Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bunny and Ballet in IKEAland.

Randomly deciding to dress up, be made up and pose around a bit with Grace Bugden last night was a lot of fun! I also used one of the photos from my first look on Lookbook, so the evening did hold something of product, if you could call it that, which makes my room looking like a site of devestation a little less pointless!

The heart shapes painted on our lips with, mostly, Barry M lip colours - Barry M is my saviour for cheap, colourful make-up. I recently ordered BLUE, yes, BLUE, lipstick from him online - reminded my of the new Alice in Wonderland soon to be released in cinemas. Doesn't it just look fabulous?! I know, there has been some terrible reviews, but c'mon, Twilight got bad reviews too and who thought that was bad? Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter obviously fills me with some kind of warped excitement, however I am also looking forward to seeing Anne Hathaway as the White Queen! Does she not look incredible?
I realise this post is somewhat spodaric. However, I thought: 'Why not? It's a Sunday. Let's sum up my week!' On Tuesday, me and friends did what some only dream to do: PLAY HIDE AND SEEK IN IKEA! After getting told off multiple times and gettnig a feew disapproving looks from the public, we decided to live in the IKEA homes, under the cover of an "art project". Here are the results...
Also, please check out my friend Lucy's blog for some truly inspirational style and designing.
Olivia x x x x


vickileestyle said...

Twilight was crap. :/
I haven't heard any bad reviews for Alice in Wonderland but I know I'll love it!
I love Grace's sunglasses. :)

Olivia Isabella. said...

NO it wasn't. :P
I knoww, it just looks AMAZING :D
Haha, I got them from Primark :D £1 :)

Mary Lee said...

I ♥ your outfit. it's amazing :)

Olivia Isabella. said...

thank you very much :)

Not so fond of Vicki said...

lol I thought Twilight was bad :D

I'm so excited about Alice in Wonderland, Anne Hathaway looks so pretty in that photo!

Rheanne said...

i love how you and your friends are interested in the same thing and you can dress up and do shoot together :/ sadly i can't im kind of and outcast at school :(

love your blog keep it up

Olivia Isabella. said...

Rheanne: I know, I am very lucky! It is such a shame for you :( Try to convert someone to fashion :)
Thank you very much :) Yours too!