Monday, 29 March 2010

Blog Feature.

I am very happy to inform my readers that I have been featured on marvelous things., one of my favourite blogs to follow! Jess, the writer, gave me an interview to answer and wrote a very flattering description. Please check out the interview, and Jess' blog, here.

Meanwhile, with regards to my jackets, I have sold one and recieved an order for THREE MORE! So if you are interested, please let me know :)

Olivia x x x x


vickileestyle said...

Well done! Blog features are so exciting. I was very entertained by reading those Q&As. Gotta disagree about crop tops though!

Persis Shah said...

great interview! I really enjoyed reading and getting to know you better.


Anonymous said...

I noticed you are wearing a lot of vintage style. I love this type of cloting but I do not know any shops/stores that store this. What do you recommend?