Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Finally completed another portion of my feature wall! This time, I had way more colours, patterns and textures to play with, so it was quite a task fitting them all together without any clashing! I had saved up a few of my favourites from the previous wallpaper-putting-up session so they were placed at a focal point. Therefore, this time, because I had moved further across or up the wall, I put up my favourite, slap bang, in the center: my lucious Vivienne Westwood sample!
Suprising, due to my father's supposed wallpaper "skills", it took no time at all! Perhaps that is the reasons for a few unnoticable bubbles! The best applied samples were mine, in my opinion.... So, after about an hour of cutting...
and pasting...
and sticking...
This was the result...
What do you think?
On the subject of Vivienne Westwood, I thought I would check out her S/S collections! And wow, her Gold Collection was a bit of a mental shocker! Haven't really made up my mind about that one yet, fashion wise - but I do love it! Check it out here
Olivia x x x x

Monday, 29 March 2010

Blog Feature.

I am very happy to inform my readers that I have been featured on marvelous things., one of my favourite blogs to follow! Jess, the writer, gave me an interview to answer and wrote a very flattering description. Please check out the interview, and Jess' blog, here.

Meanwhile, with regards to my jackets, I have sold one and recieved an order for THREE MORE! So if you are interested, please let me know :)

Olivia x x x x

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I am going to be begin making these beautiful jackets to help fund my trip to Croatia. I have to raise £1,200 (*hint* please buy one ;) *hint*)! They can come in a jacket style with ribbons, buttons, zips or a kimono style with a ribbon round the middle, in any material you would like! Here is one I made for myself....

INFO: Seams on outside to create a delicate effect on sleeves, under arms and round neckline. Semi stiff material so no fastening. Also, I wasn't wearing particularily attractive trousers and the structure and pattern look a lot better in real life :)
However, if you are willing to buy, then, at the right price, I would sell ;) If you are interested please comment! Also, if you would like one in another style or colour, please let me know! I have already sold one in the same material in black for £20, though this material was relitavely expensive.

Hopefully someone will want one :)

Olivia x x x x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Charity Dinner.

Friday evening: the prospect of going home with nothing to do was not a promising outlook, to say the least. However, my knight in shining amour, Jenni, texted me, asking if I would like to attend a Charity Dinner. I jumped at the chance to fill my Friday night and, of course, give to charity. Bursting through the front door on my way home from school (I only had two hours to decide what to wear and get ready - quite a mammoth task), I ran upstairs to my room and threw open my wardrobe... What to wear? After trying on my newly made Christopher Kane skirt with coral lipstick, coral seamed tights and coral jacket, I decided it was not evening enough; saved for another day! And ended up recycling my green stripey dress from H&M (you will probably know it, as it featured in Grazia during the winter). I wore with my new bow tie (See Portobello.), grey dotted tights from Primark and this divine coat which used to be my mother's from Zara. Finally finishing with golden ankle socks (with the most gigantic holes in the soles) and gold t-bar shoes in the sale from Topshop.

A few hours later, at 7 o'clock, we arrived at a house in Ewell which was alive with lights and buzzing with people; a great indicator compared to the many dark houses along the road. We were weclomed by a smiling Thai woman, who would later do the cooking demonstration, shuffled into the main room (as we were the only people younger than about 25 there) and had a glass of Bellini, with raspberries floating on top, thurst into our hands. Bellini is the only alcoholic drink I love, so it was to my delight when Jenni didn't want hers! The organisers, one being Jenni's mother, had done a wonderful job in exhausting all possibilities in which to make the most money for the charity, which I have forgotten to mention before now in my haste to describe my outfit (not very charitable of me - however, I do become more philanthropic as the evening goes on!), Children of the Andes: they had a professional jewellery stall, of which some of the profit was donated to the charity, a second hand clothes rail, bric-a-brac, homemade jams and sauces, plants, an auction and a Thai food cookery display, by the fore-mentioned woman.

