels her whole life, and partly to do with my thirst for tallness!
Now, I have always shown my preference for clogs with a dark heel. However, these clog style wedges can get away with being made of light wood because they are gorgeously light and Spring/Summer with the lilac.
Adore these beautiful navy heels: the tie-dye-with-wood is just so on trend, yet individual.
It has been difficult to wow with a pair of heels, unless you go designer ofc, for quite some time now, but these beauties are just elegant and edgy at the same time - I adore the ankle strap and the huge black flower.
These lilac brogues have been on mine and my sister's wish list for quite some time now... and they never fail to entice me with there awesome purpleness.

Aren't they all divine?! What shoes are you wanting for Spring?

Olivia x x x x