Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Book Club.

I have started a book club. I had mentioned it to a few of my friends before, but the idea was met with scepticism. However, after speaking to a more encouraging friend, I proposed the idea again. This time, the response was positive! I have rounded up a group of friends who are wanting to come along each month to a different memeber's house, to discuss the book and then just have a chat and catch up. The first meeting will be at my house on Sunday, just after lunch, where we will decide the book we will read this month and everyone is supposed to come with a suggestion or two. My suggestion will probably be Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.
I have a real interest to read the book and have previously read Englby by Faulks and was thoroughly hooked. However, if anyone has any other suggestions I would be very appreciative. Also, I intend to update my blog about the book club each month, so feel free to follow along online! Perhaps it will encourage you to read more, which is what I am hoping it will do for me, although I feel I do read quite a lot, which is always good!

Olivia x x x x


through the lens. said...

very good idea, olivia.

Zainab Mahmood said...

Dear John by Nicholas Sparks <3

Olivia Isabella. said...

Is that the book being made into a film? the one with channing tatum and amanda seyfried?

Zainab Mahmood said...

Yeahh but I reckon the book is going to be better than the film ;)