Whilst sipping our Bellinis (well, at least I was), feeling very sophisticated, we browsed the clothes rail! It was not a very promising start, with most of the clothes in size 14, when we were interrupted by Jenni's mum making a lovely speech about another one of the organisers and giving us some information about the charity. After which, a video was shown to give us more of an insight into what the charity does. However, due to limited space in the room, we sadly missed the showing. Next, the Thai cookery class was shown. Me and Jenni bagged front rowing viewing, almost close enough for the oils to spit up onto us, so we got premium smell position! Mmm-mmm! After the class/show was finish, we left off where we began on the clothes rail - there I spotted this gorgeous white chiffon long shrug with embellished shoulders, which I accquired at the cost of a fiver!

The food was ready! My favourites were the chicken, which was absolutely delish: Thai food at its best, and the rice noodle stir fry!

Again we went next door to sift through the various shoes and bags, when Jenni found a lovely flowery scarf. Her un-charitable nature, she feels she has done her fair share after giving £40 to the Tsunami a few years ago and £15 to Haiti: "My own money as well!", meant she wouldn't buy the scarf as "I just would buy it because I'm here... I don't actually want it!" even though it was 50p. *Cough* cheapskate *Cough*. So I bought it!

To end the evening, there was an auction. Sadly, it wasn't as successful as they probably would've hoped, considering they had some great prizes, and Jenni's mother walked away with a £20 hair voucher for £5 and a small tree for £15! But overall it was an absolutley fabulous night, which was a perfect way to spend my Friday evening! Thank you Jenni!

Monday, 22 March 2010

X Factor Tour.

On Saturday, I went to the X Factor Tour '10 with a few friends. I'd forgotten how much I loved all the constestants (bar Danyl), especially Lucie Jones - I fell in love right after she sang Sweet Child of Mine, which she again performed at the tour and was fantastic! I'm very glad she was spotted by Select, although I don't think she has the most amazing face and looks pretty average in her portfolio pictures on the Select website here, as I just want to see more of her, no matter what she does. I have to say, she was looking fabulous in the tiny sequined dress she wore and her legs = wow.
Also, I wore my maxi tight stripey skirt and a vintage turban from Beyond Retro. One of the reactions to my outfit from a passerby was: "OMG, what the fuck?" Aah well, I must take it on the chin. (Note the coral lipstick, which I am kind of excited about but kind of bored of. The lipstick of the season. AGAIN.)

Here we are in our seats... The setting my camera was on literally airbrushes us.. But shhh....

Was a great day. So tired at the moment, must be off to bed...

Olivia x x x x

p.s. have made progress on my skirt! Will blog about it soon!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Book Club #1.

Today, the first book club was held at my house. Sadly, quite a few of the people could not attend: However, around 4 I think is the perfect number because it means we actually talk about the books a little (until we decide we must watch the deleted scenes of New Moon - which are an actual shit joke btw)! Today was a beautiful Spring's day, which was definitely present in our clothing and the fact Jenni cooly arrived on a bicylce, so we sat in the sunny conservatory. As I have previously told, my suggestion was Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks and Jenni also put forward some suggestions: Love, again by Doris Lessing, The Private Lives of  Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller, Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding and, the book that we ended up choosing to read, Once in a House on Fire by Andrea Ashworth.
If you had already read the book, please let me know what you think. If not, please, feel free to join in our book club online and read along with us! Luckily, this time, Jenni had an extra copy of the book, which I managed to swipe. Yet others are buying previously owned books on Amazon.com and renting from library.

Olivia x x x x

Thursday, 18 March 2010


Anthropology: the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
The american store, Anthropologie, is really one of my favourites. It is an incredible shop, which reminds me of Urban Outfitters but more upmarket and way more, in my opinion, sophisticated and cool, which explains why I am looking forward to the opening of the new store in King's Road! You can check out sneak peak pictures of the store at disneyrollergirl, an anonymous fashion insider. Also, the Bristish online store is opening tomorrow which I can't wait for. However, the quench my appetite, I checked out the New Arrivals on the American site. These are my favourites:

Olivia x x x x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Yet another trend has come from nowhere into our lives because of a certain movie. Remeber the vamp trend from not so long ago? Can you perhaps guess the film that influenced that? I have to say, I secrety really enjoyed that trend and loved the chance to, for use of the phrase, sink my teeth (get it?) into a more gothic style - it was a nice excuse. I even sported the "be afraid" top whilst on holiday in Cannes, mixing it with lace and a floral bikini.

