Monday, 15 March 2010

Seeing is believing.

Just a quick post this evening, to tell of something which I thought a few of you find of interest. Yesterday, Mother's Day, we visited Wimbledon Village and had a quick peek in the incredible Matches. Where, I saw, the Christopher Kane dress. The beautiful pink gingham one mentioned previously in this blog. It was truly amazing, even better in the flesh. I also saw my skirt that I am currently attempting to make, which was, however, slightly disappointing as the material was not what I expected. Not very nice material, to be honest!

I also watched An Education, which I gave to my mother for Mother's Day, which definitely lived up to the hype caused at The BAFTAs. Carey Mulligan was super cute and extremely likeable, which I think other actresses would not be able to achieve with the character she plays, even during her affair with an older man. I do not want to give much away, but I will just say I was suprised at the twist, and liked the ending to the movie because, no matter how much it seemed alright, it was slightly wrong. Please, watch it, if you have not already.
Olivia x x x x

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Amy Jessica said...

hmmm, I've just recently seen that film bit of an odd ending, not really what I expected, but I suppose that's what makes it so good ;)