Sunday, 28 February 2010

Bunny and Ballet in IKEAland.

Randomly deciding to dress up, be made up and pose around a bit with Grace Bugden last night was a lot of fun! I also used one of the photos from my first look on Lookbook, so the evening did hold something of product, if you could call it that, which makes my room looking like a site of devestation a little less pointless!

The heart shapes painted on our lips with, mostly, Barry M lip colours - Barry M is my saviour for cheap, colourful make-up. I recently ordered BLUE, yes, BLUE, lipstick from him online - reminded my of the new Alice in Wonderland soon to be released in cinemas. Doesn't it just look fabulous?! I know, there has been some terrible reviews, but c'mon, Twilight got bad reviews too and who thought that was bad? Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter obviously fills me with some kind of warped excitement, however I am also looking forward to seeing Anne Hathaway as the White Queen! Does she not look incredible?
I realise this post is somewhat spodaric. However, I thought: 'Why not? It's a Sunday. Let's sum up my week!' On Tuesday, me and friends did what some only dream to do: PLAY HIDE AND SEEK IN IKEA! After getting told off multiple times and gettnig a feew disapproving looks from the public, we decided to live in the IKEA homes, under the cover of an "art project". Here are the results...
Also, please check out my friend Lucy's blog for some truly inspirational style and designing.
Olivia x x x x

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dressing table. (and clogs)

Today, my new dressing table arrived. Stepping through my front door I saw two cardboard boxes sitting the hall. My first thought was, 'Yes! Finally! My dressing table has arrived. My room can start looking complete!'. My second was, 'Two boxes?' It needed to be assembled :( After scoring along the tape, ripping open the cardboard and, finally, the seperate pieces arriving in my room, several trips up and down two flights of stairs, the work began. Thousands (well, fourteen...) of fiddly screws later, it started to take shape and I was impressed with the intricacy of the online bought dressing table. The only slight disappointment was NO GOLD anywhere, yet this problem can easily be solved with a little bit of paint!

All this blogging is leaving little extra free time, so this week I've not got round to reading Tuesday's Grazia! Until now. And wow, was I blown away by Marc Jacob's collection at New York Fashion Week! I love everything about it. The cut, fabric, colours, style. It is times like these when I seriously wish I was a gazillionaire! I especially loved all the low heeled shoes worn with ankle socks. I have been wearing my gold ankle socks from Topshop all winter. So much, in fact, that they have become completely thread-bare, one with a complete whole where the sole should be, just in time for Spring. Need to restock! Take a look at the show here. If you cannot be bothered then here is a little taster, though I seriously recommend the complete show...

Also, I am in dire need of these either of these clogs. I have been scouring affordable sites for the perfect clogs, but to no avail! If anyone knows where I can get any clogs with thick straps and a dark heel, please let me know!

Olivia x x x x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Difficult times.

Personally, I think this time of year is a difficult time in fashion. Firstly, you are tired of your winter woolies; having to spend money on large items such as coats and shoes as they are the only clothing you actually see is becoming tiresome and, to be honest, it is slightly irritating that my outfits are hidden. Don't get me wrong, I adore scarfs, coat, shoes etc but there comes a point when I simply want it to warm up a bit! This reason is also partly to do with the fact I do not like glowing red hands and ears to accessorise my outfit. Secondly, you seriously want to immerse yourself in the delicate, pastel colours, denim denim denim or futuristic sports luxe. Oh, new spring/summer collections arriving in high street stores are making me giddy with excitement. I've already began stocking  up on my spring wardrobe but want to save my pieces to suprise at a later date, in appropriate weather when they can be seen. Thirdly, London Fashion Week is upon us and you cannot help but become carried away in the exciting next year's unattainable fashions.  The skirt Daisy Lowe is constantly pictured in, by Christopher Kane, I am actually in love with.

So much in love, in fact, that I thought, 'Now is the time for me to exercise my limited sewing knowledge, scavenge for the sewing machine and make a trip to Fabric Land.' Sadly, my efforts did not prevail and I ended up with a too tight, badly sewn, basically awful excuse for a skirt. I could cry.
However, I will not be perturbed; I will try again. Also, watching Alexander Wang's A/W 10/11 collection, after being confused, then grossed out by the models' greasy hair-dos, I seriously wanted these knee-high, what I would call, socks that split and flare over the shoes. Take a look at his show here.

Olivia x x x x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Buys.

During this half term I visited family friends that lived in Edinburgh. I forgot what an incredibly beautiful city it was and was encapsulated by the breath taking views you received simply from walking down the street. Stumbling out of Topshop on Princes Street, I could see Edinburgh Castle perched on, literally, a dormant volcano, decadant houses along cobbled streets and the Scot Monument, comparable to a gothic rocket, with sprawling hills in the distance. Aside from being enthralled by the natural views, I was also thoroughly enjoying the shopping! Having received a small amount of holiday money, I was in the mood for a little bit of spending. I instantly feel in love with a gorgeous biscuit coloured skater skirt with a cream trim on the three layers and a black ribbon threading through the top. No picture available on the topshop website at the moment, but may possibly be included in future lookbooks. Next, my mother offered me a long, stripey tube to try on; it was gorgeous. I tried it on as a midi length body con dress, but later found out that is was in fact a maxi skirt. I love it even more. There my topshop spending sadly ended. Though, I seriously adore this skirt and this maxi dress, which I have wanted forever. Next, I trundled along to Urban Outfitters, weighed down by the weight of my purchases ;) I was slightly short of cash at this point, but still managed to buy! I picked up some black polka dot shorts for an excellent £14! Very happy! I think you can tell by my use of exclamation marks. Sadly, this ends my clothing buys for this half term... But today I have spotted a lovely lace tiered top from Primark. May pick that up on my next trip to Kingston...

Olivia x x x x

Monday, 22 February 2010


Hello, I'm Olivia Isabella Irwin Wallwork born on 3rd Oct etc etc etc. I decided to make this blog to document my outfits, outings and outbursts on any issue. However, the only thing worth, arguably, writing about at this particular moment in time is the arrival of my new chest of drawers which is beginning to affect my life around the same time as this blog. I ordered it from before Christmas and has finally arrived. It was most definitely worth the wait. As I have recently moved up to my newly renovated loft, it was a fantastic oppurtunity to decorate my room to my exact taste. I went for golds, deep reds and navy blues, tartans and stripes. I wanted many textures, tones, colours and levels. And, slowly but surely I am getting there. I have wallpaper on one wall; lots of overlapping samples. However, it is a time consuming process and I have only mangaed to cover less than a quater of the wall! It took a lot of work to simply get that much... Trailing round multiple wallpaper shops, pretending to act like you are actually going to buy the wallpaper and asking for samples. Here they are, let me know what you think.

Will hopefully be updating my blog as often as I can. Looking forward to a long, blogging life.

Olivia x x x x