Ah, to reminiss. But, we must forget the past, because the new "film trend" is, of course, Alice and Wonderland. I am equally excited about this trend! Pretty Alice style dresses and surreal colours and patterns. It's all very exciting. I particularily love a Lipsy light-blue, gingham, halterneck dress. Very Aliceesque. And, I love the shirt that is in the Benetton advert atm.
Also, I was getting my Grazia five o'clock fix and I found these...

Is it not just sunglassperfection!? These beauties were created through Linda Farrow's collobaration with Alexander Wang. You can check out the whole collection here.

AGH! IT IS THE REMEMBER ME PREMIERE TONIGHT! WISH I WAS THERE :( Please please please Miss Kularatne. PLEASE get me a signed picture. Otherwise, you will feel so bad and actually let me meet him. FINGERS CROSSED.

Olivia x x x x

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Book Club.

I have started a book club. I had mentioned it to a few of my friends before, but the idea was met with scepticism. However, after speaking to a more encouraging friend, I proposed the idea again. This time, the response was positive! I have rounded up a group of friends who are wanting to come along each month to a different memeber's house, to discuss the book and then just have a chat and catch up. The first meeting will be at my house on Sunday, just after lunch, where we will decide the book we will read this month and everyone is supposed to come with a suggestion or two. My suggestion will probably be Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks.
I have a real interest to read the book and have previously read Englby by Faulks and was thoroughly hooked. However, if anyone has any other suggestions I would be very appreciative. Also, I intend to update my blog about the book club each month, so feel free to follow along online! Perhaps it will encourage you to read more, which is what I am hoping it will do for me, although I feel I do read quite a lot, which is always good!

Olivia x x x x

Monday, 15 March 2010

Seeing is believing.

Just a quick post this evening, to tell of something which I thought a few of you find of interest. Yesterday, Mother's Day, we visited Wimbledon Village and had a quick peek in the incredible Matches. Where, I saw, the Christopher Kane dress. The beautiful pink gingham one mentioned previously in this blog. It was truly amazing, even better in the flesh. I also saw my skirt that I am currently attempting to make, which was, however, slightly disappointing as the material was not what I expected. Not very nice material, to be honest!

I also watched An Education, which I gave to my mother for Mother's Day, which definitely lived up to the hype caused at The BAFTAs. Carey Mulligan was super cute and extremely likeable, which I think other actresses would not be able to achieve with the character she plays, even during her affair with an older man. I do not want to give much away, but I will just say I was suprised at the twist, and liked the ending to the movie because, no matter how much it seemed alright, it was slightly wrong. Please, watch it, if you have not already.
Olivia x x x x

Sunday, 14 March 2010


On Saturday, Jenni, whose lookbook is a must see, and I, went to Portobello Road. After a few difficulties with trains and tubes and a couple of near death tube hopping experiences, we finally arrived, due to Jenni's incredible tube know-how. I was on the look-out for pretty much any form of clothing, but would have loved to have spotted a perfect pairs of clogs. But I didn't. However, I did pick up a few things, all for around £20, which I thought was pretty impressive!
After window shopping in a fabulous, yet completely out of my price range (hence the window shopping), designer vintage shop, we hit the stalls. Seeing stall after stall of these necklace watches, I was tempted to buy, especially after we saw one selling them for a fiver, because I need a new watch after Lucy punched mine off my wrist and broke it. Shcoking, I know. We then popped into American Apparel where I fell in love with this shirt...
Either one, I don't mind! Then, I found the sale! YAY! Where Jenni spotted midi skirts! Double YAY! I bought a light blue one, which was £26... with 80% (!) off: £5.20.

You may have notice that around the waist is a small bow... It is actually a small tapestry bow tie which I picked up for a measley £2.

Then, I found the bag and, much to Jenni's disappointment, I bought it! AND, I managed to haggle it down to £14.70. Oh yes.

Also, some crazy lady gave me two brownies for a £1 instead of one. It was a good day.

Olivia x x x x

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Gossip Girl.

