Sunday, 14 March 2010


On Saturday, Jenni, whose lookbook is a must see, and I, went to Portobello Road. After a few difficulties with trains and tubes and a couple of near death tube hopping experiences, we finally arrived, due to Jenni's incredible tube know-how. I was on the look-out for pretty much any form of clothing, but would have loved to have spotted a perfect pairs of clogs. But I didn't. However, I did pick up a few things, all for around £20, which I thought was pretty impressive!
After window shopping in a fabulous, yet completely out of my price range (hence the window shopping), designer vintage shop, we hit the stalls. Seeing stall after stall of these necklace watches, I was tempted to buy, especially after we saw one selling them for a fiver, because I need a new watch after Lucy punched mine off my wrist and broke it. Shcoking, I know. We then popped into American Apparel where I fell in love with this shirt...
Either one, I don't mind! Then, I found the sale! YAY! Where Jenni spotted midi skirts! Double YAY! I bought a light blue one, which was £26... with 80% (!) off: £5.20.

You may have notice that around the waist is a small bow... It is actually a small tapestry bow tie which I picked up for a measley £2.

Then, I found the bag and, much to Jenni's disappointment, I bought it! AND, I managed to haggle it down to £14.70. Oh yes.

Also, some crazy lady gave me two brownies for a £1 instead of one. It was a good day.

Olivia x x x x


MariamLovesJLS. said...

favourite blog post so far. :)
if you were going to buy either of those shirts then defo the peach one! the other is kinda..cabaret :p
and i love that little beige bag. and the boots in that picture :D

caity said...

ahh sounds like a good day! i wish i lived near portobello i always find good things there but it costs waay too much to go often for me! and i agree with mariam, go for peach! xx

beeble said...

this is such a coincidence, i bought the black diamond top on saturday! love the bag btw.

vickileestyle said...

You should totally get the second shirt, beautifullll!
Wow you are such a bargain hunter! I wish I could haggle :/

Mary Lee said...

i love the peach shirt. it's so nice :) and the bag is just gorgeous :)

foreverme22 said...

Second shirt, defo :) I envy your haggling skills, and YUM. Brownies :)

RedRose said...

I actually stopped breathing as I saw it, you know I am a sucker for anything flowery and antique looking :)
Gorgeous skirt, and I am glad I was mentioned killing you watch, lol.
<3 xxxx

jessica danielle. said...

I love American Apparel as well!
Great bag too :)


Olivia Isabella. said...

Thanks everyone! I love the second nude shirt more as well. Must get saving I suppose ;)