Gosh, didn't we all miss Gossip Girl. After what seems like years of waiting, it is finally back and I really had forgotten just how much I missed it! The fantastic outfits and infamous characters just make it my most favourite programme ever (as well as 90210 of course!). One thing that I really cannot decide, after thinking about it for ages, is who my ideal couples are! Serena and Nate? Serena and Dan? Jenny and Nate? Oooh, decisions decisions! I think I have come to the decision that it should be...
- Blair and Chuck, of course.
- Serena and Dan
- Nate and Jenny
Agree or disagree? And if you don't watch it, then you simply must start!
The constantly on trend and fifthly rich characters often thrill me with their fabulous outfits! On and off the show, Serena, played by Blake Lively and Jenny, played by Taylor Momsen are my favourite fashionistas! Blake Lively at the Emmy Awards 2009 looked actually incredible! No one else can carry off a red backless, plunging neckline and tigh high slit dress with such elegance and beauty, especially on a red carpet with nude shoes.

In contrast to Blake's glamorousness, Taylor's grungey, rocky style is also awesome. I wish I could do it like her. This is Taylor at the Golden Globes.

However, one thing really let me down. In the latest episode, Blair referred to a clog as "an ugly wooden shoe that tried to make a statement but disappeared", which personally, I think is completely unture. And obviously so does Grazia, because the were writing this week about how all the fash-pack were wearing them. Tut tut tut Gossip Girl.

Olivia x x x

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vintage Bag.

Do you not just LOVE it? Well, after stumbling across CRUEL THING (which you can find here) and seeing the possibility that, if indeed I won her first lottery, I could be the lucky new owner! IF, I gave the best reason...

Dearest Cruel Thing,
I think I should be able to carry this gorgeous red satchel with me where ever I go because, to be honest, I actually need it. When I, hopefully win the lottery, it will become my life. It is such an amazing colour but with such a simple, classic style that is still orante enough with just the right amount of pockets and buckles, that I shall wear it with everything. Everything. People will get very very very bored of seeing it. It is a perfect size to fit every single thing that I need into it, without being too bulky. Ooooh, this is actually the perfect bag I realise more so as I write it all down. This is why, I simply must have it. I absolutely love your blog and I'm a follower already :) Also, at the moment I am often finding myself short of money to fufil my fashion needs. So have turned to alternative methods, rather than just usual high street shops, of obtaining items, and this would be perfectly in line with my new guidlines. So please, help me Cruel Thing, and let me win! Thank you!

Olivia x x x x

Monday, 8 March 2010

Going Gingham.

I have become absolutely obsessed with gingham. I have already expressed my intense need for Spring to properly arrive, but thinking of gingham literally makes me ache for it. Christopher Kane's SS10/11 London Fashion Week Show is incredible, interpreting gingham with different materials and styles. His pale blue collared shirts matched with darker blue skirts come in contrast to the floaty, delicate pale pink dresses with mesh, lacey knecklines but still work in completely and utter gingham harmony!

This is the perfect opportunity to inform you on how my skirt is coming along. Well, good news, I have bought the material! However, it is sitting in the corner of the room like the rest of my social life because I have had no time to do anything due to three projects, mock trial and assembly, which is also why my blogging regularity has seriously declined, for which I apologise, though I doubt you have missed me!

Sorry for my short post. However, I will be back tomorrow and hopefully, sometime in the future, will be updating you on my skirt!

Olivia x x x x

Monday, 1 March 2010

Maximise Midi

After last, after seasons of micro skirts, length is finally filtering down to high-street. Gone are the days, or at least my days, bottom grazing skirts or denim shorts with pockets dangling below - however, I really never liked them anyway. I am not a fan of slobby fashion - and, replacing them is maxi and midi! My preference is most definitely midi for the fact it is more easy to wear everyday, generally cheaper - I must think of these things! - and I just like it more :) I am currently stocking up on midi skirts for the spring, so when I missed by chance to by an orange midi skirt from a charity shop, for measly £5.50, I was very sad. Here are a few different looks I created with my current midi skirts. Please, let me know what you think. Also, click the link below the pictures to check them out on lookbook. Please hype if you like and check out my other looks! Thank you!

The sun was most definitely shining today. Oh please, please, please let this be the start of Spring. After all, it is the first of the month...

Olivia x x x x